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New / Follow-the-Money Coverage: See Details Of Sizable Sums Spent By Political Action Committees -- Independent of Candidate Campaigns -- In Efforts To Affect Election Outcomes In Council Dists. 4 & 8

Further Follow-the-Money Coverage: Learns L.A County Business Federation PAC (BizfedPAC) Spent $4,600 To Run Today's Election Day Front Page PT Ad Supporting Watkins & Kawasaki
Election Day: Polls opened at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. will (again) provide LIVE coverage of tonight's election results. "Find Your Polling Place" link is above.

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Today: American Dream Sours For Cambodian Refugee As She's Evicted From Her Foreclosed Signal Hill Home; OccupyLongBeach Supporters Had Kept Vigil

UPDATED / Now Includes Audio: Talk Radio Host Karel's Rose Park Area Home Robbed In 2nd Council District; Hear Him Describe Conditions In His Neighborhood & A Bit West; He Explains What He's Doing Now And Says Should Be Done
New / Advisory: State Sen. Lowenthal Schedules April 12 "Town Hall" Style Community Meeting on Higher Education at CSULB, Says Majority of Meeting Will Be Devoted to Audience Q & A
Advisory: Legendary Sportswriter Doug Krikorian & Sportstalker Joe McDonnell Will Launch Radio Show -- On Internet -- From Legends Today
New: Long Beach Rotarians -- Joined By Mike Jensen -- Hold 1st Annual Mark Bixby Easter Egg Hunt At Rotary Centennial Park (Former "Red Car" Line, PCH/Junipero)

Rotarians Brian Russell (left) and Mike Jensen (right). Photo courtesy Brian Russell

LB Man Who Bought Lottery Ticket At NLB Store For Last Week's Mega Millions Draw Wins $227,000+ (Misses Share of $640 Million By One Number)
LBCC President Oakley Mulling Potential Exit? He's Among Four Finalists Interviewing For Santa Barbara Junior College Position; In Statement, He Says...
New / Follow-Up: LB gets $2.8 Mil For "Armory Park"...After Telling Another State Agency (To Get $900,000 In Traffic Funds) It Won't Entirely Block-Off MLK b/w 6th-7th That Councilman Garcia Says City Will Do
New: Councilwoman Schipske Will Bring Council Item Requiring Council Incumbents To Obtain Performance Bonds Covering Taxpayer Costs If They Run & Win Another Office During Their Council Terms, Triggering Costly Special Election
Kawasaki Sends Separate Mailers -- One to Dems, Another to Repubs -- Calling Herself Their Choice

From Viginia Beach, Virginia: F-18 Crashes Into Neighborhood
Chilling story for Long Beach residents who've seen and heard recent F18 and other military aircraft at LGB
Two Men Plead "No Contest" To Felony Charges In Attack On Two Gay Men Near LB's Gay/Lesbian Center
Kawasaki 8th dist. Council Campaign Announces Endorsement of Former Councilman Mike Donelon...Who In 2005 Co-Chaired Group That Blasted LB Airport Sizing Urged By Councilwoman Gabelich & LBHUSH2 That City Hall Now Supports
Alliance News con 4/27/05
April 2005 photo

Mayor Foster Says City Mgm't Plans To Present "Revenue Raising Options" To Council on April 17 [One Week After Initial Council Elections]
Passage: Peter Douglas, CA Coastal Comm'n Co-Creator & Exec. Dir, Sic Transit
Updated: Includes thoughts of LB attorney/former Coastal Comm'n chair Mel Nutter
ELB House Fire Blazed As Precious Minutes Elapsed With Nearby Station 18's Fire Engine Cut On Budget Advice Of Mayor Foster (Schipske, Gabelich, Neal Dissenting); Engine 22 Races From CSULB Area, Arrives Seven Minutes After Initial Call
House suffers est. $150,000 damage

Pot-Laced Brownies @ Poly High Stone Several Students, LB Cops Track Them To Adult Who Allegedly Purchased MJ and MJ Brownies At A Local Dispensary
Cops conduct follow-up random sweep of seven classrooms, find add'l students with pot and drug paraphrenalia
UPDATE: Includes Reaction From Candidates Supernaw & Watkins: Mayor Foster Endorses Incumbent Councilman Patrick O'Donnell's Third Term Write-In Campaign
In Detail: LB Chamber Political Action Committee ("Jobs PAC") and Police/Fire & Labor PACs Collecting/Spending Heavily Trying To Affect LB Council Election Outcomes
UPDATED Information re Fatal Crash Sat. Nite PCH Near Traffic Circle: Pickup Truck And Motorcycle Collide, Motorcyclist Perishes
VIDEO: Long Beach City Prosecutor Haubert's Educational/Outreach Conference on Animal Cruelty Draws Large Crowd; Experts Urge Public Involvement, Say Crimes Against Animals Can Escalate To Crimes Against People
Public educational-outreach event is first for LB Prosecutor's office

