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LIVE VIDEO starting approx. 7 a.m.: From White House: Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske To Be Honored As A "Champion of Change" For Her Open Government Initiatives

New: Mayor/Manager Will Propose 2014 Police Academy Class In Their Still-Under-Wraps FY14 Proposed Budget, Will Propose Funding With PD Position Savings And "One-Time Resources If Necessary"
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New: Fed Court Sentences Owner Of Nine LA/OC Area Medpot Outlets -- Incl. Two in LB -- To 21+ Yrs In Fed'l Prison; He'd Pleaded Guilty To Two Fed'l Counts (Conspiracy re Marijuana + Tax Evasion)

Further: Services For Lillian Kawasaki Scheduled Aug. 3 LB Forest Lawn; In Lieu of Flowers, Donations to Todd Cancer Center @ LB Memorial In Her Memory
Three People Shot, Midnight Hour July 21, Area 4th/Orange

Blue X's = shootings since Aug. 2011. Red X's = murders Jan. 2011 to date

LBPD Says Alleged Hatchet-Wielding Wife Was Standing Over Husband & Threatening To Kill Him; She Allegedly Refuses Officers' Orders To Drop The Hatchet; An Officer Fires His Gun; She's Not Hit and Is Arrested
Out of the Ordinary / AUDIO: What's This On PCH/7th St. at Bellflower? French Artist Puts Anti-Gun Image On Billboard; AUDIO: Hear Him Explain What It Is And Why He Did It reader photo
Artist's story is already news in France
LBPD Spots Stolen Vehicle, Pursuit Ensues, Ends In Wrigley With LB Officers (Incl. K9) Searching For, Finding And Arresting Suspect
Chef Paul Buchanan, Advocate Of Homegrown Sustainable Food, Is Uprooted From Long Beach Community Garden @ El Dorado Park As Garden's Board Rigidly Enforces A Deadline It Says He Missed

Sic Transit: Service Scheduled Sat. Aug 3, Forest Lawn, Long Beach For Lillian Kawasaki, Sought 8th dist. Council Seat, Was Water Replenishment District Boardmember

March 2012 8th dist. candidate forum

VIDEO & Photos: No "Bash Mob," Just Peaceful Protest and March at Long Beach Courthouse re Zimmerman Verdict/Fatal Trayvon Martin Shooting
by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

Transcript & Extended VIDEO: President Obama Makes Unscheduled Press Room Appearance, Says This About Jury Verdict Acquitting George Zimmerman Of Criminal Charges in Fatal Shooting of Trayvon Martin
County Agency Will Let Long Beach Implement City Mgm't Sought Paramedic Change For One-Year Test; Council Will Get Mgm't Update, Could Take First Up or Down Vote Specifically On Issue
  • Long Beach would become first L.A. County city to no longer provide two paramedics on single responding vehicle; other L.A. County cities could seek permission to follow suit
  • In Long Beach, change would mean fewer ambulances, two paramedics arriving on separate vehicles with a paramedic on responding fire engines
    Subsequent development above:
    LBPD Provides Further Info Re July 9 Downtown "Bash Mob," Says Another Such Event May Be Planned For Friday (July 19)...And If That Happens LBPD Is Prepared To Arrest Those Whose Intent Is To Commit Criminal Acts
    First (Again) on Learns That On July 9, Large Group of Teens (est. 50-100) Converged on Downtown Long Beach, Went From Pike Up Pine, Some Allegedly Victimizing Some Businesses, Then Hopped Blue Line Back to L.A. Downtown Councilmembers Garcia & Lowenthal Publicly Mum About Incident Thus Far
    Passenger In Vehicle Is Shot At Early Evening In 6400 block of Atlantic Ave.

    Blue X's = shootings we learn about (not complete list) from August 2011 to date; Red X's = murders since Jan. 1, 2011

    Robert Garcia Announces He's Running For Mayor
    Residents Report Receiving Emailed Announcement Although They Didn't Sign Up For Campaign-Related Materials
    Sharply Split Public Testimony And Proposed Long Beach Ordinance To Ease Restrictions On Keeping Goats/Chickens/Bees ("Urban Agriculture") Falls One Vote Short On July 16
    Compromise Applying To Chickens Only And Two Motions To Enact Full Package Fail With One Councilmember Out of Town And Another Exiting Council Chamber Prior To Discussion

    Statement by Mayor Bob Foster Announcing He Won't Seek Re-Election...And Reaction As Received
    UPDATE: Includes reactions/comments from Mayoral candidates Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske, Doug Otto, Damon Dunn
    Temporary Location for Friday Downtown Farmers Market, 7th/Pine Area Until Permanent Site Found; Downtown Long Beach Farmers Market Not Dead, Just Looking For New Downtown Location Its Manager Tells After Ouster From CityPlace Site
    Subsequent development above:
    Re Goats/Chickens/Bees: Five Council Votes Tonight Could Approve Changes OR Could Amend OR Direct Further Public Input/Study AND Regardless Of Tonight's Vote, Council Majority Approval Required In Second Vote (Likely A Week Later)

