' LBREPORT.com Urges This <nobr>March 6</nobr> LUE Motion: Prudent, Neighborhood Protective, Data Driven And Responsible


LBREPORT.com Urges This March 6 LUE Motion: Prudent, Neighborhood Protective, Data Driven And Responsible

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(March 5, 2018, 12:55 p.m., updated March 6, 1:35 a.m.) -- LBREPORT.com urges City Councilmembers to approve the following LUE-related motion on March 6:

1. Direct city staff to revise the LUE to reduce its forecast period to 2023 with one extension to 2028;

2. Revise the December 2017 Planning Commission recommended LUE maps to reduce areas of increased density downward to reflect the forecast period 2023-2028 and submit the revised maps to the Planning Commission for recommendations to the City Council;

3. Direct staff to provide the Council with options for preparing a standard, not "program," draft EIR and revise Council choice of standard or program EIR to reflect a forecast period to 2023 with recirculation for the period 2023 to 2028;

4. Direct staff to provide the City Council and the public with the total number of Long Beach housing units currently under construction plus planned units plus allowable units and apply the latest U.S. census and SCAG data to determine to what extent these total housing units may be sufficient to meet SCAG-specified RHNA housing levels for the periods to 2023 and to 2028 without increased density;

5. Request the City Attorney to provide the Council and the public with LB-specific analysis (beyond a generic third-party produced brochure) of LB neighborhood impacts on the proposed LUE created by the 2017 Sacramento-enacted "housing package" (SB 35, AB 678, AB 1086, SB 166, SB 167, AB 1397, AB 879, AB 72, AB 1086, AB 1505, AB 1515, AB 1598) and 2018 proposed SB 827 and SB 828; [The 2017 legislation and the City's advocacy stance are reported at this link.]

6 Direct city staff to revise the yearly Housing Element Progress Staff Report to list the specific addresses and number of units permitted that are accounted for in the yearly state CCR Title 25 6202 Housing Element Implementation Progress Report; and

7 Direct Public Works Traffic Engineering Staff to submit a Community Traffic Report to the Planning Commission and City Council for 2017 accompanying the revised 2023-2028 LUE and revised 2023-2028 maps (with Community Traffic Report updates each year by March 1) along with the City's Housing Element yearly progress report. The Community Traffic Report should include data showing traffic volume changes on arterial and neighborhood collector streets, accident numbers (vehicle/pedestrian/bicycle), transit ridership, residential parking availability and impacts by district, changes in commuting patterns, engaged community neighborhood input and a list of proposed projects to be included in the annual CIP.

Item 3 was revised to add options for preparing a standard, not "program," draft EIR.

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