Photo courtesy event attendee Justin Rudd

LB Jr. Concert Band -- Celebrating Its 60th Anniversary This Year -- Is About To Lose Its Rehearsal Hall, Office & Storage Space Shared In City-Leased NLB Bldg; Band Is Actively Searching For New Facility

Sept. 2010 photo

Kindee Durkee, Campaign Treasurer For Multiple Dem Incumbents, Candidates & Liberal Causes, Pleads Guilty In Fed'l Court To Massive Embezzlement Scheme; Read Plea Agreement One of Durkee's actions touched Bob Foster's campaign account for 2014 State Treasurer (no wrongoing by Foster; one of her actions swept small part of one item into his campaign account)
Urgent Advisory: LBFD Warms of Scam Re Fraudulent Fire Extenguisher Service
VIDEO On-Demand: Mayor/City Auditor Say City Hall's Current Software System Hobbles Collecting Parking Ticket Revenue, Nearly $17.6 Million Uncollected In Past Three Years
Latest sum appears in addition to approx. $18 million uncollected b/w 2003-2007; also learned during Q & A at Mar. 29 news conference: wheel clamping/booting system, expected by City Auditor in 2008 to generate $1-$2.5 million annually, has been quietly abandoned

Kettering, Roosevelt & Emerson Elementary Named "Distinguished Schools" by CA Dept. of Education
LBPD Investigating "Undetermined Death" At Residence, 2800 block Studebaker Rd.

NLB Shooting at Midday, area 67th St./Orange Ave.

Coverage coming:
LB City Prosecutor + LB Animal Care Services Will Hold Free Educational Event Aimed At Preventing Animal Cruelty: Mar. 29, 6:00-8:30 p.m. @ Skylinks Golf Course
Hear Them On-Demand: Second Dist. Council Candidates At Mar. 26 Forum
Organizer announces at outset: "This will not be a debate" and no rebuttals allowed; Q & A was via audience-submitted cards thru organizers
Audio: Hear Vice Mayor Lowenthal On A Possible Run For Mayor in 2014

MORE Independent Views

Editorial: Now, It's the Voters' Turn (Revisiting Sept. 2011 Editorial)
New / Opinion: Common Sense: Important Questions Not Asked, Answers Needed Re Uncollected Parking Ticket Revenue
by Terry Jensen
"We need to know [the answers to a number of questions] before we allow the Mayor and Council to outsource any departments or try to burden taxpayers with any new taxes..."...MORE

Guest Opinion: Honoring Term Limits Principle In 4th Dist. Council Race
by Diana Lejins

Sending A Message With the Upcoming Council Elections
Editorial: Artificial Restrictions Marred 2nd Dist. Candidate Encounter

Opinion: Common Sense: Using Bad Technology To Excuse Bad Management
(April 3, 2011) -- On April 3, the City Council will discuss an audit by City Auditor Laura Doud's office on the city's Parking Citations Collection process. City Auditor Doud and Mayor Foster unveiled the audit at a news conference last week...MORE Featured Writers
Volunteering their expertise and views to support independent news in LB
Joe Mello, Community Correspondent. Enterprising and insightful stories told in words and photos

Greening Up with Ann Cantrell Issues affecting parks, people...and birds.
Ann Cantrell c. 2008

Former LB Mayor Eunice Sato Mayor Sato writes on...everything.
Mayor Sato, c. 2004

"Pets & Their People" by Miriam Yarden, B.Sc.. MS. Book author, co-founder Friends of LB Animals, animal behavior expert.
Miriam Yarden

Gerrie Schipske's Blog

Gerrie Schipske's Blog

Rae Gabelich's Blog

The Road Is Not Always Paved With Good Intentions...MORE
Tonia Reyes Uranga's blog
Tonia Reyes Uranga
Another decision pushed behind the closed door...MORE

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  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"

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  • Read CA Court of Appeal Ruling (Late 2004) Reversing L.A. Council, Chastising Its Councilmembers Who Voted To Deny Appeal After Not Paying Attention To Testimony In Quasi-Judicial Appeal Hearing
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  • Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Aquarium, Nov. 21/04
    Photo: T'giving wkend 2004 (not typical)
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    Do You Recognize Any Of These Five Suspects Sought By LBPD Re WLB Shooting That Left One Man Dead, Two Wounded?