    Subsequent development above:
    Long Beach Council To Discuss Easing Rules For Keeping Chickens, Goats And Bees; See Proposed Ordinance Changes
    CA Supreme Court Lets Same-Sex Marriages Continue BUT Will Consider Arguments By Prop 8 Supporters That Fed'l Dist. Court Ruling Striking Down Prop 8 Only Applies In L.A. & Alameda Counties, Not Statewide
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
    Memorial Service July 16 for Firefighter Kevin Woyjeck
    Early Evening Sunday: Social Media Draw Peaceful Gathering to Long Beach Bluffs For Discussion of Trayvon Martin Verdict
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

    Photosby Joe Mello

    Friends of Long Beach Animals Opposes Proposal To Ease Rules For Keeping Chickens, Goats And Bees; Urban Agriculture Measure Comes To Council on Tues. July 16
    Re Goats/Chickens/Bees: Five Council Votes Tonight Could Approve Changes OR Could Amend OR Direct Further Public Input/Study AND Regardless Of Tonight's Vote, Council Majority Approval Required In Second Vote (Likely A Week Later)

    Long Beach Council To Discuss Easing Rules For Keeping Chickens, Goats And Bees; See Proposed Ordinance Changes
    Here's The Document Summarizing Foster Mayoral Poll Results
    With Perspective: Telephone Polling On Mayor's Race Reported In June By Apparently Came From Foster Hired Firm; 40% Support Results Given To PressTelegram; Mayoral Candidate Schipske Says Foster's Less Than Majority Support Not Good For An Incumbent
    Children Arriving At Seaside Park (14th/Chestnut) Find A Dead Woman In Their Playground; LBPD Says It's Not A Homicide; Neighborhood Advocates Say City Hall Is (Again) Letting Homeless Sleep, Do Drugs, Engage In Illicit Activities In Area Of 14th St. Park
    Prop 8 Supporters Ask CA Supreme Court To Halt Same Sex Marriages, Say U.S. Supreme Court's Failure To Rule On Measure's Constitutionality Leaves It The Law in CA; CA Att'y Gen'l Swiftly Files Opposition
    NEW VIDEO & Extended Photos: Take The Preview Tour With Us! On-Demand VIDEO + Multiple Photos of LBUSD's New McBride High School in East Long Beach VIDEO coverage is made possible by

    You can love where you bank! Credit unions are the only democratically controlled financial institutions in the U.S. In 1935, LBS Financial Credit Union opened its doors to Long Beach educators...and today LBS Financial serves ANYONE who lives or works in the local community. Click here for further information.
    Extended Coverage: Firefighter Kevin Woyjeck, Who Grew Up In Seal Beach And Perished Battling Arizona Wildfire, Is Returned Home
    Also aboard the arriving C-130 at Los Alamitos is Firefighter Chris MacKenzie from Hemet

    Team coverage with photos and live video by Community Correspondent Dan Halverson

    Sunday Event Advisory: Long Beach Gospel Fest Is This Sunday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Marina Green Park; Organizers Promise Joyful Noise, Expect 25,000+ At Annual Free Event
    Parks & Rec Comm'n OK's El Dorado Off-Leash Dog Park North of Spring St., City Staff-Backed Site Is Less Costly Than South of Spring St., Would Be Built/Operated With Public Funds (As Previewed By April 2013 Council Budget Action)

    Follow-Up: Over A Third Of July 4th Calls to LBPD Were For Fireworks; 35 Fireworks-Related Citations Issued Citywide, No Fireworks Related Arrests
    No Major July 4th Violent Crime Citywide, No Major Incidents Along Waterfront; See LBPD Stats Re Other July 4th Citations & Arrests
    Subsequent coverage above
    Details on Los Alamitos Planned Event As Firefighter Kevin Woyjeck Is Returned Home

    UPDATE: Council Votes 8-0 (DeLong absent) To Seek Draft Ordinance To Quiet Music From Parked/Dispensing Ice Cream Trucks; Minutes Before Council Meeting Starts, Councilman Andrews Issues This Statement re "Ice Cream Trucks", Reads This Statement
    First (Again) on Responding To Resident's Question at NLB Good Neighbors Meeting, North Div Commander Indicates Approx 10 Fireworks Citations in North Division, About 30 Citywide
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    New: Spending One-Time Windfall Premature; City Council Should Admit Upcoming Pension Increases And Pursue Real, Not Partial, Pension Reforms To Protect Taxpayers
    by Kathy Ryan
    Co-Founder, LB Taxpayers Ass'n

    Gerrie Schipske's Blog

    Gerrie Schipske's Blog

    Point / Counter-Point

    Opinion: Council Should Say NO To Easing Restrictions On Keeping Goats, Chickens & Bees; Proposed Ordinance Is Seriously Flawed And Will Create Quality of Life Issues For People And Animals
    by Deborah Turner and Bob Carlton *
    Ms. Turner is an author, lecturer and educator on humane animal treatment. Her books include How Wheely Willy Got His Wheels" and How Wheely Willy Got His Wings. Mr. Carlton is a Long Beach resident and member of the Friends of Long Beach Animals board.


