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In the public interest, has launched (June 8, 2012) an unofficial Crime Blotter on our front page at We've done this because in Long Beach (L.A. County's second largest city), this information is difficult to access. The City doesn't maintain a publicly accessible official "crime blotter" listing LBPD's daily or weekly activities. On June 1, 2012, LBPD stopped providing a daily summary of selected incidents previously provided to city officials and media outlets a day or so after the fact. A digital interactive map on City Hall's website (LBPD page) that's supposed to display crimes citywide is incomplete and thus unreliable.

LBPD media releases report all homicides, unexplained deaths and other major newsworthy incidents but these don't routinely include shootings, armed robberies, residential or commercial burglaries. Information on the latter is professionally provided in response to inquiries about specific incidents if/when we learn about them. LBPD's Nixle and e-alert systems are efficiently used to deliver advisories about immediate impacting police activity (road closures, avoid the area, etc.) but don't include daily/weekly crime stats or incident details.

LBPD provides monthly crime data in a decades old format that lists in table form the number of crimes within areas of several square blocks. The information is accurate but the format doesn't include dates, times or information on specific incidents and its monthly cycle means it isn't available until several weeks after some of the incidents. LBPD previously released crime data by Council districts but ended this practice entering the 2004 City Council election cycle.

Rather than complain about all this, will simply use the power of the internet to work around it.

If you hear or see significant police activity, email or text us a quick note at and tell us where it was and when it was: date, time, location. Significant activity includes things like crime scene tape, helicopters, containment perimeters/street closures and any time you hear gunfire/shots fired. We'll take what you provide and get details. If it's something newsworthy, we'll report it (and if it's not we'll let you know offline).

Never report crimes to us as a substitute for reporting crimes to LBPD; always let LBPD know immediately by calling 911 (we will never do this for you).

We won't use your name and we won't publish items until we've confirmed them. We realize we won't be able to get everything, but we hope to provide neighborhood-impacting information that might otherwise go unreported. As is our policy, will routinely identify the Council district for every newsworthy crime incident we report.

Remember: tell when and where you see significant LBPD activity -- -- and pass this on to your friends and neighbors. Knowledge is power...and together we can empower the community with information that might otherwise go unreported, but will be reported on

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