UPDATE: You Can Recycle Kitchen Fats, Oils, Grease Friday Nov. 29 @ EDCO (And Tuesdays Thru Saturdays Thereafter) So DON'T Pour Them Down Your Kitchen Sink/Garbage Disposal

(Nov. 28, 2013) -- updates our story below with this information:

As soon as the day after Thanksgiving Friday Nov. 29, LB residents can recycle their kitchen fat, oil and grease (FOG) left over from Thanksgiving holiday cooking -- and do so free and safely -- at the EDCO Recycling Buyback Center, 2755 California Ave. in Signal Hill.

And it's not just the day after Thanksgiving; it's apparently a continuing program on Tuesdays through Saturdays (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

In a release, the company says area residents are asked to simply "collect used discarded FOG (kitchen fat, oil and grase) in a leak-proof container and drop it off free of charge at EDCO...The FOG will then ultimately be processed, filtered and converted into bio-diesel by a third party processor. It is important that participants do not mix FOG with any other oils, such as motor oil or gear oil, that inhibit the process of converting the FOG into biodiesel."

And this goes on regularly.

EDCO's facility is open (closed on Thanksgiving Day) at 2755 California Avenue in Signal Hill.

EDCO notes that it's "family-owned and locally operated" and "provides waste and recycling services throughout Los Angeles County. There's further information at EDCO's website:

(Nov. 27, 2013, updated) -- DON'T pour that used cooking oil/grease down the kitchen sink or garbage disposal this holiday season. Doing so will invite a costly plumber's visit and also make the LB Water Department really mad...and there's a simple way to avoid all of this.

The LB Water Department urges residents not to put any Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) items down the kitchen sink or garbage disposals. Matt Veeh, Director of Gov't & Public Affairs for the LB Water Dept., says the agency urges residents to scrape and drain FOG materials into a can or other container that can be thrown into the trash...and LB residents can drop off their FOG materials at the EDCO facility in Signal Hill...

Mr. Veeh says the LB Water Dept. is in the process of implementing a pilot residential FOG program that will enable residents to leave FOG containers at several common drop-off locations located through Long Beach.

[Editor's note: The online edition of the PressTelegram (an edition of the [San Fernando Valley-L.A.] Daily News) carried a story on this subject on Nov. 27...but it sent readers to a program operated by the L.A. Bureau of Sanitation open only to Los Angeles residents. Thank you, corporate cluster PT.; we love you just the way you are.]

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