    Opinion: Council Council Should Say YES to Easing Restrictions on Keeping Goats, Chickens & Bees Because it is the Right Thing To Do
    by Donna Marykwas *
    Dr. Marykwas is the founder and director of Long Beach Grows, advocating for a just and equitable food system that includes food security through urban agriculture, including small scale animal husbandry. She is a Ph.D. educator and scientist with a degree in Biochemistry, Molecular & Cell Biology from Cornell University (research focused on the Molecular Microbiology of bacteria and yeast.)

    Follow-Up After Seeing July 4th Fireworks Statistics
    by Dan Pressburg

    Opinion: Fireworks Illegal In Long Beach...Who Forgot To Get The Memo?
    by Dan Pressburg

    In the piece above, Mr. Pressburg writes that his six year old grandson suffered second degree burns in a nearby community, and Mr. Pressburg spent half the night wetting down plants and roof of his North Long Beach home so when lit bottle rockets hit his roof they didn't catch fire. He writes, "Calling the police was a futile effort. There was no way we got to see police car one up here in North Long Beach. Just No Way..." MORE, click here.

    Opinion: Lakewood Accountability Action Group Tongue-In-Cheek Ridicule Of Fireworks-Focused "Patriotism" Among Reasons To Sell Fireworks In Lakewood: "To Piss Off All The People in Long Beach Who Thought They Were Safe From Lakewood's Mania."
    Opinion: Supreme Court Puts California Initiative Process in Jeopardy
    by Jon Coupal *
    Mr. Coupal is president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

    Opinion / The Bear Facts: Thoughts On Edward Snowden And Paula Deen
    by Les Robbins
    ...Our government leaders have some serious issues to deal with in agencies such as the CIA and the NSA. Some jobs are just too important and too critical to the mission of national security to be outsourced...MORE

    Editorial: Sac'to-Written Constitutional Amendment On Public Records (SCA 3) Needs Amending To Close Internet Loophole, Require Full Digital Disclosure Statewide And End Double-Standard For State Legislators
    Viewpoint: Thoughts On The Eve Of the U.S. Supreme Court's Opinions On CA's Prop 8 And Congress' Defense of Marriage Act
    by John Eastman, PhD *
    * Henry Salvatori Professor of Law and Community Service and former Dean at Chapman University School of Law in Orange County, Chairman of the Board of the National Organization for Marriage and the founder of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence of the Claremont Institute

    Opinion / The Bear Facts: LBPD Chief McDonnell's Decision Not To Run For Sheriff Is Good For Long Beach, But Council Rush To Spend "One Time Money" Is Ill-Advised With Approaching PERS Pension Tsunami
    by Les Robbins
    ...To run around in a mini feeding frenzy like some of our City Council members appear to be doing is rather amazing at best. Then again, what do you expect when you know that they know that they will be gone and either out of office altogether or moving on to their next political position, leaving the mess behind for the next generation of City Councilmembers to deal with....MORE

    Exclusive Extended Audio: D.J. Waldie Discusses His Writings, Sense of Place...And Upcoming Rancho Los Alamitos Appearance (Sun. June 23)
    In Conversation with Joe Mello

    Point of View: Council Vote re SEADIP: Moving Ahead Is Fine, But Lack Of Moratorium Invites Continuing Uncertainties and Issues
    Viewpoint of Elizabeth Lambe, Exec. Dir., Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust

    Via While On Phone With 911 And Waiting For Law Enforcement, Anaheim Granny Responds To Intruder With Single Shot From Her Handgun; Hear 911 Audio And Her Comments
    Editorial: Shoemaker Bridge Reuse As Park Intriguing, But Can And Should Avoid Potentially Costly Pitfall

    Image source: CalTrans 710 EIR

    Opinion / The Bear Facts: The Ongoing Saga of The Fire Chief's Rapid Response Deployment Plan
    by Les Robbins
    If you take the time to stop a firefighter on the street and ask him or her how they feel about the proposed change in paramedic service I would be shocked if they had anything positive to say about this plan. Like I have said many times previously, I can still not find one current or former LBFD member, outside of the Chief and his command staff, who think that this plan has any merit whatsoever...MORE

    Sic Transit: Ray Manzarek -- Keyboardist for The Doors -- Passes At 74


    Multiple Reports, Special Event Coverage by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

