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    Breaking News

    State Lands Comm'n Aug. 29 Meeting With QW Bay Item Postponed to Sept. 17

    New Meeting Expected to Include QW Bay Item

    (August 24, 2001, posted as breaking news) -- This morning, the State lands Commission announced on its web site that its August 29 meeting -- which included a closely watched item regarding a proposed QW Bay tidelands designation property exchange -- has been postponed to September 17.

    In an e-mail advisory, State Lands Commission Executive Director Paul Thayer said the meeting location has also been changed to the State Capitol, Room 4202, starting at 9:30 a.m.

    Mr. Thayer's e-mail indicated the agenda is expected to remain substantially the same as the one previously published for the August 29th meeting. The public trust policy item (88 on the 29th agenda) and the Queensway Bay item (89 on the 29th agenda) are both expected to remain on the agenda.

    [Posted as breaking news.]

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