Kanaley Spells Out His Agenda For Congress

(Long Beach, CA) -- John Kanaley, Republican nominee in the August 21st special election run-off in the 37th congressional district, released his position paper today, one day after holding his opponent, Democratic Assemblywoman, Laura Richardson, accountable for her record.

War on Terror / War on Crime

Government’s most important function is that of protecting its citizens. Whether it be the war on terror, or the war on criminal violence in our communities, this should be government’s paramount concern.

My opponent opposes the war on terror and supports a pullout of our troops in Iraq, which would result in a huge vacuum in that region most likely to be filled by Iran. And we all know that Iran’s goal is to eliminate both Israel and the western hemisphere.

Our district includes the city of Compton, and our neighbors there have had the unfortunate, distinction of residing in the crime capital of the country. They have lived with the outrageous and unacceptable designation of being the murder capital of the nation on more than one occasion.

Yet, my opponent, who recently claimed to be the candidate of Compton, hasn’t introduced one piece of meaningful legislation to restore safe streets and neighborhoods in Compton.

Public Education

When I grew up in this city / district and before the secular progressives took control on public education, California enjoyed owning the number one education system in the nation. Now, with failing public schools across the country teaching sex to children as young as 6-years-old, as in the Palmdale Unified School District, school officials have fallen far short of their responsibility to teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Presently, California is home to some of the worst schools in the country.

API test scores in this city of Long Beach, for example reflect proficiency rates in math and science as low as 2%.

And Compton is home to the absolute worst schools in the nation. My dear friend, Gwen Patrick, who has attempted three times to get school district approval for her charter school, has watched while Compton refuses to approve a single charter school. She has also joined in the effort to force CUSD to comply with the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Of the hundreds of thousands of students eligible to transfer to a better performing school under NCLB, Compton has not approved a single transfer.

This 21st century has produced a global economy that is here to stay. And if we as a nation are to continue to be competitive in this global economy, we MUST deliver to every child, regardless of his or her background, nationality, or economic state, what our constitution calls for: a quality education for all. Otherwise, we can expect to see more outsourcing and a diminishing of our economic strength in the world. More children will fall by the wayside, ending up on welfare rolls, in prisons, gangs, or in the city morgue.

Interestingly enough, I recently phoned for technical support for my computer and found myself talking to a technician employed by an American company, but residing in the Philippines. This is unacceptable for my America.

Again, my opponent hasn’t introduced one piece of meaningful legislation to improve public schools in this district.

Illegal Immigration

Beyond the obvious and very real dangers of terrorism related to our open border policy, the American taxpayer continues to pay for this policy in numerous ways.

For example:

  • Just since 2001, taxpayers have funded social services for illegal aliens at a cost of nearly $398 billion; nearly $14.5 billion to educate their children since 1996; and witnessed the closure of 30 California hospital emergency rooms due in part to illegals using them as healthcare plans.

  • Additionally, U.S. citizens and legal immigrants fund the incarceration of criminal aliens at a cost of billions of dollars each year. Based on a one-year study by the Violent Crimes Institute of Atlanta, some 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders reside in the U.S. and each offender has had an average of 4 victims.

  • According to Edwin Rubenstein, president of ESR Research economic Consultants in Indianapolis, in 1980 federal and state correctional facilities housed fewer than 9,000 criminal aliens. However, by the end of 2003, some 267,000 illegals were incarcerated in U.S. jails and prisons, representing 30% of the total jail/prison population.

  • And according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King of Iowa, 12 Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens. This represents 21,900 just since Sept. 11, 2001.

  • Just this last week a Peruvian national in the U.S illegally and who was previously charged with the rape of a 5-year-old girl, was released by a permissively liberal judge in Newark, NJ, and went on to murder three college students execution style. Jose Carranza was released on bail by Essex County Superior Court judge, Michael Casale, and not turned over to immigration officials as required by law, due to that city’s sanctuary policy – a policy similar to Los Angeles’ Special Order 40, which prohibits local police from sharing the immigration status of criminal aliens.

    Once more, my opponent hasn’t introduced one piece of meaningful legislation in this area.

Same-Sex Marriage

This past June California Assembly members voted to legalize homosexual marriage, completely and arrogantly ignoring the will of California voters who, in March of 2000, passed Prop. 22 with 61.4% of the vote. That initiative called for the state to recognize marriage as only being between one man and one woman. 101 of 120 legislative districts voted for this initiative.

Yet, my opponent, voted for AB 43 which would allow for same-sex marriage in California.


I love my country, which is why I volunteered twice to serve in Iraq. Now I want to serve my country in the Congress of the United States, where I can effect change…the kind of change whereby the #3 LA Times Bestseller is NOT “God Is Not Great”, a book by Christopher Hitches, who argues that the world would be better off without religion.

I want to work with you to take back our country from the secular progressives and social engineers.


Together, we can WIN this election on August 21 IF LB VOTES.

Please join me in the fight to rebuild our once-great nation.

s/ John Kanaley

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