    MORE Independent Views

    What Should And Shouldn't Happen In May 14 Closed Session on Railyard

    SCAQMD Exec. Officer Dr. Barry Wallerstein showed the L.A. City Council an air monitor filter from near WLB's Hudson Elementary School
    Editorial: Council Policy Vacuum on SCIG Railyard Invited Foster Feckless "Mitigation"; Cowering Council Should Agendize Open Vote On Either Relocation In Ports Or "Mitigation" in Neighborhoods
    Opinion / Via As Predicted, Pensions Eating Up Prop 30 Education Funds
    By John Seiler

    Opinion / Common Sense: March of the Lemmings: Public-Private Partnership Proposed For New Civic Center
    by Terry Jensen
    Mayor Foster opines, "This project represents an opportunity to replace aging infrastructure through creative public/private financing mechanisms at little to no additional cost." Does he mean just like the state's court authorities did with construction of the Deukmejian Courthouse that has severely damaged the finances of the entire court system?...MORE

    Opinion / The Bear Facts: Respecting City Charter Would Cure What Some Say Ails City Hall
    by Les Robbins
    ...When I was on the Council] we had NO, I will repeat, NO registered lobbyists who worked City Hall. Furthermore no one who tried to do business with the city did so by going through any member of the City Council and conducting business with them directly, like we see today...No one on the council took it upon themselves to cut deals and/or do any direct business with anyone who had business before the city. A City Manager form of government allows the city manager to operate the city and the council sets direction and establishes policy...MORE...MORE

    Miriam Yarden
    Pets & Their People / Opinion: "Devocalization" -- That Is: Let's Cut Their Vocal Chords
    by C. Miriam Yarden, B.Sc., MS, APDT"
    Email your letter text to:

    Ad above provided in the public interest by:

    You can love where you bank! Credit unions are the only democratically controlled financial institutions in the U.S. In 1935, LBS Financial Credit Union opened its doors to Long Beach educators...and today LBS Financial serves ANYONE who lives or works in the local community. Click here for further information.

    Alta Neuro-Imaging Neurofeedback ( provides testing for ADD/ADHD, neurofeedback treatment for adults and children with ADD/ADHD and information regarding ADD/ADHD and related conditions. Initial evaluation and assessment at no charge when you mention you heard about us from this ad, CLICK HERE.

    Carter Wood Floors
    Hardwood Floor Specialists
    Call (562) 422-2800 or (714) 836-7050

    Doppler Radar click to enlarge AND view in-motion
    WX Radar from NOAA
    7-Day Forecasts: LB coast Lakewood & Marine LGB Details

    SPECIAL EVENT ON-DEMAND VIDEO: Sights/Sounds of LB's Veterans Day Parade

    VIDEO coverage made possible by American Legion Post 560, Long Beach

    Mayor/City Mgm't Budget As Proposed Aug. 1
    In Depth / Team Coverage by Joe Mello & Bill Pearl
    Police: Eliminate 40 Sworn Officers + 32 Civilians; Reduce Gang Enforcement & Investigation Bureaus, Acknowledges Would Likely Mean Higher Crime; Funds One 40 Person Police Academy Class in FY13
    Fire: Eliminate One Fire Engine (Location Not Publicly Specified), Cut Paramedics In Half (Requires L.A. County Approval), Increase Paramedic Units From Eight to Eleven
    Parks & Rec: Eliminate Free Youth Sports & Afterschool Pgms Except In High Density/High Crime Areas, Cut Nature Center Pgm Funding, Eliminate Park Ranger Safety Patrols at El Dorado Park except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, And More
    Libraries: Cut Main Library Hours, Convert Six Branches to "Self-Serve," Cut Staff at Harte and Mark Twain

    Reference links
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  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
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  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • New Perspective: "It's Not My Job" Is Wrong Response By City To Toxic Risks To Neighborhood Residents
    by Kerrie Alley
  • Hear Appellant Kerrie Aley's Testimony re City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil...And City Mgm't Response & Her Rebuttal
  • Read CA Court of Appeal Ruling (Late 2004) Reversing L.A. Council, Chastising Its Councilmembers Who Voted To Deny Appeal After Not Paying Attention To Testimony In Quasi-Judicial Appeal Hearing
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

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    Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

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  • Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Aquarium, Nov. 21/04
    Photo: T'giving wkend 2004 (not typical)
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    Mercedes-Benz USA Leases Historic Former Long Beach Douglas / Boeing Plant, Lakewood/Conant

    As carried LIVE on
    Long Beach Fire Dept., Long Beach Firefighters Ass'n/Int'l Ass'n of Firefighters Reps In Arizona For July 9 Event Honoring 19 Fallen Firefighters
    Plans are being finalized for Wednesday return of two perished CA firefighters, including Kevin Woyjeck (who grew up in Seal Beach). The return is planned for the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Base. Details to follow.