    Four Vehicle Crash At Spring St./Cherry Ave. Leaves Eight Persons With Various Injuries...Including Driver of Alleged Wrong Way Vehicle in Extremely Critical Condition

    Horrifying Hit & Run Becomes Murder: Midnite Hour Driver Hits Parked Car Area 11th/Stanley, Then Allegedly Runs Down 27 Yr Old LB Man Who Witnessed Crash, Drags Him Before Hitting Three Other Parked Cars; Witness Perishes, Driver Flees On Foot
    Special Event Coverage / On-Demand Audio: Hear Them: Fourth Council District Candidates Face Audience Questions -- And Each Other -- At Stearns Park Neighborhood Ass'n Forum

    With Audio: Senator Alan Lowenthal Joins In Blocking Bill That Would Prevent Further 10% Pay Raises For Top CSU Administrators; He Chairs Committee & Is Present But Remains Silent And Is Recorded As "No Vote Recorded"
    Sen. Lowenthal votes to advance measure allowing top CSU administrators pay raises up to 10%

    Follow-Up / First (Again) on Woman In Full Cardiac Arrest In Downtown High Rise Is Brought Back To Life By LBFD Engine 1 Firefighters, Dispatched At Or Near Period When LBFD Had No Immediately Available Med Rescue Units
    LBPD Investigating Fatal Shooting of 38 Yr Old Man In Motel (Area 7th/Alamitos) Fri Nite
    Two Men Shot In Alley, Area Hill St./ Elm Ave. (Fri. Mar 23)
    Follow-Up: CSULB Undergrad Who Ran For ASI President Advocating Change In "49'ers" and "Prospector Pete" Symbols ("Offensive to Many Students And Don't Make Sense") To Honor Indigenous Tongva Tribe Doesn't Make Runoff
    First (Again) on LB Fire Dept. Ran Out of Available Responding Units Amid Large Number Of Medical Responses w/in 90 Min. Period Weds. Afternoon (Mar. 21), Had To Call Downey (L.A. County) & Pvt. Ambulance Firm To Respond; LBFD Mgm't Says Situation Is Unusual, But Not Unheard Of
    Councilwoman Schipske notes LB had two additional responding units before Council majority implemented cuts under Mayor Foster's "proportional budget reductions"; Schipske, Gabelich & Neal last year sought to use oil revenue to avert some cuts and brought agenda item this past Tuesday (Mar. 20) to get details on responses in wake of cuts
    With VIDEO: LB School Board's Newest Member Is...Diana Craighead
    Millikan High PTA Prez is chosen by LB School Board incumbents to fill vacancy due to exit of Dr. David Barton (who cited health reasons); TALB sought election to fill vacancy, was unsuccessful in seeking injunction to prevent Board action
    Long Beach Fire Chief Alan Patalano Announces His Retirement; Exiting Chief Had Expressed Unease With Mayor-Mgr. "Proportional Budget Reductions" (re 4 Person vs. 3 Person Engine/Truck Staffing) Last Year
    Documents: See State Contractors License Board Stipulation in Settlement & Decision (1996) Signed by John Watkins Following Agency Accusation
    Extended audio coverage coming:
    Fourth Council District Candidates Forum Tonight @ Tucker Elementary School
    Updated / Perspective: Council Incumbent Suja Lowenthal's Misnamed "Season of Non-Violence"
    LDS Formal Draws 350+ Young People

    4th dist. Council Candidate John Watkins' CA Contractors License Was Revoked in 1996 By Contractors State License Board Citing These Grounds; We Ask Him About This And He Tells Us...
    Austin Campaign Cites Support Of "Uptown Councilmembers, Past & Present"
    Body Of This Marine -- Previously Known Only As "John Doe 155" -- Was Found in ELB (Spring St. Near 605 Fwy) in 1974; LBPD Asks If Anyone Has Info About What Happened

    State Sen. Alan Lowenthal To Hold Mar 20 Virtual Town Hall On "Public Safety Realignment" w/ Live Streaming, Expert Panel & Public's Questions Invited

    Mayor Foster Endorses Kawasaki in 8th district, Setting Up De Facto Duel On His Record vs. Councilwoman Gabelich, Who Has Repeatedly Challenged Foster & Has Urged Voters To Elect Austin

    Man Robbed At Gunpoint In Los Altos Residential Neighborhood, 5800 block Los Santos
    See Graphics Of What Metro Consultants Are Planning For 710 Fwy: Up To 14 Lanes (10 "Mixed Flow" Lanes Alongside Four Lane "Freight Corridor" Elevated For Much Of Area South of 405), Expected To Produce More Diesel Pollution Than Doing Nothing, Only Slightly Lower If "Zero Emission/Automated Guidance" Added

