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LB groups

  • LBHUSH2: "LB Hush2 is a grassroots organization dedicated to ensuring that the Long Beach Airport does not degrade the quality of life in Long Beach." [from LBHUSH2 web site]

    Web site: www.lbhush2.com
    Email: info@lbhush2.com

  • Long Beach Alliance "...a coalition of Long Beach residents, community leaders and businesses who are united in our belief that it is time to improve our airport, while maintaining the current strict limits on the number of daily flights." [from LB Alliance web site, April 27, 2005]

    Web site: www.longbeachalliance.org
    Email: info@longbeachalliance.org

    Other citizen airport groups

    U.S.-Citizens Aviation Watch: "Advocating a sustainable, equitable and accountable aviation industry." (from its web site)

    Web site: www.us-caw.org

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