    Photo via LBFFA/Twitter from Prescott, AZ

    Follow-Up / Perspective: First Amendment Coalition Exec. Dir. Scheer Backs SCA 3 Re Public Records Act BUT Adds Now Is Good Time To Plug Current Internet Loophole "That Threatens Public's Right To Know What Its Gov't Is Doing"
    In April, seven Long Beach Councilmembers (Andrews absent) refused to second motion by Councilwoman Schipske to discuss plugging loophole locally
    Barbara London
    Aviation Trailblazer Barbara Erickson London, WWII WASP Awarded Air Medal & Congressional Gold Medal...And A Long Beach Airport Street Was Named In Her Honor (Mar. 2005 photo)

    Sat. Night High Speed CHP Pursuit From San Diego County Ends In Long Beach At Atlantic Ave. Exit With Suspect Arrested, Suspected Stolen Vehicle
    With Audio Report: Small Plane Crashes Just Off 405 Freeway At Walnut Ave. Bridge (NW Walnut overpass); Was A Banner-Towing Plane
    Team coverage by Bill Pearl & Joe Mello on-scene photo

    Add'l ELB Coyote Sightings; ELB Resident Reports Coyote(s) Attacked/Mutilated Her Cat; A Pair Reported Hunting Area b/w Millikan High & El Dorado Park
    Heard/Seen: Widespread Use Of "Illegal" (Long Beach City Council Banned) Personally Discharged Fireworks
    VIDEO & Photos: "Great Los Altos 4th of July Bike Parade" Draws Grassroots Crowd; Neighborhood Tradition Has Grown Annually

    Photo Essay: Spectacular July 3 Fireworks Over Alamitos Bay
    by Diana Lejins
    Special to

    Photo credit: Diana Lejins

    Group Signs "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"

    State Senate Advances SCA 3 (Proposed State Constitutional Amendment) re Public Recs Act; Measure Moves To Assembly, Provides No Additional Access To Records But Would Shift State Costs To Local Gov't (and Possibly Records Requesters)
    AQMD Says Inspector Dispatched Re Sat. June 29 Stink But Odor Gone By Arrival; Agency Checked Further, No Info Yet...And No Info Re Tues July 2 Stink
    United Church of Christ + Multiple Groups March in Downtown Long Beach, Call For Immigration Reform
    by Barry Saks

    Photo credit: Barry Saks

    Further As We Learn It: Kevin Woyjeck, Who Grew Up In Seal Beach and Attended Los Al High, Was Among 19 Firefighters Perished In Arizona Wildfire
    21 Year Old Son of L.A. County Fire Captain Moved To Arizona To Join Hot Shot Crew

    With Perspective: UPDATED With Campaign's Reply; Damon Dunn For Mayor Campaign Says It's Collected $240,000 In Contributions...But Press Release Doesn't Disclose From Whom; We Ask For Contributor List, Awaiting Answer...
    Subsequent development above
    Tues July 2: Another Long Beach "Mystery Stink" (central near shoreline); Still Awaiting Response From LB & AQMD Officials Re June 29 SE Area Odor
    Pro-Prop 8 Emergency Petition Denied, Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Refuses To Halt Same-Sex Marriages
    Measure's proponents had cited 25 day waiting period allowing possible rehearing

    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

    Subsequent development above
    Another SE LB / Belmont Shore Area "Mystery Stink," Not Natural Gas Says LB Gas & Oil; Hear Audio Of What We Heard When We Called AQMD
    As seen LIVE / VIDEO On-Demand Now: Gay Marriages Resume in CA And Two Women Marry In Long Beach, Believed First In LB Since U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Re Prop 8; Details Here As Long Beach City Clerk Now Allowed To Perform Civil Marriage Ceremonies For All For Next 60 Days
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

    MosquitoMosquito-Borne West Nile Virus Found In East Long Beach With Two Dead Crows Near El Dorado Park; Long Beach City Hall Advises Taking Anti-Mosquito Precautions
    Long Beach Weekend Temps Expected In And Around Low-To-Mid 90s
    No Jackpot, But Jail, For Two Suspects Who Allegedly Robbed Two Convenience Stores, Then Tried To Redeem Stolen Scratchers Elsewhere; Long Beach Cops Show Up And Arrest The Pair
    Gov. Brown Signs Hastily Revised Budget-Linked Bill (SB 71) That Continues Reimbursing Local Gov't For Public Recs Compliance, Keeping Act's Provisions Mandatory For FY14
    State Senate Will Consider Constitutional Amendment Next Week To Require Local Gov't Compliance With Or Without Sac'to Funding
    Community Meeting (Citywide) On "Visioning the Future for the Main Library," Sat. June 29, 12:30 p.m. At El Dorado Branch Library, 2900 N. Studebaker Rd.
    Friday (June 28) El Dorado Park Concert Features The Emperors, Band With Long Beach Roots In The Boss '60s
    Rocket Launches Satellite But Exhaust Remnants Not Visible in Long Beach
    ON-DEMAND VIDEO & Photos: Marriage Equality Supporters Celebrate U.S. Supreme Court Rulings @ The Grand
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent

