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    Responding to: Editorial: Downtown Dog Park Opens, While Sac'to Lawmakers Nearly Kill Bill That Could Reduce City's Dog & Cat Killings

    Thank you for your editorial on SB250.

    [9/27 text updated 9/28 by writer] We need to stop accidental breeding through spay/neutering - nothing to do with the kennel clubs. Each AKC person can obtain a permit - not a problem. Police dogs - not a problem. Service animals - not a problem. We want the typical, average cat and dog fixed and microchipped to reduce the numbers of animals ending up in shelters where most likely they spend their last few days before euthanasia. Too many animals - too few loving homes.

    Margo Carter
    Long Beach CA

    Responding to: SB 250 (Pet Responsibility Act) Being Turned Into "Two Year" Bill, To Be Taken Up Further Next Year, Says Author Sen. Dean Florez's Office; Action Comes After Bill Stopped On 28-42 Vote; Ass'yman Furutani Votes "No"; Ass'ywoman B. Lowenthal Doesn't Vote

    (Sept. 14, 2009) -- It is with great sadness that I received the news of SB 250s (Pet Responsibility Act) failure to pass. While no legislation is absolutely perfect, this bill could have gone a long way in reducing the killing of over half a million animals in California each year.

    I blame the AKC's heartless opposition to this bill and the failure of legislators who profess compassion but refuse to act on it. The blood of every homeless pet killed is stained on their hands.

    Diana Lejins
    Long Beach

    P.S. Bless our Long Beach City Council's hearts and wisdom for backing this measure. And, thanks to them for supporting our own stellar Animal Care Shelter's efforts to reduce the number of animals euthanized here.

    Responding to: ELB Family Cat Killed By Coyote, Conant St. b/w Bellflower Blvd./Woodruff Ave.

    [June 2, 2009] In's letters column, Mr. Neil Marshall stated, "Numerous scientific studies have documented the damage they do to the environment but, of course, few people have the intellectual capacity or interest to read these materials."

    Dear Mr. Marshall,

    Could you please cite some of these numerous studies? I happen to be among the few cat people of intellectual capacity with interest to read them AND the ability to spell "silliness" correctly.

    Anyone with education knows that to have one's opinion respected, it must be backed with researchable facts. I remember in my youth, reading about how wolves were a danger to cattle and needed to be exterminated. I noticed that in more recent years, scientific opinion has changed and they have been reintroduced into the wild again.

    Although I am a devout "cat person," I always prefer to know both sides of any story.

    Lisa Hoglan
    Long Beach, CA


    [May 26, 2009] I have a contrarian attitude, as do many others, about coyotes feeding on domesticated cats.

    Cats are predators and kill numerous other animals among which are lizards, butterflies and other insects, birds in immense numbers, rodents of all kinds including those WE consider some form of nuisance, and anything else not too big for their interest. The damage they do to the environment should have them at the top of the animal abatement list.

    Owners who allow their domesticated, darling little pet cats, to prowl loose must understand that their little killers are out there playing the game and are subject to what they give. Numerous scientific studies have documented the damage they do to the environment but, of course, few people have the intellectual capacity or interest to read these materials.

    It seems that this type of article, filled with pathos, is popular with news media but never does the media take interest in the reality of the situation or demonstrate the pathos needed for all other creatures impacted by the enormously damaging sillyness/idiocy of people and their pet cats.

    Neil Marshall
    Encinitas, CA

    Responding to: With Perspective: No Competing Bidders On Foreclosed Queen Mary Lease/Development Rights, Lender Garrison Becomes Owner Of "Save the Queen" & City Hall's Business Bedmate

    Saying that the city is in bed with yet another entity in regard to the operation and development of the Queen Mary is apt.

    Ultimately it does not matter who or what the developer is because the Mayor and City Council have abdicated their responsibility over the ship. They don't care what happens there as long as they don't have to worry about it.

    The result is that for some 20 years the Queen Mary has been the playground of developers, promoters, and assorted others...who see it as their potential golden goose.

    The City has failed utterly in its responsibility as trustee of the ship and from the current mayor through the city staff, past and present, there should be a sense of shame about this whole (continuing) fiasco.

    The Queen Mary deserves so much better. More importantly, the citizens of Long Beach and the State of California deserve much better. Unfortunately, we're not likely to get it.

    Dr. Scott Gray (Ed.D.)

    Responding to: Re 2nd/PCH Project Proposed Bldg. Heights, Belmont Shore Residents Ass'n Survey Says...

