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    Breaking News

    State Lands Comm'n Issues Staff Report Detailing Proposed QW Bay Tidelands Trust Swap

    (August 22, 2001, posted as breaking news) -- Late this afternoon, the State Lands Commission posted its long awaited staff report on QW Bay, agendized as item 89 for possible action at the Commission's upcoming August 29 meeting in Sacramento.

    The staff report is consistent with salient points previously posted on It details a proposed swap of tidelands trust property at QW Bay with property not in the tidelands but in an area of the east side of L.A. river roughly from Broadway to the Shoemaker bridge near 7th St. Southerly parts include a land-locked freeway median presently inaccessible to the public, with northerly areas extending to the river surrounding the Shoemaker bridge at roughly 7th St.

    We have not fully reviewed the State Lands Commission's report, although we plan to do so in the coming hours and will post local reaction as newsworthy.

    However, because of the intense public intense in the issue, we have posted direct links to the State Lands Commission web site that can take you directly to their index to their report. (As one indication of the QW Bay issue's significance, the State Lands Commission has put a link to this item on the agency's front page.)

    Caveat: You will be leaving To return to our site, either click "back" on your browser until you reach us, or re-enter "" in your browser.

    To view the State Lands Commission QW Bay staff report, click on: State Lands Commission QW Bay staff report.

    The State Lands Commission has also agendized another significant item immediately preceding the QW Bay issue: consideration of public trust policy issues regarding the use of tide and submerged lands. This report can be viewed by clicking on State Lands Commission re public trust issues in use of tide and submerged lands.

    More to follow.

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