Mail Services Plus Has New Owner
In ELB Pavilions Center (Spring/Los Coyotes)

ELB's familiar Mail Services Plus location in the Pavilions center (Spring St. at Los Coyotes Diagonal) is now under new ownership (congratulations, Mr. Woo!) with a clean, fresh look adding to a reputation for customer-friendly service.

mail servicesThey're stocking the store with new offerings for your mailing needs and more.

mail servicesDon't spend your time rushing around buying greeting cards in one place and mailing them elsewhere.

One stop at Mail Services Plus lets you do it all.

mail servicesThey're computerized and fax-friendly and can send your message electronically.

And that's in addition to their expert standard mailing services which includes boxes, packages, wrappings and aping so your package can get to your desired destination via UPS, FedEx...or the U.S. Mail.

mail servicesWhy mess with lines at the post office when it's so much easier faster to get your mailing done at Mail Services Plus?

They'll weigh your package, set the proper postage and get your package where it's supposed to go without the hastle of the post office.

And yes, they also have mail boxes you can rent, convenient and secure.

Mail Services Plus at 5911 E. Spring St. They're open Monday-Fridy 9:00 a.m.-6 p.m...and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call them for further information at (562) 982-1350.

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