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Follow-Up To Editorial

City Staff Provides This Statement Following LBReport.com Editorial Urging Council To Seek Answer From Staff Re Date For 2nd+PCH Project's Planning Comm'n Hearing; Councilman DeLong Saw Editorial, Asked City Staff To Provide Whatever Info They Can...And Here It Is

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(July 11, 2011) -- LBReport.com publishes in full below an emailed statement from Jacqueline Medina of the City of Long Beach's Development Services Communications Division in response to a LBReport.com July 11 editorial ("Selective City Hall Secrecy on Proposed 2nd+PCH Development"). Our editorial urged the City Council at its July 12 meeting to get a public answer from city staff on whether it plans to bring the 2nd+PCH project to the Planning Commission for voted approval on August 18 (as contended by the developer in a mass email, on its website and on its Facebook page.

Third district Councilman Gary DeLong saw our editorial this morning (July 11) and asked city staff to provide us with whatever information they can provide, including caveats, cautions, possible flexibility needed and the like.

City staff did...and the statement (received about 5:40 p.m.) follows in full below.

"It is premature to state that there will be a hearing on the 2nd + PCH project on August 18. Staff is currently reviewing all the comments received (over 100 received) to the Recirculated Draft EIR to be incorporated into a Final EIR.

"In addition, staff is reviewing requests to amend the zoning (SEADIP) and Local Coast Program on this project site that requires information from the EIR. August 18 would be the earliest possible date, but no date has been set at this time.

The final EIR must be made available at least 10 days in advance of any public hearing and any action on amendments to the zoning regulations and Local Coastal Program require a minimum public notice of 14 days.

"The actual hearing date will be contingent upon completion of the Final EIR document and the noticing and circulation periods required to place the item on the Planning Commission agenda."

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