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Breaking News

Alaska Airlines Seeks Three Flight Slots At LB Airport

Alaska's request follows AA's request for four flight slots...although all 41 daily final flight slots are currently taken or reserved under LB's Airport noise ordinance

(April 1, 2002) -- has learned Alaska Airlines has formally requested three flight slots at LB Airport, making it the second airline to chart a potential collision course with LB's airport noise ordinance.

There are no flight slots currently available under LB Airport's noise ordinance which uses a noise budget to cap flights over 75,000 pounds to 41 per day.

Alaska's request, which seeks the slots effective September 8, follows a February request by American Airlines for four flight slots, effective June 15.

As previously reported by, American Airlines recently reiterated its request, adding, "We continue to hope that our modest request for four slots can be resolved quickly and without the need for legal action."

Alaska Airlines' correspondence does not include a similar reference to litigation. However, Alaska Airlines, which has not flown from LB Airport for seven years. was previously a party to litigation against the City over LB's Airport restrictions.

In 1995, LB City Hall and various aviation interests entered into a settlement agreement that barred aviation interests from challenging LB's airport noise ordinance, and barred City Hall from making the ordinance tougher, while the settlement was in effect. LB's Airport noise ordinance, approved by a federal court, remains in force today. However, the settlement expired on January 1, 2001.

An Alaska Airlines press release said the company flies what it calls a "quiet, all-Stage Three fleet of 102 modern jet aircraft, consisting of McDonnell Douglas MD-80s and Boeing 737s."

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