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Two and Four Legged Friends of LB Animals WALK And Enjoy Pet Appreciation Fair, Event Supports All-Volunteer Spay/Neuter/Education Group


(Oct. 14, 2012) -- The Long Beach area's friends of Friends of Long Beach Animals enjoyed a pleasant walk (choice of 2k or 5k) followed by a five-hour Pet Appreciation Fair on Saturday Oct. 13 at El Dorado Park.

The event is the major annual fundraiser to support the grassroots run Friends of Long Beach Animals, a non-profit all-volunteer group [no highly paid executives] that works to save animal lives by preventing euthanasia with spay/neuter programs for dogs and cats (avoiding unwanted new cats and dogs) and education for two legged types.

FoLBA President Shirley Vaughan (facing camera) joined other volunteers in arriving early to help set things up. The event was extremely well organized and held at the El Dorado Park Archery Range [no archers for the day].

Author Deborah Turner -- who befriended and made famous the fondly remembered inspirational "Wheely Willy" (background, here) -- brought her new friend, Chibi [pronounced "ChEE' bee. Japanese for "little one."]. Yes, it looks like love.

To see VIDEO of Ms. Turner telling the story of Chibi, click here.

Podium events were MC'd by Dale Worsham of LB's Dept. of Health & Human Services [agency oversees LB's Animal Care/Animal Control operations].

Grand Marshals from WLB's Shoestring Ranch -- some on horseback, some with goats -- led the WALK. provided LIVE streaming video of the podium events and continued our LIVE video (with a solid wireless signal) while walking the 2k walk. Video of both events is now available on-demand below).

Many participants brought their dogs (we didn't see any cats on leashes). Goats and horses were also visible, brought by WLB's Shoestring Ranch (grand marshals for the parade).

The 1k point included cool water for two and four legged walkers.

After the WALK, there was a large Pet Appreciation Fair with multiple vendors and groups.

FoLBA President Shirley Vaughan is interviewed by SignalTribune Publisher Neena Strichart.

And a remembrance of the FoLBA's many friends who've passed on.

For VIDEO (as webcast LIVE):

Podium WALK Kick-Off

Video streaming by Ustream

From the WALK

Video streaming by Ustream

FoLBA's website says:

Friends [of Long Beach Animals] believes that dogs and cats play important roles in the lives of the owners they love. By helping animals Friends is helping the entire community. Their Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP) exists to stop the destruction of healthy dogs and cats in animal shelters resulting from pet overpopulation and neglect.

Friends also provides a humane education program at no cost to the LBUSD. Educating the public about pet overpopulation an the responsibilities involved in pet ownership.

The responsibilty for pet overpopulation lies not with local government agencies but rather with all City residents and pet owners. Addressing the problem before our animals have the opportunity to re-produce is an effective solution.

And those wishing to support Friends of Long Beach Animals can still do so online here.

Disclosure: has been a longtime supporter of Friends of Long Beach Animals and vice versa.

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