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    More LB Rapes Attributed To Serial Rapist:

  • LBPD Says Beyond 8 Sexual Assaults Linked With DNA Evidence, It's Now "Believed That As Many As 16 Additional Assaults in LB Are Attributable To Him"

  • LBPD Seeks Council Authority For $25,000 Reward For Info Leading To Serial Rapist's Arrest & Conviction

  • Police Invite Public To Attend Community Awareness Forum on ELB Sexual Attacks, Sept. 4, 6:30 p.m., Buffum Elementary School

    (August 30, 2002) -- LBPD Chief Jerome Lance says a serial rapist who has primarily victimized LB women and is linked to eight rapes with DNA evidence, is now believed responsible for as many as 16 additional assaults in LB.

    Sometimes called the "Belmont Shore" or "East Long Beach" rapist, he has attacked primarily in LB but police believe he's also struck in Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos and Seattle since 1996.

    Chief Lance referred to the 16 additional rapes (on top of the eight for which police say they have linking DNA evidence) in a memo to Councilmembers, agendized for the Sept. 3 Council meeting and seeking Council authority to offer a $25,000 reward leading to the serial rapist's arrest and conviction. We provide extended portions of the memo below.

    Meanwhile, LBPD has invited all community members to attend a "Community Awareness Forum" at Buffum Elementary School, 2350 Ximeno Ave. on September 4 at 6:30 p.m. At the meeting, LBPD Commander Linda Beardslee is scheduled to provide a limited overview of recent ELB sexual assaults, and crime prevention officers will provide information regarding personal safety, Neighborhood Watch and home security.

    In Chief Lance's memo to Councilmembers concerning the reward, he states in pertinent part:

    Since May of 1996, a serial rapist has been assaulting and attempting to assault women. This rapist is known to have victimized women in the states of Washington and California, including the cities of Seattle, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos. While he has assaulted in numerous jurisdictions, he has attacked primarily in the city of Long Beach. He has been tied directly to eight sexual assaults through the analysis of DNA evidence. It is believed that as many as 16 additional assaults in Long Beach are attributable to him.

    Based upon the nature and frequency of the assaults by this rapist, it is requested that a reward for information leading to his arrest and conviction be authorized. Although the offer of a reward often generates a multitude of false leads and information that consumes numerous investigative hours, it is felt that the need to identify and apprehend this menace warrants such action.

    It is requested that a reward in the amount of $25,000 be offered to the public. The Police Department will attempt to absorb this cost within its existing operating General Fund (GP) budget.


    Authorize the expenditure of $25,000 by the Long Beach Police Department as a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the serial rapist now operating in the areas of East Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos.

    Respectfully submitted,



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