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(July 10, 2018, 10:10 a.m.) -- So will we see/hear any LB Mighty Girls, effectively told to pose later today for a scheduled photo-op (useful for future campaign purposes) letting Mayor Robert Garcia boast that (thanks to him of course), they now comprise a majority among members of LB Commissions...while on the very same night's City Council agenda, an ugly item would tell LB Advisory Commission members (of both genders) what Commission issues they can and can't discuss and offer recommendations?

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Mayor's Garcia's office sent media outlets an advisory marked "for immediate release" [so we're releasing it] stating in pertinent part [actual Mayor office text] "For the first time in city history, Long Beach's commissions will be made up of a majority of women. In a historic round of appointments on Tuesday, July 10th, women commissioners will hold 52% of commission posts. All female commissioners are invited for a photo opportunity with Mayor Garcia during the council meeting...In addition, Mayor Garcia will be announcing stats on women and local boards. Appointing more women has been a priority for Mayor Garcia and this historic occasion will be celebrated one week before the Mayor is inaugurated for his second term."

[This is the same Mayor who has refused to publicly commit to complete the four years of the term on which he's being "inaugurated."]

City Council Agenda Item 27 is at this link. alerted our readers to it days ago at this link. As of dawn today (the day of the Council meeting) with the exception of a brief "calendar" type mention, to our knowledge our competitors haven't told their readers about this. [Perhaps they're waiting to grab the photo that the Mayor's office wants.]

So...who among LB's 100+ female Commissioners will speak up tonight in opposition to the agenda item and show they're not civic-Stepford Commissioners? And better yet, inspire their male colleague Commissioners to grow a pair and likewise speak up?

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