    Photo by Joe Mello's independent special event coverage is made possible by:

    We are dedicated to helping you find simple solutions to life’s more complex problems. Audrey Stephanie Loftin has been practicing in Long Beach, California since July of 1990. Reba Birmingham has been practicing Law since 1998. Our firm serves the Los Angeles & Orange County areas, with an emphasis on Civil, Criminal, Probate and Family Law. When you need a lawyer, or simply require further information about your current situation, please call (562) 621-6300 to schedule a consultation...and for further information about us, CLICK HERE.
    What's Next For Marriages in CA; UPDATE: Includes Letter From CA Att'y Gen'l Harris to Gov. Brown With Instructions To County Clerks re Same Sex Marriages; At News Conference, AG Harris Urges 9th Circuit To Lift Stay Immediately by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
    Marriage Equality Supporters Invite Public To Free Event Tonight @ The Grand; Will Carry LIVE WEBCAST VIDEO
    Reactions As Received To U.S. Supreme Court Rulings On Prop 8 and Defense of Marriage Act
    AUDIO: CA Same Sex Marriage Pioneer Robin Tyler Pleased With Prop 8 Outcome For CA, But Urges Continued Focus On Ensuring Marriage Equality Nationwide AND
    CA's Prop 8 (Banning Same Sex Marriage) And Fed'l Defense of Marriage Act (Barring Fed'l Benefits For Same Sex Couples) Are Dead; See Full U.S. Supreme Court Rulings Here
    Did you see it? Very Bright and Clear View as Int'l Space Station Passed Just Off Long Beach Coast

    Image via

    Amnesia File / Perspective: Too Soon? We Cite What Mayor Foster Did In First Half Of 2009 For His 2010 Re-Election
    Long Beach Man, Arrested Last Week By LBPD Responding To Domestic Violence Call, Now Faces Fed'l Sex Trafficking Charges; LBPD Vice Detectives Contacted Feds
    Orchard Supply Hardware, 4480 Atlantic Ave. @ San Antonio Dr. In Bixby Knolls, Will Close As Part of Company Voluntarily Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Restructuring
    "King Tide" Expected Sunday (June 23) 9:43 p.m. At 7.11 Feet; Earth-Moon-Sun Alignment Will Raise Water To Higher Than Usual Levels In Naples Canals And Turn "Horny Corner" Into A Lake For A While

    Dec. 13, 2012

    Reversal On Public Records: After Scathing Press And Public Criticism, Assembly Dems Vote To Restore Funding For Public Recs Act (Lowenthal Votes Yes) AND By Midafternoon, Gov. Brown's Aides Say He Too Now Favors Restoring Funding (After His Budget Sought To End It)
    Dems Say They'll Work To Advance A Constitutional Amendment (2014 Measure For Statewide Voters) That Would Make Local Gov'ts Pay
    Here's El Dorado Park Concert Schedule (Neighborhood-Organized Surrounding Shortened LB Muni Band Schedule)
    "Friend Fest" Debuts At Drake Park Sat. June 22, First In Series of Festivals Planned by Newly Organized Willmore City Area "Friendship Neighborhood"
    Subsequent developments above
    Assembly Speaker Perez Says Ass'y Will Vote Thurs On Bill That Will MAINTAIN Current Policy re CA Public Records Act (Sac'to Will Reimburse Local Gov't For Act's Mandates) BUT State Senate Pres. Pro Tem Steinberg Says He'll "Hold" The Bill And Instead Intro Proposed State Constitutional Amendment (Needs Voter Approval) REQUIRING Local Gov'ts To Comply With Public Records Act Without Sac'to Reimbursement
    Story includes background: On June 14, Sac'to Lawmakers -- Including Bonnie Lowenthal and Ricardo Lara -- Approved And Sent Governor Budget-Tied Bill That Would Make Local Gov't Compliance With Portions Of CA Public Records Act No Longer Mandatory (Ending Sac'to Reimbursement); Open Gov't Advocates Blasted Action; Councilwoman Schipske Urged Mayor Foster To Oppose Measure; Mayor Foster Said City Will Continue Covering Public Rec Act Costs...And He'll Intro Item At Next Council Meeting To Affirm City Policy On Complying With Record Requests
    Council Majority Blocks Motion (Schipske) For Allowable Public Discussion And Opts For Closed Session, Chooses Charles Parkin As Acting City Att'y BUT Will Meet July 9 In Closed Session To Choose A Successor To Fill Final Year Of Retiring City Att'y Shannon's Term
    Amnesia File / Perspective: Amnesia Files: (1) Dec. 2012: Mayor Foster Says He'll Decide By End of 2012 If He'll Seek Third-Term Write-In. (2) Still "Too Early"? Candidate Foster Collected $150,000 By June 2005 For April 2006 Race
    Somebody Was Recently Polling Re Long Beach Mayor's Race
    Long Beach Harbor Comm'n Votes 3-2 To Ban Its Sponsorships/Donations To Groups That Opposed Or Endorsed Candidates Or Measures In LB Muni Elections Within Past Two Years, Except For Sponsorship/Fundraisers For 501(c)(3) Charitable Purposes
    Long Beach Chamber Pres/CEO Randy Gordon testifies in opposition; see his statement in full, hear Boardmembers' responses
    Updated: Coroner Identifies Decedents, CHP Provides Details Re Horrible ELB Collision: Two Persons Dead, One Is A Motorcyclist, In Mon a.m. Collision At Wardlow Rd./Norwalk Blvd.

