Downtown Dog Park Opens, While Sac'to Lawmakers Nearly Kill Bill That Could Reduce City's Dog & Cat Killings

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  • (Sept. 27, 2009) -- When LB's downtown dog park opens today (Sept. 27), we urge animal advocates -- who should put saving dog and cat lives above the feelings of any elected official -- to politely tell Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal (D., LB) (an expected attendee) that they don't like what happened on SB250, the Pet Protection Act (to restrict ownership of unsterilzed dogs and cats and require surgical sterilization of intact animals in specified circumstances). readers know that Assemblywoman Lowenthal was recorded as "absent, abstaining or not voting" (although she was on the Assembly floor). Assemblyman Warren Furutani (D., Carson-LB) voted "no" outright.

    The City of LB (via a City Council vote), LB Animal Care Services ("animal control"), and multiple animal advocacy groups had all urged a "yes" vote.

    The American Kennel Club and others likeminded opposed the measure, which had already cleared the state Senate; it needed 41 Assembly "yes" votes to pass; it failed 28-42.

    Supporters were forced to make the measure a "two year bill," hoping 13 unsupportive Assemblymembers (including LB Assemblymembers Lowenthal and Furutani) may change their minds by amendments (probably not strengthening the measure)...and by pressure from constituents.

    To our knowledge, the Press-Telegram didn't report what happened as newsworthy, and a website (nicknamed the ComPost by some readers) said the measure had "been put on hold until January."

    No names. No accountability. A sickening, de facto code of silence.

    Over on Spring St. west of the 605 freeway near the Nature Center, sad-eyed dogs and cats wait in cages with beating hearts...too many of which will be stopped by a needle wielded by a City of Long Beach employee, paid to do this by LB taxpayers.

    We believe SB250 would help lessen that number. We urge LB animal advocates to tell Assemblywoman Lowenthal that the bill matters to them; they're not happy about what's happened to date; if the Assemblywoman wants changes she thinks can make the bill better, they want to hear what they are and what she's going to do to help pass the bill in some reasonable form; and they'll be very displeased if one year from today SB250 hasn't been sent to the Governor.

    Elected officials don't get mad at advocacy; they hear it every day; they understand it...and when dealing with constituent advocacy, they usually welcome it because they want to know what the people they represent consider important.

    SB250 was and is supported by the City of LB, by a recorded vote of its elected officials and by the City of LB agency that shoulders the horrible task of stopping beating hearts daily with a syringe. will continue to report what Sacramento does on SB250, including naming names on recorded votes. It's newsworthy. It provides accountability. It's what we do. And yes, it matters to us.

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