March Incident Involving Individuals Who Came To City Hall To Cast Early Ballots But Names Weren't On Voter Registration Roll (May Have Recently Registered); Were Allegedly Accompanied By Person (We Independently Learn Garcia Campaign Worker) Who Argued They Should Be Allowed To Vote Provisionally On Same Day; City Clerk Declines, Cites Elections Code, Explains Procedures; City Prosecutor Opens Inquiry (Stress Inquiry Only At This Point)

(April 19, 2014, text updated 8:30 p.m.) -- In response to an April 18 inquiry by, City Clerk Larry Herrera indicates that an incident occurred in which a group of roughly twenty individuals [very rough estimate] came to the City Clerk's City Hall office area on or about March 21 allegedly accompanied by a person the City Clerk named. [The person is listed in a campaign disclosure form as doing work for the Garcia for Mayor campaign.] Some of the individuals' names didn't appear on the voter registration rolls, perhaps because they recently registered, and the Garcia campaign worker argued that they should be allowed to vote provisionally on that day.

City Clerk Herrera says a verbal exchange ensued with the [Garcia campaign] person accompanying the prospective voters in which he (Herrera) stated that voters couldn't cast provisional ballots at that time. Herrera said the Garcia campaign person pressed the point, arguing that the individuals should be allowed to vote provisionally.

City Clerk Herrera says he (Herrera) cited the Elections Code and said no; provisional voting only takes place on Election Day. City Clerk Herrera said the individuals (the prospective voters themselves) didn't ask to vote provisionaly and accepted what the City Clerk indicated, which was to let their voter registrations clear [receive approval/acceptance] and as a service to the voters, the City Clerk's office would send them a vote by mail ballot when their voter registrations had cleared.

City Clerk Herrera says the City Clerk's office attempted to monitor the registration status for these voters but didn't learn until April 4 that their voter registrations had cleared [and April 8 was polling place Election Day.] City Clerk Herrera says that accordingly, the voters were told that they could vote provisionally at the polls.

City Clerk Herrera told that among the group of individuals were some who were already registered to vote and those individuals were allowed to use the City's early voting system (electronic or paper ballot.)

City Clerk Herrera advised us to contact City Prosecutor Doug Haubert if we had further questions on the matter.

Asked about the incident above, City Prosecutor Haubert told that his office "is looking into irregularities related to voting at the April 8, 2014 election. At this point, it is only an inquiry." has held this story for roughly 24 hours in part to try to reach the person with the Garcia campaign allegedly involved in the incident. (We'd like to hear that person's side of things and ask a few questions.) As of 5:30 p.m. Saturday (April 19), that person hadn't responded to our attempts to reach them yesterday (April 18) via Facebook and earlier today (April 19) via email to the Garcia for Mayor HQ.

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