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Elm Street Band Will Perform TONIGHT Aug. 17, 6-8 p.m. AND Aug. 24 In El Dorado Park (Willow/Studebaker) In Concerts Organized by El Dorado Park Estates Neighborhood Ass'n and Los Altos Neighborhood Ass'n South

Audience Turnout + "Pass the Bucket" Funds Will Show If Community Supports These Add'l Summer Concerts


(August 17, 2012) -- Yes! There'll be performances tonight -- Aug. 17, 6-8 p.m. -- and likewise next Friday Aug. 24 -- in El Dorado Park (NE corner Willow/Studebaker) by LB's Elm Street Band, thanks to two ELB neighborhood groups, with the proviso that audience turnout and "pass the bucket" received funds will determine if there'll be more of these added shows next year.

The pair of performances are a trial run organized by Stacy Rose Mungo, President of the El Dorado Park Estates Neighborhood Association, in which costs (paying the band + porta-a-potties and the like) will be covered by "passing the bucket" at the events.

In other words, the audience turnout and response will show if the community wants more events like this, Ms. Mungo tells "Watch for the bucket circulating as all donations will be earmarked for these concerts in El Dorado Park," she says.

Tonight's performance is in addition to last week's (Aug. 10) performance by the Elm St. Band organized and presented by the El Dorado Park South Neighborhood Association. That group has for many years presented an El Dorado Park performance by the Elm Street Band in the week following the conclusion of the LB Muni Band summer concert series.

Ms. Mungo says discussions with Vickie Elliot of El Dorado Park South gave her and Los Altos Neighborhood Ass'n South president Joe Sopo information they needed to start working with the City's Parks and Recreation's staff to navigate the City processes for additional concerts. The result has enabled the El Dorado Park Estates Neighborhood Association (Aug. 17, 6-8pm) and Los Altos Neighborhood Association South (August 24, 6-8pm) to host the two additional Concerts in the Park.

Ms. Mungo says in an email, "The Parks and Recreation staff have been a pleasure to work with. They have been supportive and communicative every step of the way. Special thanks to Laura, and the team of people who work so hard to provide recreation activities for our residents and still found time to take calls and walk me through the process."

Joe Sopo, Los Altos Neighborhood Association South President, says: "Stacy, myself and both our Boards, would not have been able to commit to hosting a venue of this size for two weeks without community partners committing to inviting their constituencies. Morgan Wheeler, Los Altos Family YMCA Board Chair and Ted Contreras, Long Beach Junior Chamber Charitable Foundation Board, have/will be reaching out to their members to help us fill the park with residents. My wife Linda and I have also committed to walking door to door next week to pass out information in Los Altos to spread the word."

Morgan Wheeler says, "The YMCA has always been about community. We are excited to invite our summer campers, swimmers, fitness enthusiasts, Adventure Guides and their families to enjoy the music and socialize in support of events like these."

Ms. Mungo says that for this trial run, both neighborhood associations partnered with the Elm Street Band, who know what it takes to fill a venue of this size with sound and fans. "El Dorado Park Estates and Los Altos Neighborhood Association South are very appreciative of the Elm Street Band for their support this year especially in that they are already sharing best practices of their shows with other bands that have shown interest in playing the NE corner at Willow/Studebaker venue."

Ms. Mungo tells that plans are to have other musical groups perform next year if this year's performances are successful.

Ted Contreras says, "I have worked with EDPE on previous events and have always felt that their Board is community focused. I feel Stacy's leadership has grown this already successful community organization. When approached to support this event, I was excited to work with her and her team again. The LBJCC will be inviting our partners and contacts to get out into the park to show support to EDPE and LANAS in hopes that they will consider hosting again next year and making this a new long beach tradition."

The Elm Street Band is a Long Beach treat. They do classic rock...including the tasty stuff that used to play at 45 rpm (not just 33) and came out of AM car radios back in the day. There's lots about them on their website ( and on their Facebook page.

So...enjoy the Elm Street Band LIVE tonight -- Aug. 17 from 6-8 p.m. -- and likewise on Aug. 24 in El Dorado Park (Willow/Studebaker)...and watch for the circulating bucket.

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