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Colonna Says He Won't Run For Mayor As Long As O'Neill Wages Write-In Re-Election Campaign

Indicates he'll be in 3d district race if O'Neill maintains commitment to seek re-election

(April 13, 2001) -- 3d district Councilman Frank Colonna has told he won't run for Mayor in 2002 as long as incumbent Mayor Beverly O'Neill is committed to waging a write-in campaign for a 3d term.

LB's voter-enacted term limits law prevents two-term Mayor O'Neill's name from being formally printed on the ballot, although it does permit write-in candidacies.

"We have a common support base," Councilman Colonna told in a telephone interview. adding that "as long as she's made clear her commitment to wage write-in campaign, my desire is to continue what I'm doing in the 3d district."

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