    "Long Beach JOBS PAC" Endorses These Candidates in 2014 Election Cycle...So Who Comprises The "JOBS PAC?"
    Should Sacramento Make It Easier For City Halls/Local Gov'ts To Incur Debt/Raise Property Taxes For What They Call "Infrasturcture?" Assembly Dems (including Bonnie Lowenthal) Advance To Senate Measure (ACA 8)Inviting Voters Statewide To Reduce Prop 13 2/3 Voter Approval To 55% For "Public Improvements & Facilities"
    Long Beach School District Wins $2.6 Million Default Judgment Against Then-Poly High Student Who Falsely Accused Brian Banks Of Rape And Then Filed Civil Suit Against School District Which Paid Her $750k To Settle
    South Wrigley PD Activity (Foot Pursuit) Sat Afternoon Matter of Factly Described by Cops, Described As Witnessed By Wrigley Resident
    Three Candidates Lining Up To Vie For Long Beach School Board Seat Now Held By Mary Stanton
    Passage: Edward "Papa" Lovelace, Long Beach Family Man: Beloved Dad To Eight Children (Incl. Bill Lovelace), Grandfather To Twenty-Two And GreatGrandfather To Nine

    Coastal Comm'n Approves (Motion by Garcia) Second Paved Path (Separating Bicyclists and Pedestrians) Along 3.1 Miles Of Sand b/w Downtown Marina & 54th Place With Amendment Moving Paths Further Inland And As Close Together As Possible
    Garcia argues against motion that sought to continue item to enable public input at LB City Council (where project was treated as budget item among "capital improvement projects") before item returns to Coastal Comm'n for approval.

    Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert Will Seek Re-Election To Second Term
    Announces endorsements by L.A. County D.A. Jackie Lacey and Immediate Past D.A. Steve Cooley
    Long Beach Police Chief McDonnell Says He WON'T Run For L.A. County Sheriff in 2014
    49rs Tavern (5660 E. PCH @ Bellflower Blvd.) Inviting Donations To Help Long Beach Animal Care Sevices, Saturday 2-6 p.m.; Tracy Kittinger Promises "Fun, Games, Raffle Prizes and Free Pool + Specials on Food & Drink" At Sat. Afternoon Event
    Long Beach Native / Pro Racecar Driver Jason Leffler Killed in New Jersey Race Track Accident
    US DOJ / US Att'ys Office Sends Warning Letters To 28 Long Beach Marijuana Outlets, Two Of Which Are Named In Allegations In Newly Filed Fed'l Asset Foreiture Lawsuits
    Feds also send warning letters to 71 MJ outlets in L.A., 4 in Antelope Valley
    Coastal Comm'n Staff Revises Portion Of Conditions For LB City Mgm't Sought Second Paved Beach Path: Area b/w 9th St And Cherry Ave. Would Have Single Path w/ No Sand Dividing; No Change Proposed To Twin Paths East of Cherry To Pier
    Addenda Now Filled With Multiple Comments Pro & Con
    RunRacing (Organizer of LB Marathon) Sends Mass Email Urging Recipients To Email Coastal Commission To "Expand the Bike Path"
    Perspective: Councilman DeLong Sends Mass Email Asking If Recipients Support/Oppose Second Paved Path (Separating Pedestrians/Bicyclists) Along 3.1 Miles of Sand Between Downtown Marina & 54th Place; Melinda Cotton Replies With Her Opposition Correspondence To Coastal Comm'n (Read It Here) asks: Where do you stand on this and (very important to us) why?
    UPDATE: New Orleans Coroner Rules Terrilyn Monette's Death a Drowning, No Signs of Trauma; Missing Teacher Originally From Long Beach Was Found Deceased in Car Pulled From Bayou
    VIDEO: John Goya Announces Run For Long Beach-San Pedro Assembly Seat, Latino Candidate Blasts Sac'to Dem Policies In Candidacy Announcement at LB Area Repub Fundraiser
    Long Beach Area Republican Party Board Chair Is Now John Watkins
    Police Activity (Sun June 9) In Wrigley Neighborhood Nets Subject On Probation With Arrest Warrant And Allegedly In Possession of Marijuana For Sale
    Stacy Mungo, El Dorado Park Estates Homeowners Ass'n Prez, Files Paperwork & Launches Website Pursuing ELB's 5th dist. Council Seat
    Long Beach Harbor Comm'n Ad Hoc Subcommittee -- Wise & Fields -- Will Develop Steps and Perhaps Timetable In Selecting New PoLB Exec. Director; Their Proposals Will Come To Full Board For Review & Possible Refinement on June 17
    LBPD Arrests Suspect After A Man is Stabbed, 5300 block E. 2nd St./Belmont Shore Early Sat Evening reader photo

