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2012 LBPD / LBFD Memorial Ceremony


(May 11, 2012) -- Long Beach police officers and firefighters, families, dignitaries and members of the public assembled at the Civic Center's LBPD/LBFD memorial on Tuesday morning May 8, 2012 for LB's annual LBPD / LBFD Memorial Ceremony. provides extended VIDEO coverage below.

Among those present: Mayor Bob Foster; retired Mayor Eunice Sato; Councilmembers Patrick O'Donnell and James Johnson; representatives of Council districts 3, 8 and 9; Councilman-elect Al Austin; representative of L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe; City Prosecutor Doug Haubert; Assistant City Attorney J. Charles Parkin; City Manager Pat West; Deputy City Manager Reginald Harrison; and representatives of state Senator Alan Lowenthal, Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Congresswoman Laura Richardson.

Also present: members of the Rockett family, the Zavaleta family, the Lewis family, the Garcia family, the Birdsall family and the Davenport family.

Detective Birdsall (speaking for the families): "We go about our jobs every day without thoughts of glory or accolades, rewards or riches, or courage or sacrifice. Every day we go about our jobs quite simply because we believe our actions are making a difference for those out there in peoples lives..."

Mayor Bob Foster: "Every year we come here to honor the fallen police and firefighters who have served this city...We come here to honor them and to make sure that we always remember their service and their sacrifice...This city could not function without these gentlemen and ladies on either side of me. It makes our daily life possible, so it important to come here every year and to revere what they do, to give honor to the fallen, and to recognize the service that is so important to us."

Police Chief Jim McDonnell: "While any person can lose their life unexpectedly, and we see that every day, few professions go to work fully expecting that this could be their reality on any given day...Please think of the police officers and firefighters each time you walk by [this memorial]. We formally commemorate their sacrifice in May but additional reflection all year long would certainly be appropriate..."

Interim Fire Chief Mike Sarjeant: "These heroes have sacrificed everything for ideals and beliefs that place the lives of others above their own...As we honor these heroes, let us not forget their families, because your sacrifice is not forgotten either...When faced with perhaps the greatest challenge a human can face, your loved one stood unafraid and faced their challenge with code, honor and dignity."

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