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    Yikes! 18-20 Ft. Burmese Python -- Well-Cared For -- Retrieved From LB Garage

    (Aug. 2, 2005) -- In one of its more memorable calls for service, LB's Animal Control Division (part of LB's Dept. of Health & Human Services) recently impounded this 18-20 foot Burmese Python), retrieved from a residential garage in the 200 block of Cerritos Ave. (one block west of Orange Ave.)

    Python, July 25/05
    Photo: Animal Control Division, City of LB

    The bizarre situation arose when LBPD had an unrelated matter to conduct with the snake's owner and LB Animal Control was summoned to deal with the creature. Wesley Moore, Services Officer for LB's Animal Control Division, says Animal Control officers arrived on July 24 and found the snake well cared-for and the cage secure...and returned on July 25 with a crew sufficient to handle the estimated 300 pound beast. It took seven people to do so.

    Python, July 25/05
    Photo: Animal Control Division, City of LB

    Python, July 25/05
    Photo: Animal Control Division, City of LB

    Mr. Moore said Pythons suffocate their targets by constricting around them...and literature indicates Pythons of lesser size have killed people. Based on those reports, Mr. Moore said it's believed an 18-20 foot Python could kill a person. He added that the snake might kill the person first before deciding the person is too big to eat...but could kill and eat a child.

    Mr. Moore noted that Burmese Pythons normally eat rabbitts...and this particular reptile had been fed four rabbits about two days earlier.

    Python, July 25/05
    Photo: Animal Control Division, City of LB

    Procedurally, the snake's owner will now be required to apply for a Wild Animal permit which entails a Vicious Animal Hearing, a proceeding to determine if the animal is vicious and under what conditions it might be kept in the city. Mr. Moore said Animal Control staff have a number of concerns about having this snake in the city. He added it's anticipated that the Bureau would canvass the area and advise residents in advance of the proceedings.

    We thought a good name for the Python would be "Monty." However, it's a female and already has a name...and not particularly reassuring: "Houdini."

    Houdini is currently residing in a well-secured cage at LB's ELB Animal Control facility.

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