    VIDEO & Photo Coverage: Third Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run-Walk For Childhood Cancer Awareness Draws Hundreds Locally, Plus Participants In Twelve States and Ten Countries

    Friday night:
    Preparations Complete For Third Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run-Walk For Childhood Cancer Awareness

    Lance Thayer, alongside wife Jennifer Thayer, speaks to volunteers

    First (Again) on See Memo Here: City Mgr. Tells Council There's Now $56+ Million In "One-Time" Funds Expected And Staff Recommends Spending It On These Items (Incl. Parks, Libraries, Public Works, Police, Fire, Infrastructure)
    Would Leave Nearly $10 Million To "Council Directed Policy Decisions"; Offers Option of Upcoming FY14 Budget Discussion Or Expedited Allocation
    UPDATED w/ Reaction: So Cal Edison Will Close San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant
    VIDEO & Photos: Ten New Long Beach Fire Dept. Captains Receive Their Badges, Add'l LBFD Personnel Promoted & Honored

    UPDATE / Lost AND FOUND! This Big ELB Dog -- "Baby" -- Is Lost -- AND FOUND!

    Investigation By Fed'l Task Force -- Comprised Of FBI and LBPD -- Leads To 16 Arrests / Fed'l Charges Alleging Long Beach Area Street Gang Related Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
    Did You See It? Despite a few patchy clouds, Long Beach got a decent view of the Int'l Space Station as it passed nearly directly overhead at roughly 8:53 p.m. tonight. Background, here

    Image via

    Event Advisory: June 6 is "Benefit for the Animals" Supporting All-Volunteer Friends of LB Animals: Enjoy This Performance @ LB Playhouse
    Via FBI Raids Offices of Sen. Ron Calderon, California Latino Legislative Caucus
    CA Coastal Comm'n Staff Recommends Approval With Conditions Of Second Paved Path (Separating Pedestrians/Bicyclists) Along 3.1 Miles of Sand Between Downtown Marina & 54th Place
    IHOP Victimized By A Robbery (2000 block Bellflower Blvd.) Sunday Night
    Perspective / Historic Audio: On Tiananmen Square Anniversary: Hear Courageous 1989 Report By Radio Beijing's "Radio Tankman"

    Event Recap: Long Beach Relay for Life Benefiting American Cancer Society Raises $70,000+, Exceeds Last Year's Total By Approx. 10%

    Fatal Accident Involving Single Motorcycle, Del Amo near Locust
    Two Car Crash, Wardlow @ Orange, Sends One Vehicle Into Corner Restaurant
    Party, Gathering, Or Something Brought VERY Large Crowd -- 200+ People LBPD Says -- To 4200 block Pacific Ave. (Area San Antonio Dr.) At Late Afternoon-Early Evening Sat. (June 1), Triggered LBPD Tactical Alert To Deploy Sufficient Resources In Response
    It's Definite: Long Beach Councilman Patrick O'Donnell Is Actively Seeking Election to Assembly in 2014; We Obtain Fundraising Invite, Here Are Its Listed Supporters
    As seen LIVE: Luminaria Line Millikan Track Sat. Nite, Followed By Sun. Morn Closing Ceremony And Final Lap At 24-Hour Long Beach Relay for Life For American Cancer Society; Funds Raised This Year Exceed Last Year's Total


    As Seen LIVE / Multiple On-Demand VIDEOS & Photos Now: 24-Hour Relay for Life @ Long Beach's Millikan High, See/Hear Words of Determination, Inspiration And Hope

    Photo by Joe Mello

    As Seen LIVE / With On-Demand VIDEO Now: See/Hear Sights/Sounds of 6th Annual Wrigley River Run, Event Presented by Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation w/ Community Sponsors & Volunteers

    Perspective: CSULB "Interim President" May See Sizable Pay Increase; Last Year, Three CSU "Interim Presidents" Received What Outgoing Campus Presidents Made; CSU Chancellor Will Review And Recommend A Salary, CSU Trustees Will Vote in July
    Last Call @ Cirivello's

    Walk-Up Shooting Leaves Man Dead, 3700 block Arbor Rd. in Lakewood
    LBPD Arrests, LB City Prosecutor Charges, LB Massage Therapist With Alleged Inappropriate Touching
    American Cancer Society Relay for Life is June 1 at ELB's Millikan High; See And Support Team of Your Choice To Help Battle Cancer
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