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Long Beach Residents Take Action (Faced With LB City Hall Inaction) On SB 9 (Four Units on Single Family Lot); In State Senate Committee Hearing, Neighborhood Group Residents Join Lengthy List Of Cities and Neighborhood Groups Statewide Opposing Measure Co-Authored by State Senator (former Councilwoman) Lena Gonzalez

Mayors of Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, "LB Yimby" (Yes in my Backyard), Cal Chamber, American Planning Ass'n among measure's supporters; it clears State Senate Governance and Finance Committee 5-0

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(April 24, 2021, 2:15 p.m.) -- Faced with Long Beach City Hall inaction, Long Beach neighborhood protective residents have taken action, directly participating in Sacramento legislative proceedings to oppose SB 9 which would require cities statewide to allow four housing units (some SB 9 opponents contend it's six units) on single family home lots.

Following submission of written testimony in opposition by the El Dorado Park South Neighborhood Association ( coverage here), the April 22 meeting of the state Senate Governance and Finance Committee heard verbal opposition testimony from Corliss Lee (The Eastside Voice) founder/leader), Carlos Ovalle Exec. Dir. People of Long Beach), two Eastside Voice supporters (spellings unclear) and Laurie Angel (speaking on behalf of her 1,700 member southern NLB neighborhood group, prematurely cut off by audio operator.)

To hear their testimony [edited together for presentation here], click here .

The Long Beach speakers were among large groups pro and con limited to stating their name, affiliation and position, a common Sacramento Committee practice after two main speakers pro and con. SB 9 proponent's main speakers were from the American Planning Ass'n and United Way; SB 9 opponents didn't present two main speakers, but telephoned speakers in opposition (roughly 70) more than doubled the number of speakers in support.

Opponents of SB 9 listed in the Governance and Finance Committee's legislative analysis included a lengthy list of cities (including Signal Hill and Lakewood), the League of CA Cities (opposed unless amended) and multiple neighborhood groups opposed statewide (full list below.)

SB9's supporters include "Long Beach Yimby" (among several Yes in My Backyard groups statewide), the Mayors of San Diego, Oakland and Sacramento and advocacy groups including the Cal Chamber (full list below.) SB 9 supporters say SB 9's is a "modest" [their term] increase in density to deal with California's housing crisis. Some SB 9 supporters argue SB 9 also combats sprawl that fuels global warming and addresses past racial discrimination they say is reflected in present single family home zoning.

SB 9 supporters acknowledge it would allow four units on a single family lot (a lot split plus ADUs on the split lots.)

In opposition, Livable California says SB 9 allows up to six units (SB 9 proponents contend recent amendments limit the bill to four units.) "SB 9 is an unprecedented experiment that invites speculators and big investors to disrupt home ownership and harm the stability of 21M Californians," states Livable California's website.

On April 22, with the City of Long Beach silent, the state Senate Governance and Finance Committee voted 5-0 (including the Committee's sole Republican, Jim Nielsen (R, Roseville-Chico) to advance SB 9 to the state Senate Appropriations Committee, one vote away from the state Senate floor. As previously reported by, the City of Long Beach took no position on April 15 as the state Senate Housing Committee voted 7-2 to advance SB 9 to the Governance and Finance Committee...with state Senator Tom Umberg (D, SE LB-west OC) voting "yes."

On April 12, 2021, Long Beach City Hall's Government Affairs Manager, Dr. Tyler Curley, told that the City hasn't taken a position on SB 9 "at this time [since] it's still early in the legislative session [and] we continue to monitor these bills as they’re amended through the committee process."

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Below are the CA cities and groups listed in the Governance and Finance Committee Legislative Analysis as opposing SB 9:

