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Selected Campaign Contribution Data in LB Mayor's Race

(August 2, 2001) -- In the public interest, posts below selected data from public record campaign disclosure reports made by the following committees:

  • Dan Baker for Mayor
  • Committee to Write-In Beverly O'Neill for Mayor
  • Friends of Norm Ryan - 2002
  • The reports cover the period from January 1, 2001 to June 30, 2001.

    Among the more interesting items:

    Two contributors -- Queen's Seaport Development, Inc. (the entity run by Mr. Joe Prevratil that operates the Queen Mary under lease with City Hall) and Mr. Kenneth Walker (Pres., Farmers & Merchants Bank) -- both gave $500 to incumbent Mayor O'Neill and Mayoral challenger, Vice Mayor Dan Baker.

    The City Clerk's office told that Council incumbent/Mayoral candidate Ray Grabinski did not have to file a campaign disclosure statement covering the Jan 1-June 30 reporting period because his campaign filed its organizational paperwork in July afte the June 30 filing period closed. Thus, Mr. Grabinski, and other Mayoral candidates as applicable, will file statements for the July 1-Dec. 31 filing period on or before January 31, 2002.

    LB's citywide election is April 9, 2002.

    Data below is excerpted (i.e. not all data and contributors are listed).

    Dan Baker for Mayor

    Monetary contributions:$75,135.00
    Cash payments made:$4,689.51
    Ending cash balance: $70,445.49

    6/18/01Phillip Appleby$500
    5/24/01APCOA/Standard Parking$500
    6/28/01Kambiz Babaoff
    [Managing Dir., Ensemble Investments]
    3/14/01Brian Bennett$500
    5/26/01Becky Blair$500
    6/19/01John Burns
    [Consultant, The Meyers Group]
    6/18/01Camden Realty$500
    CEO, Camden Property Trust
    Houston, TX
    6/29/01Crown Theaters$250
    6/18/01Creekside@Highland Ranch, LLC
    Houston, TX
    6/30/01Mark Fabiani$250
    6/29/01Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund$500
    6/8/01Genesis Real Estate Group, Inc.
    Dallas, TX
    6/30/01Erin Gruwell$100
    6/19/01Connie Hamilton$250
    6/21/01Robert Hankins$100
    6/18/01Ginny Leibrich$250
    6/27/01LB Lambda Democratic Club$250
    6/29/01LB Young Democrats$250
    6/20/01Henry Mayer$500
    6/27/01Olson Urban Housing, LLC$500
    6/30/01Michael Orlito
    [Political consultant, Avenir Communications]
    6/18/01PAC of Winstead Secret & Minick$500
    6/28/01PacifiCare of California$250
    6/21/01Kenneth Platek$250
    5/24/01Jeffrey Prang
    [Mayor Pro Tem, City of West Hollywood
    6/29/01Queen's Seaport Development, Inc.$500
    6/29/01Mark Taylor
    [Chief of Staff, Vice Mayor Dan Baker]
    6/8/01Tidelands Oil Production Co.$500
    5/31/01Kenneth Walker
    [Pres. Farmers & Merchants Bank]
    6/20/01Rick Zbur$500

    Committee to Write-In Beverly O'Neill for Mayor

    Monetary contributions:$65,563
    Loans Received:$10,000
    Non-monetary contributions:1,000
    Total cash payments:$18,806.64
    Accrued expenses (unpaid bills):$2,061
    Ending cash balance:$56,756.36

    Monetary Contributions

    2/5/01James Ackerman$500
    6/11/01Seymour L. Alban, M.D.$100
    4/16/01Bixby Knolls Shopping Center$250
    6/11/01Tammie McMann Brailsford
    [VP & COO, Aquarium of the Pacific]
    5/14/01Ebeneezer Bush$500
    5/29/01John Calhoun$500
    6/8/01Daniel Cartagena$100
    1/26/01City Light & Power, Inc.$500
    3/1/01Thomas J. Clark$100
    4/16/01Diane C. Creel$500
    4/2/01Shashin Desai
    Theatre Owner,
    Int'l City Theatre
    6/8/01Douglas S. Drummond$100
    4/2/01Patricia S. Eyres$500
    4/16/01Thomas Fields$500
    2/5/01James H. Gray$500
    4/16/01Carol A. Greenberg$500
    4/16/01Roy Hearrean$500
    4/2/01John Kashiwabara$500
    1/26/01Samuel A. Keesal, Jr.$500
    5/31/01Harvey O. Keller$100
    4/16/01Joyce Lorbeer$500
    5/14/01Thomas F. Merrick$100
    4/16/01Nick Monios$500
    5/14/01Leslie Munger$100
    4/16/01Jane Netherton$500
    4/16/01Stephen R. Oettinger$500
    4/16/01Carmen O. Perez$500
    5/4/01Christopher Pook$500
    5/14/01Queen's Seaport Development, Inc.$500
    4/16/01Sea Launch Ltd. Partnership$500
    4/16/01Jean Bixby Smith$500
    6/29/01The Boeing Co.$500
    4/2/01Kenneth G. Walker$500
    5/31/01Charles B. Winn$250
    4/2/01World Trade Center$500

    Loans Received

    Beverly L. O'Neill

    Friends of Norm Ryan - 2002

    Monetary contributions:$17,900
    Loans Received:$20,000
    Total payments:$8,497.99
    Ending cash balance:$29,402.99

    Monetary Contributions

    6/21/01John Deats$500
    6/21/01Ron Noe$250
    6/22/01Republican Voter Checklist
    [Slate organization]
    6/10/01Norm Ryan$8,400
    6/28/01Kermit Sadler$500

    Loans Received

    Norm Ryan
    $20,000 intends to post further campaign reporting data for Council and other citywide offices as newsworthy.

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