    This is not useful data as it is a well known fact that most people who respond to a voluntary survey are those against something. As well if the survey was not designed by a professional it probably has built in bias. It probably only went to BSRA members which further restricts its usefulness as a "representative" polling of community feeling. The number of responses is also quite low considering the population of the area. All in all nothing useful and should probably be ignored.

    Gerry Good
    Belmont Shore area

    Responding to: LB's 2009 Rose Parade Float Is "Renaissance Revival"

    I could just weep! The money spent on that thing could bring so much badly needed to support to our city's libraries, which are facing a tragic budget shortfall and remain embarrassingly near the bottom of the nation in books and materials purchased!

    Just exactly HOW is all that blah-blah-blah in the press release about the TV exposure going to keep our libraries open, buy books, fix potholes, strengthen our youth programs, pad our police and fire departments, keep our arts programs running, rebuild crumbling infrastructure and pay the exorbitant retirements of city employees?

    We are a city where close to one-third of our children live in poverty, and we are spending large dollars on a parade float?!!

    WHERE is our city's leadership and wisdom in this expenditure? WHY can't LB design and build its own floats? We have world-class artists living here, a university and community college with outstanding arts and engineering departments, and a citizenry, young and old, that turns out to volunteer at the merest whisper of a need.

    I am just stunned that mere months after we were told that budgetary shortfalls were going to close our library's doors, this is thrown in our faces. Let 'em eat cake and smell the roses!

    Mary Hancock Hinds
    Bixby Knolls

    Responding to: RFK Jr. In LB Urges Cleaner Energy & New Economic Policies That Encourage It

    Did anyone at this book signing event ask Mr. Kennedy to explain why he jetted out here to California to encourage us to spend whatever it takes of our tax money to save the earth, while he uses his influence to oppose the Cape Cod Windfarm project in his own backyard?

    Perhaps the term "NIMBY" applies here. Mr. Kennedy seems to support any and all projects to protect the environment unless there is the possibility that such a project might spoil his pristine view from the family compound.

    My goodness, even Greenpeace supported that project!

    Listen here to Mr. Kennedy explaining his position in opposition to the windfarm: click here

    Pretty weak.

    Dick Ray
    4th District

    Responding to: With Extended Audio: Large LB March/Rally Blasts Voter-Passed Prop 8, Speakers Vow To Overturn It
    Citizen Videographers Record Details & Perspectives On LB Protest Against Prop 8

    Prop 8 / You Tube Screen Save screen save
    Prop 8 Protest March
    Lejins Prop 8 demonstration Nov. 7/08
    Photo credit: Diana Lejins
    Further At Prop 8 Protest March
     Prop 8 demonstration Nov. 7/08
    Photo credit: reader

    [Reply to our question asking whether the arrests/demonstrators' actions changed your opinion of what took place:]

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it does.

    It makes me more proud that I marched that 3 miles. It makes me wildly in love with those people who took it to the next step. It makes me happy to know that our community will not sit still for this debacle of our inalienable rights!

    The women's movement, the African-American movement and the Vietnam era movements were much more violent and radical than this stand-off.

    There is no reason to think less of this demonstration because a few people took it all the way. If I wasn't a single-mom, I probably would've joined them!

    Honestly, how can you even call it a "protest" when we all walked peacefully down ONE side of the street for 3 miles? The majority of us performed like good little boys and girls, within the guidelines that the police would "agree" to....

    Thank goodness there were those who knew a bigger noise had to be made.



    Once again Long Beach proved its hypocrisy with an overwhelming show of police force at last night's [Nov. 7] march to protest the passage of Proposition 8.

    Although the City Council and its public officials claim to be civil minded, it obviously proved otherwise last night, when police showed up in force with full riot gear to stop peaceful marchers from exercising their right to be heard and turning them back at Long Beach Boulevard.

    The council claims they support our rights, but heaven help them if precious tourists see us at Pine and Ocean. With the city already in financial peril, I would like to know what this over-the-top show of force cost taxpayers.

    A police helicopter overhead for hours, with hundreds of officers on duty to stop families of grandparents, sons, daughters and their children from peacefully getting to Pine Avenue and Ocean; the prescheduled end to the march.

    SHAME ON YOU Chief Bates and every member of the City Council. You welcome us with open arms when Pride brings millions into the city but send out the police when we ask to be treated equally.

    Carmen Valdes
    Long Beach, California

    Responding to: LB's Famed, Redevelopment Doomed Acres of Books Closes

    What a sad commentary on our City's continued failure to recognize its real resources and to continue with really shabby, uninteresting redevelopment...a disappointed Long Beach native and daughter of Long Beach folks.

    P.S. I went to the closing sale at Acres of Books and shed a tear or two.

    Connie Kimberly
    Belmont Shore area

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