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(Dec. 2, 2016, 10:40 a.m.) -- We believe Mayor Robert Garcia is trying to conceal his communications with JetBlue and regarding a federal customs facility / international flights. asked to see these materials under the CA Public Records Act in October. In late November, the City produced a relatively small number of materials (includes some items already public) from two Mayoral office staffers (Taylor and now-exited Brezenoff) but nothing clearly attributable to the Mayor.

However we did find a hand-written notation and reproduced it for you below. Can you figure it out? The black-letters show the City Hall-assigned number to our records request. So what do you think the blue writing "RG -- nothing" means?

[Scroll down for further.]

Last night (Dec. 1), we emailed Mayor Garcia's Chief of Staff, Mark Taylor and attached the photo you see above. We asked if it was Garcia's writing or someone else's; if "RG" is Robert Garcia; if "nothing" means Garcia contends he has no responsive documents...and we asked for the whereabouts of email communications/texts involving Garcia on the Airport/FIS issue.

Fourteen hours later, we've received no response.

For our part, we presume "RG" is Robert Garcia. We don't know for certain (yet) who wrote the note but we presume for now that it was written by the City Hall's records coordinator, who's an able city staffer who did his job and asked the Mayor's office for responsive documents and was told by someone -- by either Garcia or someone else in his office -- that Garcia has no records to disclose.

That would mean Mayor Garcia claims to have no records of communicatons (memos, correspondence, letters, reports, emails, texts and the like) that concern, refer or relate to a federal customs facility/international flights at Long Beach Airport or communications with JetBlue Airways during the period of our records request (May 1, 2015 to the present.)

In addition to the Mayor, the offices of four Long Beach Councilmembers (Mungo, Gonzalez, Andrews and Pearce [the latter includes district documents from her predecessor Lowenthal]) have failed thus far to provide documents to the records coordinator that he would surely have conveyed to us.

Five other Council offices (Price, Supernaw, Uranga, Austin, Richardson) did provide responsive materials. We'll have more to say separately about what we found among over 1,200 pdf pages, blacked out on many pages but untouched on at least one page where we managed to spot it. It pertains to LB's Mayor.

We'll explain why it's newsworthy, comment-worthy and timely in a report this weekend...on

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