Now, Recognized By DJ Times Magazine For His "Meticulous Planning," Bill Lovelace Provides Customized, Personalized Service; Combines Elegance And Value

Lovelace DJ times article June 05The nationally and internationally read trade publication, DJ Times magazine, said of Bill Lovelace:

In handling weddings, "meticulous planning reflects the sharpened instincts of a 20-year DJ vet."

(Source article, click image; reprinted with permission from the DJ Times June 2005 issue, authored by Chrissi Mark, copyright 2005 DJ Publishing Inc.)

Lovelace w/ clients 05With over 22,000 songs at his digital, computerized fingertips, Bill offers complete wedding ceremony service combining experience, elegance and value.

The results speak for themselves: smiles and satisfied customers.

Bill is proud to offer complete wedding ceremony service, combining experience, elegance and value.

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Bill applies the experience gained from handling hundreds weddings since 1984, delivering a user-friendly, personally customized product tailored to your needs.

"For starters, you only have to deal with one person for both the ceremony and reception. Then there's the fact that you not only get all the music for the ceremony, but also a wireless microphone for your officiant. This ensures that all your guests will hear the whole ceremony, and we can include another microphone that can be used by any readers or vocalists/performers you may have."

He adds, "The wedding music can range from the most traditional wedding march, classical guitar, harp music or something more contemporary. My ceremony P.A. system is very discreet and battery powered, so you can have your ceremony at a park, beach or virtually anywhere."

And best of all: "The price is extremely reasonable. It runs about 1/3 of what a typical string quartet would cost, and you get all the microphones and the P.A. system as well."

Bill's specialty is catering to Brides and Grooms. The wedding day is and should be all about the Bride and Groom. From the music -- 22,000+ songs at his computer fingertips -- to his formal attire, Bill plans and molds to your ideas and delivers the quality, elegant wedding presentation you envisioned.

No signs, banners, business cards or brochures are displayed. "We pride ourselves on the elegance of the occasion and our self-contained systems set up neatly and discreetly not taking any of the focus off of the Bride and Groom."

Lovelace pic Bill is always dressed in formal wear designed to be professional, well groomed and neat in appearance.

He'll review all the details of the reception -- including when you want certain formalities done, songs you want and songs you don't want. He'll coordinate all the events with the venue or caterer, photographer, videographer and any other wedding professional that you have in attendance.

Coordination between all gives you the peace of mind that everything will flow smoothly. "Our job is to be wedding reception coordinators, not button pushing human juke boxes," Bill says.

No other person you hire will affect your reception as much as your DJ. Your guests probably won't remember if the food was good or bad, but they will remember if your DJ was!

Lovelace picBill Lovelace has over 22,000 songs in high quality digital sound on computer. He brings the computer (a laptop) with him so you can tell him what you want to hear...and with a click, you'll be dancing to it.

Virtually instant requests from five decades of music that will turn your event into something special! You say it, and in seconds he'll play it!

It's the latest innovation from a LB area native who prides himself at being on the cutting edge in providing the highest quality work.

Growing up in the southland, Bill loved music. He loved radio. He was an electronics whiz. And he applied that love of music and entertainment, plus electronics savvy, to build a thriving LB business.

After working behind the scenes with famed radio names at the legendary KRLA (the historic music outlet formerly at 1110 AM), Bill built a Long Beach business that brings the musical and entertainment lessons he learned from the masters to LB area weddings and parties, family and corporate events.

While in KRLA's promotions department, Lovelace hosted station concerts and supplied music and sound equipment for KRLA parties and events. He later handled entertainment at Cannon's Restaurant in Long Beach for five years, providing DJ services for weddings, holiday parties and corporate events. That followed work for "The Hop" in Lakewood and Fountain Valley.

Bill has performed at hundreds of events including weddings, family gatherings and corporate parties, entertaining guests of all ages and serving as a skilled Master of Ceremonies.

And he offers a special discount for readers. Just tell him you saw this ad on and he'll do the rest.

He offers free consultations and is reachable by easy email:

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