    In Detail: Read FPPC Advice Letter To City Att'y Office re Vote-or-Recusal For Harbor Comm'n President Wise re WTC as Possible PoLB HQ

    Extended Audio Coverage: Mayor Foster Says There'll Be Upcoming Service Reductions, Says "Proportional Reductions" Need To Be More Carefully Made With Some Programs Possibly Consolidated Or Collapsed Completely...And Some Gov't Functions May Be Better Performed by Private Sector And Give City Hall A Revenue Stream
    Reiterates he's not prepared to advocate tax increase until he's satisifed City has done all it can to avoid one and says City hasn't reached that point...yet

    VIDEO of 2012 "St. Baldrick's Day" at Cubberley K-8 School...As Over 100 Kids + Many Adults (Including LB Firefighters) Have Their Heads Shaved To Raise Money To Fight Childhood Cancers; You Can Support Them Online

    LBPD Has Live Video Mobile Security Cams Deployed on 2nd St. (As on New Year's Eve) To Enable Rapid Response If Needed For St. Patrick's Day Crowds

    Sizable LBPD Presence Thurs. Mar 15 Spring/Palo Verde After Woman In Her 80s Is Hit By Vehicle in Parking Lot, Serious Injuries, No Arrests/Citations

    A Year Passes After Five Perish In Plane Crash At LB Airport, And...
    In Detail: LB Chamber PAC (backing Watkins) vs. POA PAC & LA County AFL-CIO PAC (backing O'Donnell) Fuel Fourth Council Dist. Election Mailers & More
    Candidate Supernaw (getting none of the above) says voters wonder what's behind all the money
    Via Two Women Walking In Belmont Shore Neighborhood (100 block Nieto) Tues. Nite Robbed By Two Men, One Of Whom Had a Firearm
    CSULB Undergrad Running For ASI President Says School's "49'ers" and "Prospector Pete" Mascot Are "Offensive to Many Students And Don't Make Sense" & Should Be Changed To "Long Beach State University Tongva Rebels"
    Via Dem Legislators Urge Cal State to Disclose True Amount of Executive Compensation
    Media Review: LBCC Release / Story Text Bylined To "Staff Reports"
    Happy 104th Birthday, Octavio Orduno, Believed To Be "World's Oldest Bicyclist"; See VIDEO As He Rides Thru LB

    Editorial: DeLong's Self-Damaging Can't Do Response...When Other Cities Can
    Friday (Mar. 16) Is "St. Baldrick's Day" At ELB's Cubberley K-8 School When Kids & Adults Have Their Heads Shaved To Raise Money To Fight Childhood Cancers; You Can Support Them Online
    Supervisor Don Knabe Will Run Unopposed On June 2012 Ballot
    Updated / VIDEO Added: L.A. County Democratic Party Endorses Al Austin Over Lillian Kawasaki in LB's 8th Council District
    Veteran Community Advocates Laurie Angel (NLB) & Mike Kowal (Los Cerritos-Bixby Knolls) Endorse Al Austin In 8th dist. Council Race
    State Sen. Alan Lowenthal Skeds Mar 20 Virtual Town Hall On "Public Safety Realignment" w/ Live Streaming, Expert Panel & Public's Questions Invited
    Son Pleads No Contest To Murdering His Elderly Mother In Their ELB Home, Is Sentenced to 16 Yrs to Life
    May 2011 photo via Charlie McGrail

    Opinion: Death to 2013 Police Academy Class
    by Dan Pressburg
    UPDATE: LB School Board Applicants Narrowed to 22 (From 27) For Vacated ELB/Lakewood Seat; Details On Selection Procedure

    CA Republican Party Endorsement in LB-OC Cong Race Goes To DeLong (Over Kuykendall)
    DeLong's Response To Kuykendall: If LB Allocates More Funding To Police & Fire, Will Be Forced To Close Libraries, Cancel Parks & Rec Pgms, Stop Repairing Streets & Sidewalks
    Kuykendall Says LB's Declining Police Levels Show DeLong "Derelicton of Duty" That Fails To Keep Neighborhoods Safe And Shows DeLong Shouldn't Be Sent to Congress To Keep Nation Safe
    Hear/See Script Of Anti-O'Donnell Robo Call, Part of Chamber PAC Blitz Including Mailer & Website Blasting O'Donnell 4th dist. Write-In

    The "Who" Of the Story: Who Is the LB Chamber of Commerce PAC?

