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Showing Us The Money:
Campaign Disclosure Forms Reveal Who Gave What To Whom In City Council Elections

Richardson-Batts and Webb Miss Deadline, File Late

(August 15, 2000) -- Campaign disclosure reports filed by LB City Council candidates and local political committees provide a wealth of enlightening data, showing who contributed how much to whom.

In the public interest, lists below some noteworthy contributions surrounding the 2000 LB City Council elections. will permanently post this data, and other material as it becomes available, on our Reference page where it can be easily accessed at any time.

The LB City Clerk's office has indicated that the most recently due reports for embattled interim Councilmember Laura Richardson-Batts (6th district) and Councilman Rob Webb (8th district) were not timely filed by July 31. Interim Councilwoman Richardson-Batts filed on August 7 and Councilman Webb filed on August 14. will upload pertinent portions of their data shortly. Both Richardson-Batts & Webb filed disclosure forms earlier this year for earlier filing periods.

Disclosure reports were timely filed by 6th district candidate Dee Andrews (who brought suit to invalidate Ms. Richardson-Batts' six vote win amid election irregularities; the race will be re-run in November); 4th district candidate (now Councilmember) Dennis Carroll; former incumbent 4th district Councilmember Del Roosevelt and re-elected incumbent Councilmember Dan Baker.

LB's local campaign finance reform law (Prop M) limits the maximum contribution per candidate to $250 per election, but an additional $250 is allowed if the candidate is in a subsequent runoff.

The data below is contained in publicly filed statements made by the following LB campaign committees:

"Re-Elect Delano Roosevelt 2000"
April 11, 2000 election (vs. Dennis Carroll and Derek K. Brown)
Contributors include (i.e. not a complete list):

Date Contributor Amount
1/13/2000 Jackie Kell $250
2/17/2000 Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union Local 681 PAC $250
2/17/2000 Edison International - General Account $250
2/26/2000 Apartment Association, CA Southern Cities/IPPAC $250
3/21/2000 LB Area Chamber of Commerce $250
3/21/2000 Coventry Long Beach Plaza (Beachwood, OH) $250
3/21/2000 LB Police Officers Association PAC $250
3/24/2000 Occidental Petroleum Corp $250
3/24/2000 Henry Meyer $150
3/24/00 Tidelands Oil Production Co. (LB) $250
3/24/2000 LBACI Philanthropic Fund $250
4/4/2000 Doug Drummond $50
($100 cumulative to date calendar yr)

"Re-Elect Delano Roosevelt 2000"
June 6, 2000 runoff election (vs. Dennis Carroll)
Contributors include (i.e. not a complete list):
Date Contributor Amount
5/11/2000 Kristy Ardizzone $250
5/11/2000 William Ardizzone $250
5/11/2000 John Calhoun [Retired City Att'y, now Harbor Commissioner] $250
5/17/2000 DDR Oliver McMillan Non-Monetary Contribution for "Polling Data/Information" valued at $250
5/19/2000 Oliver McMillan, LLC $250
5/19/2000 Morgan Oliver $250
5/19/2000 James McMillan $250
5/19/2000 Jackie Kell $250
5/19/2000 Ernie Kell $250
5/19/2000 LB Area Chamber of Commerce PAC $250
5/26/2000 Rob Hankins [Director, LB "Public Corp. for the Arts"] $100
6/1/2000 Bill Simmons [Owner, City Light & Power] $250
6/1/2000 Long Beach Airport Association $250
6/1/2000 South Coast Publishing Inc. Dba Long Beach Business Journal $250
6/14/2000 Apartment Association, CA Southern Cities/IPPAC $250

"Dennis Carroll for City Council"
April 11, 2000 election (vs. incumbent Del Roosevelt and Derek K. Brown)
The largest (though not exclusive) revenue sources for Mr. Carroll's 2000 campaigns were personal loans and contributions by Mr. Carroll. Contributors include (i.e. not a complete list):

Date Contributor Amount of Contribution Lender or Guarantor Loan Amount & Due Date
1/24/2000 Dennis Carroll $10,000 loan, due 6/4/00, 6% int. Mr. Carroll's disclosure form attached a copy of a Promissory Note, indicating the load was to be repaid on or before 6/4/2000 or to be forgiven by Mr. Carroll at his option.
2/29/2000 Jack Reed $150
3/23/2000 Dennis Carroll $10,000
4/5/2000 Dennis Carroll $5,000
5/9/2000 Dennis Carroll $7,500
5/25/2000 Richard Gaylord $250
5/25/2000 Joyce Murchison $100
5/31/2000 Dennis Carroll $5,000

"Re-Elect Dan Baker 2000"
April 11, 2000 election
Mr. Baker's contributions in 2000 totalled $27,975 by April 5 and $36,630 by June 30. Mr. Baker was re-elected on April 11 without a runoff. For the period ending June 30, Mr. Baker indicated that after expenditures of $51,700.19, his campaign had an ending cash balance of $1,824.91 (with an outstanding debt of $1,565.50). Contributors include (i.e. not a complete list):
Date Contributor Amount
2/28/2000 Apartment Association, CA Southern Cities/IPPAC $250
3/9/2000 Robert Gumbiner $150
3/13/2000 Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC LBACC $250
3/17/2000 Alan Lowenthal $250
3/21/2000 South Coast Publishing Inc. Dba Long Beach Business Journal $250
3/24/2000 Occidental Petroleum Corporation $250
3/24/2000 Oliver McMillan Management Services $250
3/24/2000 Oliver McMillan Rancho Bernardo Village $250
3/24/2000 Oliver McMillan Gaslamp Theaters LLC $250
3/24/2000 Oliver McMillan Queensway Bay $250
3/24/2000 James McMillan $250
3/24/2000 Elizabeth Oliver $250
3/24/2000 DDR Oliver McMillan $250
3/24/2000 Oliver McMillan Campus Point I $250
4/4/2000 LBACI Philanthropic Fund $250
4/10/2000 New Image Emergency Shelter For The Homeless, Inc. $150
6/15/2000 K.V. Mart, Co. $250
6/15/2000 Kristy Ardizzone $250
6/15/2000 Robert Gumbiner $75
6/28/2000 Earth Tech $250
"Dee Andrews For City Council"
April 11, 2000 election
Contributors include (i.e. not a complete list):
Date Contributor Amount
1/27/2000 Julie Alban $150
1/27/2000 Dr. Seymour Alban $250
2/18/2000 Amen Rahh $100
"Long Beach Firefighters Local 372"
Major Donor and Independent Expenditure Committee
Period from 1/1/2000-6/30/2000
Contributions to:
Date Payee Amount Add'l Info
6/22/2000 People for Long Beach $10,000 To Oppose LB City Utility Tax Initiative

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