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LBPD releases mid-yr citywide crime stats

Detailed neighborhood crime data pending

(August 8, 2001) -- LBPD has released citywide crime data cumulated for the period Jan 1-June 30, 2001, revealing increases in several crime categories including serious crimes against property (esp. commercial burglarires, up 50.2% in the 2d quarter), but showing decreases in serious crimes against persons (including murder, down over 30% in the 2d quarter). has requested, and LBPD routinely releases publicly, detailed neighborhood crime data. These are pending and will be posted when received. LBPD's neighborhood crime data is especially useful because by definition, citywide crime stats combine disparate parts of the city, homogenizing safer areas with others where residents may be disproportionately crime impacted.

In terms of citywide reported crime, the largest numeric increase came in Part 2 (other) crimes: 900 more reported in the 2d quarter of 2001 than the same period in 2000. LBPD said this included significant increases in narcotic (possession of marijuana, less than an ounce) and fraud/bunco/embezzlement crimes. (A Department release also noted that as of January 1, law enforcement agencies were mandated to take crime reports on identity theft and investigate those crimes.)

Among the noteworthy points in the citywide crime data, comparing the same periods (2d quarter and first six months) of 2001 with 2000:

Part 1 (serious) Crimes Against Persons

Part 1 (serious) Crimes Against Property

[We're omitting petty theft and bike theft]

Citywide Crime Overall


Crime statistics posted on do not assert or imply the safety or crime risk of any specific location or address. The data are public record and speak for themselves.

Data can be interpretted in different ways. We urge readers not to draw inferences beyond the data. In our view, reported crime stats are analogous to an X-ray or ultrasound, an imperfect image but useful when used carefully.

Finally, it behooves all of us to recall that these crime statistics represent real people -- LB residents, businesses, visitors or customers -- who were unjustly victimized in our city.

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