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    Airport Noise Complaints Rise To 143 in July '02 For Air Carriers As A Class, 17 Fold Increase From 8 Complaints in Feb. '02, and 15 Complaints in July '01

    We list aircraft operations in July '02 receiving five or more complaints

    (August 17, 2002) -- The latest data on LB Airport operations show air carrier flights as a class generated 143 complaints in July '02...a 17 fold increase over the number of complaints produced in this category as a class just five months ago.

    In February, 2002, air carrier flights as a class generated only 8 complaints. In July, 2001, they generated 15 complaints.

    As first reported by nearly two months ago, noise complaints from air carrier operations as a class rose to 39 in May, 2002. In roughly sixty days, they have now increased more than three and a half times to 143 as a class.

    The second largest category generating complaints as a class was general aviation jets, triggering an additional 63 complaints in July '02. One year earlier in July '01, the general aviation jet category generated 100 complaints; in June '02, it was 25.

    The total number of complaints received in July '02 from all categories (air carriers plus general aviation props, helicopters and military/public jets/props) brought the total number of complaints to 265. This compared to a total of 172 in June '02 and 188 in July 2001.

    The July '02 complaints were mainly from Bixby Knolls/Cal Heights neighborhoods in the 8th and 7th Council districts, although complaints were also received from 4th, 5th and 3d district areas.

    Although not every complaint means a flight exceeded LB's Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance noise limits, in July '02 over half did. 149 of the 265 total number of July '02 noise complaints from the public -- roughly 56% -- concerned operations that exceeded LB's Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance noise limits.

    With the caveat that not all complaints are violations of LB's Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance (some may be legally exempted or excusable depending on certain circumstances), we list below Aircraft operations receiving five or more complaints in July '02. We have grouped them by operator.

    The measurement "db SENEL" is a sound measurement in which the magnitude (decibel level) and the duration of the noise are factored together logarithmically. Although sound perception is to some extent subjective and can vary with time of day and other factors, an increase of 10 dB is generally thought to indicate a doubling of perceived sound intensity.

    DateTimeOperatorTypeArr/DepRunwaydb SENELComplaints
    7/1/0210:52 p.m.JetBlueA-320Dep3095.413
    7/5/0211:08 p.m.JetBlueA-320Dep3094.26
    7/23/0211:01 p.m.JetBlueA-320Dep3095.46
    7/30/0310:57 p.m.JetBlueA-320Dep3096.98
    7/25/0211:53 p.m.AmericanB-757Dep3093.77
    7/26/0210:30 p.m.AmericanB-757Dep3093.08
    7/28/0210:42 p.m.AmericanB-757Dep3091.33
    7/29/0210:05 p.m.FedExB-727Dep3099.36
    7/31/029:40 p.m.FedExB-727Dep3098.15
    7/10/0211:01 p.m.PrivateLear 24Dep30103.717
    7/16/026:13 p.m.PrivateB-727Dep30113.37
    7/27/026:03 a.m.PrivateG-IIIDep.30101.517
    7/1/0211:02 p.m.Air AmbulanceLear 25Dep30105.926

    The number of noise complaints received is thought by many to understate the full magnitude of airport noise pollution. Only a fraction of those impacted actually call the airport noise complaint phone line, work through the voice mail menu and leave a message.

    Telephone complaints are generally treated professionally with call backs and information provided within a day or so if the complaining party requests it.

    The Airport noise complaint hotline is: (562) 570-2678, press 4, then press 2.

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