    4th Council dist Heads-Up: LB Police/Firefighter PACs Make Independent Expenditure Of $250+ For Something In Support of O'Donnell
    Extended Audio Coverage: Hear Them: 8th Council District Candidates Al Austin vs. Lillian Kawasaki At Los Cerritos Forum; Successor To Councilwoman Gabelich Will Have Citywide Decisionmaking Power Public Safety, City Services & Spending, Land Use & Development Citywide

    Extended Audio Coverage: Hear Them: LB School Board Incumbent Dr. Felton Williams vs. Challenger Ricardo Linarez At Wrigley Candidate Forum; Election Victor Will Have Voting Power On LBUSD Policies Citywide On Budget Cuts/Spending & Campus Impacts

    Passage: Eric Hayhurst, LB Scout Leader
    Reader Photos: Reader's Pix As F18 Taxis & Takes-Off From LB Airport, March 10

    4th Council District Residents Report Robo Calls + Mailer -- And We Spot Website -- Blasting Councilman O'Donnell's Write-In Re-Election Bid; Mailer & Website Appear To Related To...
    Mar. 11 is Friends of LB Animals' "Benefit for the Animals" at LB Playhouse; Enjoy Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure March 11 And Support LB's All-Volunteer Spay/Neuter/Education Group; Tickets Just $25 At Locations Listed Here
    LBPD + DNA Evidence + Cold Case Homicide Unit = Two Suspects ID'd in 1986 LB Murder; One Suspect Died in 2003, But Another Is Arrested and Faces DA-Filed Murder & Robbery Charges
    CA Coastal Comm'n Eases One Restoration Req't On Loynes-South Parcel Owner: No Need For Impermeable Cap On Bulldozed/Disturbed Former Dump Site But Other Revegetation Req'ts Remain

    Photo from March 2009

    Man Shot, 1700 block E. 8th St. (Near Gaviota), Early Evening Tues. (Mar. 6)

    Cong. Laura Richardson Falls One Vote Short Of Getting LB Democratic Club Endorsement

    340 Ton Big Rock Rolls Thru Downtown; Carries Live Webcast Overnight (See Screen Save Photos)

    Big Rock's Final Hours In Bixby Knolls Continue Drawing Crowds

    Big Rock's Final Hours In LB Draw Crowds, Prepares 2nd LIVE Webcast Starting at 11 Rock Rolls Downtown

    340 Ton Rock Has Arrived in Long Beach in Bixby Knolls. Had LIVE Webcast Weds. Morning, Here Are Events Planned By BKBIA For Today...And Webcast Host Will "Walk With the Rock" Thru Central & Downtown LB Tonight

    City Mgm't Tells Council And Taxpayers: LB's Current City Hall Service Levels Aren't Sustainable; Proposes Adjusting Some Proportional Reductions; Raises Option Of Ballot Measure Tax Increase To Fund Replenishment Police Academy; Several Councilmembers Indicate Interest in Tax, None Advocate Funding Replenishment Academy Now Or In FY13 (If Voters Don't Approve Tax)
    City management doesn't provide documenting memo or report, offers slideshow presentation
    No, Aquarium of Pacific Didn't Pull Its Ads From Limbaugh Show Because It Never Advertised on His Nat'l Show; Aquarium Ads Carried on Local Traffic Reports During Show (From Which Limbaugh Show Doesn't Get Revenue)
    Tuesday Night Via Man Killed by Passport Bus After Stepping Off Curb on Davies Bridge
    First (Again) on Re SEADIP Update: What Two Add'l Things Does Lyon (Owner of "Pumpkin Patch") Want City Hall To Do Re City-Owned Parcel Adjacent To Office Bldgs At "Marketplace"? Company's LB Advocate, Mike Murchison, Tells Us...

    First (Again) On Obtains City Mgm't Memo To Mayor, Councilmembers Re SEADIP Update; City Says Private Developer (Lyon) Will Advance $1 Mil In In-Kind Services IF City Enacts Development Moratorium/Development Restrictions AND....

    File image above: Current SEADIP area

    Subsequent coverage above:
    Big Rock Was In Lakewood Tuesday (See Photos), Will Move Into NLB Overnight & Arrive In Bixby Knolls By Daybreak Wednesday (Mar. 7), Atlantic Ave. 36-37th Sts.; Plans To Carry LIVE Webcast Wednesday Morning

    LBUSD Mgm't Seeks Board Approval For Two Scenarios: CA Voter Approval of Nov. Tax Increase, OR CA Voter Rejection Of Nov. Tax Increase, Which Mgm't Says Could Prompt Consideration Of...
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