Want Instant Hot Water With An Energy-Saving Tankless Water Heater? DrainPros Will Install One For You

Finally, there's an energy-saving, money-saving breakthrough in water heaters: tankless water heaters.

DrainProsAnd DrainPros -- a Lakewood-based, locally owned, full-service plumbing firm -- will install one for they did for this area homeowner (photo right).

The new tankless water heaters produce hot water on-demand (instead of wasting energy and money heating water when you don't need it)...and the hot water arrives fast when you turn the tap and continues as long as you need it.

What a concept: you only pay to heat the water when you need it...and you get it quick or as long as you want.

DrainPros installs high quality Rinnai tankless water heaters. They have features that include an indoor temperature control letting you adjust the water temperature with the touch of a button. (Details from the manufacturer, click here.)

Do want an energy and money saving tankless water heater at your home or business? Call DrainPros at 1-866-753-PROS [1-866-753-7767] or (562) 753-4149.

DrainProsDrainPros specializes in clogged drains (including special deals for return customers and apartment management service agreement).

And they do much more including: leak detection, copper repipe, gas line repairs, plumbing remodeling, sewer line installation, hydro-jettin, line location and slab leak repair.

Check out their website at

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