City Hall Spending Priorities:
Mayor/Mgr Propose, Council Will Decide

Parks & Rec: Eliminate Free Youth Sports & Afterschool Pgms Except In High Density/High Crime Areas, Eliminate Park Ranger Safety Patrols at El Dorado Park except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, And More

Team coverage by Joe Mello & Bill Pearl


(August 2, 2012) -- On August 1, Mayor Bob Foster recommended that the City Council adopt City Management's proposed FY13 City Hall budget, which applies what the Mayor and management call "proportional reductions" that would cut the budget of LB's Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Marine, resulting in the measures below (among others) proposed by LB management. Quoted text is from budget narrative unless otherwise indicated.

  • Eliminate free youth sports and afterschool programs except in high density and high crime areas
    "In order to maintain youth activities in areas with the greatest density, highest crime and limited alternative recreation activities, free and subsidized youth sports and after school programs will be eliminated at College Estates, Wardlow, Whaley, Pan Am, Somerset, Coolidge, Stearns, Cherry, Drake, Miracle, El Dorado West, Davenport, Deforest and Bixby Parks. These parks will continue to be activated by youth and sports programs sponsored by other providers in the community. (Staffing FTE [full time equivalent] reduction = 30)

  • Ask Private and non-profits to provide program support for Adaptive Rec, Nature and Senior Centers
    "Partner with private and non-profit organizations to provide programming and support for Adaptive Recreation, El Dorado Nature Center, and the Long Beach Senior Center as funding is required." (Staffing FTE reduction = 9.7)

  • Cut Community Recreation Services staff
    "Reduce administrative staffing within the Community Recreation Services Bureau" (Staffing FTE reduction = 5.7)

  • Reduce swimming pool program with reductions and closures
    "Reduce the swimming pool program. Silverado Pool will only be open in the summer, Will J. Reid pool will be closed, and Millikan Pool will no longer be operated during the summer, unless programmed by the School District. Jordan pool will remain open. (Staffing FTE reduction = 3.75)

  • Eliminate Park Ranger Safety Patrols at El Dorado except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
    "Reduce the Park Ranger Program for park safety patrols in El Dorado Regional Park to times when the park is most busy, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Staffing FTE elimination = 2.29)

  • Reduce operations, grant writing, community information
    "Reduce staffing and budgeted expenditures in the Business Operations Bureau. Financial analysis, report and grant preparation, and community information capabilities will be affected. (Staffing FTE reduction=09)

  • Cut support to the cities two Ranchos by 6.8%
    "Reduce support for the administration and operation of Rancho Los Cerritos and Rancho Los Alamitos by 6.8 percent to reflect the Departmentís overall reduction target."

To hear Mayor/Mgm't Aug. 1 proposed budget presentation, click here. Mayor's opening runs to 17:25 (parallels his written statement on next link); City Mgr. starts at 17:30; Q & A runs from 35:40 to 44:45). To see detailed budget documents (City Mgm't materials + Mayor's recommendations), click here. FY13 Proposed City Budget Coverage:

  • Police: Eliminate 40 Sworn Officers + 32 Civilians; Reduce Gang Enforcement & Investigation Bureaus, Acknowledges Would Likely Mean Higher Crime; Would Fund One 34-Officer (17 Recruits for Six Month Training) Replenishment Police Academy Class in FY13
  • Eliminate One Fire Engine (Location Not Publicly Specified), Cut Paramedics In Half (Requires L.A. County Approval), Increase Paramedic Units From Eight to Eleven
  • Parks & Rec: Eliminate Free Youth Sports & Afterschool Pgms Except In High Density/High Crime Areas, Eliminate Park Ranger Safety Patrols at El Dorado Park except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, And More
  • Libraries: Cut Main Library Hours, Convert Six Branches to "Self-Serve," Cut Staff at Harte and Mark Twain
  • Council Reaction: Councilwoman Schipske Says Mayor/Mgr's Proposed Budget Cuts Would Hurt Eastside Most

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