Opposition: Adams Hill Neighborhood Association; Aids Healthcare Foundation; Alameda Citizens Task Force; Albany Neighbors United; Belmont; City of; Berkeley Associated Neighbors Against Non-affordable Housing; Berkeley Flatlanders Group; Blue Dove Neighborhood; Brea; City of; Burton Valley Neighborhoods Group; California Alliance of Local Electeds; California Cities for Local Control; California Contract Cities Association; Century Glen Hoa; Cherrywood Leimert Park Block Club; Chino Hills; City of; Chino; City of; Citizens Preserving Venice; City of Arcata; City of Azusa; City of Bellflower; City of Beverly Hills; City of Brentwood; City of Burbank; City of Camarillo; City of Carpinteria; City of Carson; City of Cerritos; City of Chino; City of Clayton; City of Clearlake; City of Clovis; City of Colton; City of Corona; City of Cypress; City of Diamond Bar; City of Dorris; City of Downey; City of Eastvale; City of Fortuna; City of Foster City; City of Fountain Valley; City of Garden Grove; City of Glendora; City of Grand Terrace; City of Hesperia; City of Hidden Hills; City of Inglewood City Hall; City of Irvine; City of Irwindale; City of Kerman; City of King; City of La Palma; City of La Quinta; City of La Verne; City of Laguna Beach; City of Laguna Niguel; City of Lakeport; City of Lancaster; City of Los Alamitos; City of Los Altos; City of Lomita; City of Martinez; City of Menifee; City of Monterey; City of Moorpark; City of Murrieta; City of Newport Beach; City of Norwalk; City of Novato; City of Oakdale; City of Ontario; City of Orinda; City of Palos Verdes Estates; City of Paramount; City of Pismo Beach; City of Poway; City of Rancho Cucamonga; City of Rancho Palos Verdes; City of Rancho Santa Margarita; City of Redding; City of Redondo Beach; City of Rohnert Park; City of San Dimas; City of San Jacinto; City of San Marcos; City of San Marino; City of Santa Clara; City of Santa Clarita; City of Saratoga; City of Signal Hill; City of South Pasadena; City of Sunnyvale; City of Thousand Oaks; City of Torrance; City of Tracy; City of Vacaville; City of Vista; City of Westlake Village; City of Whittier; City of Yorba Linda; College Terrace Residents Association; Commitee to Save the Hollywoodland Specific Plan; Community Associations Institute - California Legislative Action Committee; Comstock Hills Homeowners Association; Craftsman Village Historic District; Cupertino; City of; D4ward; Dublin; City of; Durand Ridge United; El Dorado Park South Neighborhood Association - Long Beach; El Segundo, City of; Escalon City; Half Moon Bay; City of; Hidden Hill Community Association; Hills 2000 Friends of The Hills; Hollywood Knolls Community Club; Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; Irwindale; City of; LA Brea Hancock Homeowners Association; Lafayette Homeowners Association; Lafayette; City of; Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association; Las Virgenes-malibu Council of Governments; Latino Alliance for Community Engagement; League of California Cities; Linda Vista-annandale Association; Livable Pasadena; Lomita; City of Los Altos Residents Los Angeles County Division, League of California Cities; Los Feliz Improvement Association; Mccmc; Merced; City of; Miracle Mile Residential Association; Mission Street Neighbors; Mission Viejo; City of; Montecito Association; Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance Trees Committee; New Livable California Dba Livable California; Northeast Neighbors of Santa Monica; Pacific Palisades Community Council; Palo Alto; City of; Pismo Beach; City of; Placentia; City of; Pleasanton; City of; Rancho Cucamonga; City of; Resident Information Resource of Santa Monica; Residents of 47th Avenue; Riviera Homeowners Association; S.b. Residents for Responsible Development; San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments; Santa Clarita; City of; Santa Monica Coalition for A Livable City ; Save Lafayette; Seaside Neighborhood Association; Shadow Hills Property Owners Association; Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association; South Bay Cities Council of Governments; South Bay Residents; Southshores Homeowners Association; Stanton; City of; Sunnyvale United Neighbors; Sunsetparkside Education and Action Committee; Sustainable Tamalmonte; Temecula; City of; Temecula Valley Neighborhood Coalition; Town of Apple Valley; Town of Colma; Town of Fairfax;Town of Mammoth Lakes; Town of Ross; United Neighborhoods for Los Angeles; Ventura Council of Governments; Ventura; City of; Verdugo Woodlands West Homeowners Association; West Pasadena Residents' Association; West Torrance Homeowners Association; Westside Regional Alliance of Councils; Westwood Highland Homeowners Association;Westwood Hills Property Owners Association; Westwood Homeowners Association; Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Coalition; Windsor Square Association; Yorba Linda, City of; Hundred Individuals.

