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    Gov. Schwarzenegger's Sat. Radio Address Re "Earth Day"...And Your Comments In Response

    (April 23, 2005, 8:00 a.m.) -- posts below the text of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Saturday April 23 radio address. The topic is "Earth Day." has included a link below where you can email us with your comments in response for possible publiction. (Our standard rules for "letters to the editor" apply; let us know if you want your name used and include a contact telephone number.)

    We also post the text of a release from the Governor's office regarding Earth Day.

    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger April 23, 2005 radio address

    Hi, this is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with another California Report.

    Yesterday the people of California and everywhere across our nation celebrated Earth Day.

    Earth Day began in 1970 as an environmental grass roots movement. It was created by citizens to fight for cleaner air, cleaner water and protection of our natural resources.

    Today, Earth Day's a worldwide observance when hundreds of millions of people reaffirm their commitment to protecting our environment.

    Here in California, Earth Day has a special meaning for us because this is where the conservation movement began.

    It is a noble mission that we continue today and into the future.

    This week I visited the most energy efficient high rise building in the nation, also known as the most green building in the nation. And of course it houses the California Environmental Protection Agency.

    It was incredible. They combine solar energy, the most advanced air system, high-efficiency lighting and windows, a full recycling program and so much more to save enough energy to power 800 homes for an entire year.

    Now imagine if all buildings would save this amount of energy.

    And that's exactly what we hope to do with the California Green Building Initiative, a fantastic conservation program in our state.

    The goal of this initiative is to make all state buildings 20 percent more efficient by the year 2015 and encourage the private sector to do exactly the same.

    Now the Green Building Initiative is one of many actions that we are taking to make California cleaner and greener for future generations.

    I am very proud of what we have accomplished this past year.

    We created the 25 million acre Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the largest in the nation.

    We opened the path to the Hydrogen Highway and started building hydrogen fueling stations.

    We created the Ocean Action Plan to save our beautiful coastline.

    We launched the Breathe Easier campaign to get the old, high-polluting cars off the road.

    And we have proposed legislation, SB 1, the Million Solar Roof Initiative that will make California the world leader in solar energy.

    All of this action is part of my commitment to continue the spirit of Earth Day, every day of the year.

    So I ask all of you, join me in our campaign to conserve energy and let us all make a commitment to guarantee a clean environment for future generations of Californians.

    Thank you for listening.

    Governor's April 20 event re Earth Day

    [Release text & photo from Governor's office]

    Gov. April 05 Earth Day 4/20/05In front of a bank of solar panels at the California Environmental Protection Agency’s (CalEPA) award-winning headquarters building, Governor Schwarzenegger celebrated Earth Day and emphasized his commitment to energy efficiency, conservation and pollution reduction.

    "California is blessed with vast resources and the kind of landscape that takes your breath away and we will always accept the responsibility to protect what we have been given. On Earth Day we rededicate ourselves to making California cleaner, greener and more prosperous," said Governor Schwarzenegger.

    Since taking office, Governor Schwarzenegger has proven that economic growth and environmental protection go hand in hand. While taking unprecedented steps to preserve California’s beauty and protect the health of its residents, the Governor has also overseen an economy producing job growth that outpaces the nation. His environmental achievements include:

    • Green Buildings Initiative
    • Hydrogen Highway
    • One Million Solar Roofs
    • Sierra Nevada Conservancy
    • Oceans Action Plan
    • Hearst Ranch Project
    • Renewable Energy Portfolio
    • Funding Carl Moyer
    • Breathe Easier Campaign
    • Cleaner Car Emissions Standards
    • Encouraging Use of Hybrid Cars
    • Brownfields Cleanup

    Making Government More Energy Efficient
    In July 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger signed an executive order launching the Green Building Initiative which calls for the state to increase its energy efficiency by 20 percent by 2015.

    Paving the Hydrogen Highway
    Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation creating the Hydrogen Highway with the goal of supporting a rapid transition to clean hydrogen transportation through regularly-spaced hydrogen fueling stations across the state.

    One Million Solar Roofs
    In February 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation making it more affordable for homeowners to use solar power. When homeowners make their purchase, on average, they will receive a nearly 40 percent rebate on the cost for a solar energy system.

    Preserving the Sierra Nevada
    The Governor signed historic legislation in September 2004 that created the 25-million acre Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the largest conservancy in the country.

    Safeguarding the Ocean and Coastline
    In October 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled the Oceans Action Plan which 1. directs the state to increase the abundance of marine life in California’s bays, estuaries, wetlands and coastline, 2. calls for the state to make these bodies of water cleaner and 3. establishes the Ocean Protection Council to guide ocean policy and protection.

    The Governor also signed first-of-its-kind legislation in 2004 that protects California’s coastal waters by prohibiting cruise ships from discharging grey water within three miles of California’s shore.

    Protecting Open Space at Hearst Ranch
    In February 2005, California obtained a conservation easement in Hearst Ranch, preserving one of the largest remaining open spaces along the California coast in a fiscally prudent way.

    Renewing a Commitment to Renewable Energy
    The Governor accelerated California’s renewable energy goal by calling for utilities to procure 20 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2010.

    Cleaning the Air by Replacing Old Diesel Engines
    In his first year in office, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation to permanently fund the Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program. The legislation will provide up to $141 million each year to replace old diesel engines, including those on trucks, buses, and agricultural machinery, with cleaner and more efficient engines.

    Breathe Easier
    In March, the Governor launched the Breathe Easier campaign aimed at getting high- polluting cars off the road. The program buys old cars which can produce up to 40 pounds of smog-forming emissions every year and has them demolished and the parts and material recycled.

    Clearing the Air
    Last year, Governor Schwarzenegger signed legislation that ends emissions test exemptions for older vehicles and requires trucks coming into the state from Mexico to meet national emissions standards.

    Encouraging the Use of Hybrid Cars
    The Governor signed legislation in 2004 that, subject to federal approval, will allow hybrid cars that get more than 35 miles per gallon to use High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes regardless of how many people are in the car.

    Cleaning-up Brownfields
    The Governor is committed to productive use of brownfield sites and signed legislation to protect open space that would otherwise be developed if brownfield sites were not available.

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