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    News -- First on

    City Mgt. Airport Report Web Posted But Not Agendized By Councilman Webb Who Requested It:

  • Report Reveals Plans For Potential Two Story Airport Terminal Area South Holdroom & Potential Two Story North Holdroom w/ Possible Concessions
  • Says Negotiations Now Underway For More Off-Site Parking; Also Possible Off-Site "Temporary" Parking If Funding For 4,000 Car Structure Can't Be "Readily Obtained"
  • Mentions Above-Ground Fuel Tanks
  • Includes Detailed Map Of Airport Area Developments

    Updated May 1 with Councilman Webb's reaction

    (April 29, 2003, updated May 1) -- A city management report on current Airport land use and development projects -- watered down to avoid discussing future plans and policy -- was sent to Councilmembers late last month and posted on LB Airport's web site...but has not been agendized for public Council discussion by Councilman Rob Webb (who requested it) although it reveals planning (couched in pre-EIR verbiage as "potential") for:

    • A potential two-story Airport Terminal area south holdroom (doubling its square footage)
    • A potential two story north holdroom (replacing current one story temporary bldg.) with potential concession area
    • Adding more "remote" (i.e. off-Airport) parking on a "temporary" basis if funding for a 4,000 car onsite Airport parking structure "cannot be readily obtained.";
    • Negotiations now underway "for additional spaces [off-site] to accommodate permitted activity under the City’s Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance (including four added airline flights in May 2003)." [22 daily flight slots for aircraft under 75,000 pounds are currently vacant.]
    • Above-ground jet fuel tanks (separately reported by

    City management says its report, dated March 31 and posted on LB Airport's web site on roughly April 8, is "a compilation of all existing Airport area land uses, which are consistent with the policies of the General Plan and the 2010 Strategic Plan." telephoned Councilman Webb's at late afternoon today and left word indicating we wished to know why the Councilman hadn't agendized the report -- that he had requested -- for Council and public discussion at any time in April. We will post his response when received.

    [Update: May 1]: On May 1, Councilman Webb told us it is standard protocol for city staff, not Councilmembers, to agendize staff reports. Councilman Webb said he had not yet spoken to Acting City Manager Gerald Miller about whether Mr. Miller intends to agendize the report, but Councilman Webb said he plans to do so in the coming week.

    Councilman Webb told us that if Acting City Mgr. Miller doesn't have a schedule for agendizing the report, "my constituents and I will make a decision on whether it's appropriate to agendize the report and bring it back for public discussion." [end update]

    We post a link to the verbatim report below.

    The report also includes a detailed map of Airport area developments, seemingly corroborating graphics previously presented by LBHUSH2, the grassroots Airport watchdog group founded by Rae Gabelich. During a February 18 City Council hearing, Ms. Gabelich used homemade graphics to show Airport area developments, including ten airport area projects ranging from hotel expansions to additional parking approved by the Council in the recent past.

    Her graphics stunned a number of observers, but the Council rejected her appeal (6-3, Lerch, Uranga & Webb dissenting). On February 27, Ms. Gabelich spoke at ELB's Stearns Park Neighborhood Association...where her Airport area graphics again stunned observers.

    City management's map shows current Airport land uses in greater detail and is also posted online (link below).

    [ comment: Cheers to city management and LB Airport staff for putting the report and map on the internet, which we consider progressive and praiseworthy. However, jeers to Councilmembers -- especially Councilman Webb who requested the report -- for not agendizing management's report for an open, honest discussion before an EIR begins setting plans in quick drying concrete.]

    We excerpt salient portions of management's report here:

    [begin excerpted text]

    Following is a summary of existing and proposed Airport area land uses/developments.

    Existing and In-Process

    Airport Terminal area improvements (Zoned PD-12).

    - Temporary -

    Temporary South Holdroom (7,200 square feet).

    Temporary North Holdroom (7,200 square feet).

    Temporary North Security Screening Area (1,440 square feet).

    Temporary Rental Car Offices (2,880 square feet).

    Temporary Terminal Remote Parking ("Lot D", previously Boeing employee parking), 1,380 parking spaces and currently negotiating for additional spaces to accommodate permitted activity under the City’s Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance (including four added airline flights in May 2003).

    Veteran’s Stadium Remote Parking, 519 parking spaces leased from Long Beach City College. Parking restricted by 5-year Conditional Use Permit to car rental, valet vehicle storage and airport/airline employee parking (general public use is prohibited). Lot access is limited to the hours of 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

    - Permanent -

    South Holdroom, Security Screening Area and Baggage Claim Area Improvements

    The proposed holdroom will consist of a 12,000 square foot first floor for passenger holding with the potential for a 12,000 square foot second floor for offices for security, airport, and airline personnel.

    The proposed baggage claim area will include three new bag carousels with a public circulation area of approximately 19,000 square feet. The area will be covered by a sprinklered and lighted canopy. The area will also include a Bag Service Office with a public counter and bag storage area, restrooms, and a multi-purpose room designed for media use, security debriefings, etc.

    The proposed security screening areas will be expanded to meet the requirements of the Transportation Security Administration as well as the increase in passengers.

    Concession areas are proposed in the new south holdroom.

    Parking Structures and Parking Lots

    A new parking structure designed for an estimated 4,000 spaces is proposed to be constructed east of the existing parking structure. The estimated number of parking spaces will be refined during the design of the structure. The structure’s location will require the relocation of the east side of the Donald Douglas Drive loop. If funding for the parking structure cannot be readily obtained, the Airport would, as a temporary alternative, increase the amount of remote parking.

    Proposed modifications to the existing parking structure include a new façade to match the new parking structure and architecture of the Terminal Building, replacement of the existing elevator, modifications to the entrances and exits, and, constructed in and/or adjacent to the parking structure, offices for the parking management company and offices and public counters for the car rental agencies.

    Proposed modifications to surface lots will include modified access points, refencing, restriping, signage, etc.

  • North Holdroom, Baggage Claim and Concession Area/Restrooms

    This potential holdroom would be a permanent structure to replace the temporary north holdroom facility. The proposed holdroom would have a second floor in equal size to the first for offices serving security personnel and airline functions.

    The existing north baggage claim device would potentially be improved.

    Concession area and restrooms could potentially be provided on the north side of the Terminal.

  • Traffic and Pedestrian Circulation Improvements

    Proposed improvements will include the extension of the south side of the Donald Douglas Drive loop onto Lakewood Boulevard and the addition and/or modifications of walkways (some to be covered by canopies), signage, lighting and pavement markings to aid in the safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the parking structures, lots and Terminal area.

    6. Parcel A1 (Zoned PD-12).

    Million Air fuel storage facility improvement within an existing leasehold consisting of the construction of a 200,000-gallon aboveground aviation fuel storage facility.

  • City management's full report and accompanying map can be accessed by clicking: City Management Airport Area Land Use & Accompanying Map.

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