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North Division Violent Crime Up Roughly 15% In First Three Months of 2012, Property Crimes Up Roughly 4%; LBPD Now Has Two Officers Per Division To Handle Effects of Sac'to's "Realignment" (Some State Prisoners Sent To County Jails, Meaning Likely Early Release)

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(April 13, 2012) -- has learned that at a regularly scheduled meeting with North Long Beach community groups on April 11 -- attended by 8th district Councilman-elect Al Austin who'll vote on City Hall's next budget -- LBPD Commander Galen Carroll indicated that North Division violent crimes increased more than 15% and property crimes increased by roughly 4% (both data comparing first quarter of 2012 to first quarter of 2011).

Also revealed: LBPD now has two officers in each of its four divisions assigned to handle the effects of Sacramento's "realignment" in which state legislators balanced the state budget [and dealt with a court order on overcrowding] by shifting responsibility for incarcerating some convicted felons from state prisons to County jails [likely meaning early release of a number of convicted felons].

  • [LBPD PIO confirmed text] North Division violent crime was up 15.8% (driven by street robberies) (first quarter 2012 vs. first quarter 2011),

  • Property crime was up 4.1% for a total increase of 6.2 (first quarter 2012 vs. first quarter 2011)

  • LBPD conducted a gang-sweep in the NLB gang injunction area (covers most of NLB north of Del Amo Blvd.). The sweep focused on the area between Market St. and Harding St. west of Atlantic Ave, which had been impacted by street robberies, auto theft and auto burglaries.

    The sweep consisted of 123 Parole and Probation searches/checks in a two week period (3/24 to 4/7) targeting the most active gang members with over 200 parole and probation checks in the past month. LBPD's sweep resulted in 34 adult felony arrests, 1 juvenile felony arrest, 17 misdemeanor adult arrests, 1 juvenile misdemeanor arrest, 186 citations, 26 cars towed, 13 search warrants conducted, plus the seizure of narcotics and cash.

  • Regarding realignment, LBPD now has two officers per each of its division (North, West, South, East) assigned to work specifically on re-entry for released inmates. The officers locate inmates who are recently been released, make contact with them and inform them of resources available to help reduce the chance that they will reoffend. These officers also work with the Directed Enforcement Team to ensure they are complying with the terms of their release. [end LBPD PIO text]
  • Several meeting attendees also indicated that the following information was conveyed at the event:

  • Citizens have also assisted LBPD resulting in a number of noteworthy arrests: 5800 block Cherry 3600 (handgun/assault); California/Carson (stolen cell phone/robberies); 3600 block Myrtle (someone knocking on front doors); 3800 block Pine (someone loading up car and neighbors noticed)

  • There have been three homicides to date in North Division. [LB had 25 murders citywide in 2011]

  • North Division bike thefts are up 40%, 205 citywide
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