SB 9 supporters are listed as follows:

Support: Darrell Steinberg- Mayor, Sacramento; Jon Wizard - Councilmember, City of Seaside; Libby Schaaf- Mayor,City of Oakland; Todd Gloria- Mayor, City of San Diego Zach Hilton City Council Member, City of Gilroy; AARP; Abundant Housing LA; Adu Task Force East Bay; All Home; American Planning Association, California Chapter; Bay Area Council; Bridge Housing Corporation; Cal Chamber; California Yimby; Casita Coalition; Cbia; Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; Circulate San Diego; City of Marywood; East Bay for Everyone; Facebook, INC.; Fieldstead and Company, INC.; Generation Housing; Greenbelt Alliance; Habitat for Humanity California; Hello Housing; Housing Action Coalition; Local Government Commission; Long Beach Yimby; Los Angeles Business Council; Midpen Housing; Midpen Housing Corporation; Modular Building Institute; Monterey; County of; Mountain View Yimby; National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals; Non-profit Housing Association of Northern California; North Bay Leadership Council; Northern Neighbors; Peninsula for Everyone; People for Housing - Orange County; San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce; San Fernando Valley Yimby; San Francisco Yimby; Sand Hill Property Company; Santa Cruz Yimby; Share Sonoma County; Silicon Valley Leadership Group; South Bay Yimby; South Pasadena Residents for Responsible Growth; Spur; Streets for People Bay Area; Sv@home; Techequity Collaborative; Tent Makers; Terner Center for Housing Innovation At the University of California, Berkeley; The Two Hundred; Tmg Partners; United Way of Greater Los Angeles; Urban Environmentalists; Yimby Action; Yimby Democrats of San Diego County; Zillow Group



The April 22 state Senate Committee hearing was the final state Senate policy committee vote on SB 9 before it reaches the non-policy state Senate Appropriations Committee which can send it to the state Senate floor. If the state Senate approves SB 9, the process repeats in the Assembly with Assembly committee hearings followed by an Assembly floor vote. If Assembly amendments are approved by a follow-up Senate floor vote, SB 9 heads to Governor Newsom for his signature or veto.



City management doesn't set city policy; a majority of the City Council does. The Council's three-member "State Legislation Committee" can offer recommendations to the full Council, and Committee chairs (chosen by Mayor Garcia) have the unilateral power to schedule Committee meetings and schedule their agenda items. The State Legislation Committee chair when SB 1120 was introduced (basically identical to SB 9) was Councilman Rex Richardson, who let SB 1120 advance through passage by the state Senate and Assembly with no discussion by his Committee. SB 1120 came within just minutes of final state Senate approval (that could have sent it to Gov. Newsom) but failed to meet a Sept,. 1 midnight hour deadline.

In December 2020, Richardson was State Legislation Committee chair when SB 9 (the replacement for SB 1120) was introduced but held no State Legislation Committee discussion on it. On Feb. 2, 2021, Mayor Garcia chose now Vice Mayor Richardson to chair the Council's Federal Legislation Committee and Garcia named Councilman Roberto Uranga to chair the State Legislation Committee. Uranga held n State Legislation Committee discussion on SB 9 as it passed its state Senate Committee Housing Committee April 15, 2021 (with voted approval SE LB state Senator Tom Umberg) and state Senate'Governance and Finance Committee on April 22, 2021.

Through this entire process, the LB Council's "State Legislation Committee" under two Mayor-chosen chairs -- Richardson and now Uranga -- has let SB 1120 and now SB 9 -- both co-authored by state Senator Lena Gonzalez -- quietly advance with no discussion or recommendations to the full Council.


At the same time, the Council's State Legislation Committee recommended, and the Council voted to approve, a City "State Legislative Agenda" (general statements of City policy that city management is supposed to follow) that recites in pertinent part that the City of LB will "Oppose legislation that would reduce the City’s local land use authority" and legislation that "would reduce the City’s local land use authority and support implementation of the City Council adopted planning documents."

Details include:

a) Support policies and legislation that protect and/or expands the City’s authority and rights over its affairs.
b) Oppose policies and legislation that preempt the current authority possessed by the City and delegates that authority to the State or other governmental jurisdiction...
f) Oppose policies and legislation that diminish the City’s local control over land use, planning, zoning and development decisions, and oppose legislation in conflict with the City’s adopted General Plan or other Council adopted land use policies...

Regardless of the Council's State Legislation Committee, any Councilmember(s) can agendize SB 9 for City Council action.

Support really independent news in Long Beach. No one in's ownership, reporting or editorial decision-making has ties to development interests, advocacy groups or other special interests; or is seeking or receiving benefits of City development-related decisions; or holds a City Hall appointive position; or has contributed sums to political campaigns for Long Beach incumbents or challengers. isn't part of an out of town corporate cluster and no one its ownership, editorial or publishing decisionmaking has been part of the governing board of any City government body or other entity on whose policies we report. is reader and advertiser supported. You can help keep really independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.

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