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Krikorian Notes: From No-Bail Insanity To Government Handout Insanity To City Auditor Laura Doud's Exhaustive Investigation Of The Latest Queen Mary Bankruptcy Suitor Urban Commons To K-5 Kids Still Having To Wear Masks And Having Their Temperatures Taken To Novak DJokovic Being The GOAT Of Tennis

Mr. Krikorian, an award winning journalist and author of two books, earned multiple awards in his 22 years of writing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram and 22 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner. He is happily retired.

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(June 14, 2021) -- We live, of course, in a bizarre epoch in which millions are well-indemnified for not working with overly generous handouts by politicians seeking votes and in which apprehended shoplifters who steal less than $950 in goodies are issued a misdemeanor jay walking-like ticket and in which fiscally challenged felons arrested by cops are released without having to post bail on their own recognizance with a promise to make a future court appearance.

While all these scenarios are mind-boggling, it's the latter that infuriates me most because a lot of dangerous felons are being kept out of jail where they belong and returned to the public arena where it's been shown so many revert to their unseemly behavior.

How did this no-bail insanity come about in this state?

Well, that most partisan judicial body, the California Supreme Court, comprised of perhaps seven of the most ludicrously senseless, confusedly misguided individuals on the Planet Earth, naturally struck down a pro-bail measure that was passed last November by the state voters.

Why even vote any longer in the California elections?

Even when something is passed against the wishes of the entrenched California elitists---Gavin Newsom, Gil Garcetti, ad nauseam---you can be certain that the ghastly California Supreme Court will come galloping to the rescue and nullify the victory in a unanimous vote, which was the case in late March when it dispensed its oh-so-predictable no-bail verdict.

So, alas, we have to live with it, keeping our fingers solemnly crossed that the daily deluge of arrested felons being set bail-free even though judges, of course, can intervene to stop such an exodus if they deem certain felons a serious public threat which they seldom do in these weird days. . .

  • An example of the above recently occurred in Long Beach when a vehicle hit-and-run suspect injured a male infant at Long Beach Blvd. and 67th Street, and was arrested on a felony charge by the LBPD with bail set at $50,000.

    But, fortunately--at least for the alleged suspect---he didn't have the money for bail and, according to the LBPD, he had a medical issue, so he was set free to do whatever he wants to do until his scheduled court appearance. And there certainly is no guarantee he will fulfill that obligation.

    No wonder so many lazy Americans these days eschew work and so many undocumented foreigners descend en masse into this country.

    There is absolutely no other one in the world that so generously doles out gobs of money to so many undeserving recipients, nor is there any other country that affects a greater empathy for the perpetrators of crime than for those who are victimized by it.

    No wonder inflation in America suddenly is soaring ominously---check out your latest supermarket and gasoline bills---and crime rates everywhere are increasing to scarily dizzying heights. . .

  • In November of 2016, the long-time Long Beach City auditor, Laura Doud, spoke to the LB City Council and said she advised it not to approve a $23 million loan to Urban Commons.

    ``The only people who were against it were Suzie Price (Third District Councilwoman) and I,'' she told me Monday. ``I thought at the time we should do more due diligence on Urban Commons, more vetting.''

    Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud

    Natch, the rest of the LB City Council, overflowing even then with the usual gaggle of Peter Principle disciples, still went quickly ahead and approved it, and less than five years later Urban Commons is in bankruptcy with all sorts of alleged financial misdeeds being raised against it..

    Laura Doud crosses finish line at Boston Marathon in 2019. She ran it in 4:04, but her best time came in 2014 when she completed it in 3:37.

    ``I can't provide confidence that all the vendors received payment although there were some vendors who confirmed to me they were paid,'' says Ms. Doud, who recently released the findings of her two-year investigation of Urban Commons.

    To condense a massive undertaking by Ms. Doud's office in partnership with the forensic accounting firm, Hemming Morse, Urban Commons has refused to provide its electronic check register, cash account details, bank statements and cancelled checks, cashier checks, wire transfers or other payments paid to vendors and subcontractors.

    Now one wonders idly why a firm given $23 million by the gullible yokels on the LB City Council by a 6-1 vote would blithely ignore the inquiries of Ms. Doud and Hemming Morse.

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    I'm going to make a most outrageous and wild observation for Urban Commons' reluctance in revealing what happened to that $23 million donation---a lot of it was used to strengthen the bank accounts of those receiving it and a small amount was used to strengthen the Queen Mary.

    Laura Doud actually said to me Monday the Queen Mary has earned profits over the years with its concerts, its Dark Harbor Haunted House, and its other events---and that there has been a reason for companies like Urban Commons wanting to be involved in it.

    But she admitted the ship has been beset with severe deterioration.

    ``I know there was a 400-page engineering report given to the City of Long Beach four years ago that estimated the cost would be $289 million to repair it,'' related Ms. Doud, a veteran Boston Marathon runner who plans to participate in the Oct. 21 Long Beach Marathon. ``Well, that figure now has increased exponentially."

    ``Obviously, the local pols should, finally, get rid of it and stop squandering so many millions on a vessel that no longer is physically viable,'' I said.

    So why don't they do it?

    Laura Doud didn't have to answer the question.

    I did.

    Not one politician in this city of gutless politicians---not the City Manager, Taciturn Tom Modica, not the Mayor, Robert (Ol' Blood and Guts) Garcia, not one City Councilman save perhaps Suzie Price---would dare do so for fear it would tarnish their sacred legacy when, in cold financial reality, it would greatly enhance it. . .

  • One of the most absurd scenes these days for me is seeing the weekday morning ritual of young masked kids still being forced to have their temperatures taken at Naples Elementary School when neither the masks nor the digital thermometer readings are no longer needed, which they weren't for the K-5 school students in the first place. . .

    Blessedly, it will all come to end Wednesday, when school lets out for the summer.

    But who knows for sure?

    I'm sure if that $345,000 a year LBUSD Superintendent, Jill Baker, has her way, she'd gladly continue her oppressive edicts of lockdowns and restrictive movements of her beleagured students.. . .

  • While I doubt it will take the 150 years it took to build St. Peter's Basilica or the 28 years it took to build Hearst Castle or the five years it took to build that magnificently endowed mansion in Naples on The Toledo of The Millers of Hom Essence fame, Loren and Catherine, I'm wondering if that 10-foot eyesore gash on the Belmont Shore Bridge will be repaired before the Belmont Shore Christmas parade in December. . .

  • I never thought I would utter these words---Novak Djokovic is better than Roger Federer and my all-time idol, Rafael Nadal and anyone else who ever has played tennis. He holds career edges against Nadal and Federer and soon will break the all-time Major titles record of 20 now shared by them. To me after his latest display of court mastery and resilience in winning the French Open, he's become the GOAT (greatest of all time) of his sport. . .
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