Email Your Councilmember provides e-mail links to LB City Hall including LB City Councilmembers and the Mayor. Click on the name hyperlink below and (with luck) your e-mail program should open, pre-addressed to the office you select.

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1st Dist. Lena
2d Dist. Jeannine
3d Dist Suzie
4th Dist. Patrick O'
5th Dist. Stacy
6th Dist. Dee
7th Dist. Roberto
8th Dist. Al
Vice Mayor/9th Dist. Rex
Mayor Robert
City Auditor Laura

And to view a map showing Council district boundaries, click here.

Tips and Caveats

  • If you live in the Councilmember's district, say so ("I'm one of your constituents in the X district...") at the start of your letter.
  • Be polite, businesslike and concise. If you disagree with a recent vote or position, say so but in a civil manner.
  • Since you're writing a government office, your e-mail could become a public record. Don't make statements that you wouldn't want repeated publicly and don't include your home phone number or street address if you expect to keep them private.
  • Your e-mail may be read by the Councilmember's staff. Make sure your message is clear so staff can convey it to the Councilmember. Manifestos probably won't be well received.

    If you want simultaneously to send a copy of your message to, put our e-mail address in the "cc" (carbon copy) field of your e-mail message. If you want to send us a copy privately (so your Councilmember won't know), put our e-mail address in the "bcc" (blind carbon copy) field of your e-mail message. Our e-mail address is ""

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