Cold/Frost Garden Info From Alford's English Gardens

Kathy Alford of Alford's English Gardens says she's received several calls from clients wanting to know if their plants will be permanently damaged by the recent "Big Chill" and what to do about it now.

Ms. Alford handles restorations...and invites LB residents to call her at (562) 882-8394. She'll assess the damage and offer suggestions on how to restore -- and hopefully beautify and enhance -- your garden.

Ms. Alford says that when the temperature dipped into the upper 20s and low 30s, "any plant with a soft juicy, texture to the stems, like Impatiens and Begonias, just can't handle the cold weather. The unprotected cells of the plants freeze and then burst. The same with citrus and any tropical plants such as Plumerias, Angels Trumpets (Brunsfelsia) and some ferns."

On the other hand, "most dormant trees with a stone crop such as apricots and peaches love the weather. Chilling helps most stone fruits set their blossoms. The same goes for most trees that go dormant - like white birch and Japanese maples -- the frost shouldn't affect them."

Ms. Alford adds that in her own backyard, "cool season annuals like pansies and English prim roses held their heads up high and survived" and "iceberg roses still have the crisp white blooms waving in the breeze."

And she suggestions "turning off any sprinklers until the cold wave passes because the water freezes on the plants and continues the damage."

Call Ms. Alford at (562) 882-8394. if you'd like guidance with your garden...and see the photos below for examples of several LB-area homes, beautified and enhanced with the work and expertise of Alford's English Gardens.

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