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Concern Over Expanded Airport Flights Prompts Rebirth Of Formerly Massive LB Homeowner Group: "HUSH, Inc." (Homes Under Stress & Hazard)...New Name: LBHUSH2

8th district resident Rae Gabelich holds organizing meeting with residents from across the city

(August 1, 2002) -- Concerned over property values, traffic, environmental issues and noise pollution in the face of expanded LB Airport flights and policies pursued by their own City Hall, a group of LB residents has announced it is reorganizing HUSH, Inc. (Homes Under Stress and Hazard).

Its new name: LBHUSH2.

During the 1980's, HUSH was an outspoken activist homeowner group, at one point representing over 1,600 homeowners in litigation against noise pollution from increased air traffic.

A release emailed to today said residents and business owners from across LB met on July 30 at the home of 8th district resident Rae Gabelich to discuss their concerns about expanded LB airport activities.

"After realizing that they shared the same concerns related to decreased property values, traffic, environmental issues and noise pollution, the group decided to reorganize HUSH, Inc. (Homes Under Stress & Hazard)," the release said.

Noting that HUSH previously fought to limit noise pollution from increases in air traffic, the release added, "Today, the same issues face the residents of Long Beach."

It went on to say, "Comprised of members from every district of the city, those present were also very concerned about whether there is open and honest communication for residents from the city's elected officials and city staff."

LBHUSH2 organizers have established an email contact:

They say information on upcoming meetings and up-to-date information on airport expansion will be sent to email lists.

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