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Giant Antonov 124 Aircraft -- Largest Regularly Flown Cargo Jet In the World -- Lands At LB Airport

May Take Off Friday (August 1, 2001) -- An Antonov 124 cargo airplane, the largest regularly flown cargo aircraft in the world, landed at LB Airport at roughly 11:00 a.m. today.

The massive aircraft, larger than a C-17, was designed years ago in the former Soviet Union. It landed on LB Airport's main diagonal runway 30. The plane reportedly carried a sattelite or satellite parts from France to Vandenberg AFB (near Ventura CA), then came to LB.

LB Airport officials said the plane was operated by a British firm that handles large size cargo flights.

An reader with an office in the CSULB area on the incoming flight path emailed us:

I saw the plane come in five minutes ago...It was a little louder than usual (that's why I looked) but no louder than a C17. Probably less so."

LB Airport officials told they haven't been advised whether the plane will depart with cargo or empty, but they believe it may take off on Friday morning, perhaps around midday (details not yet available). e-mailed a free news advisory to our subscribers, indicating the Antonov 124 was inbound within minutes after being advised of it by LB Airport.

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