' Boy Is Shot, Midafternoon, Alongside 14th St. Park (Near Pacific Ave.)

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Boy Is Shot, Midafternoon, Alongside 14th St. Park (Near Pacific Ave.)

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(Aug. 23, 2017, 6:05 p.m.) -- A boy (male juvenile) was shot at midafternoon today (Aug. 23) in the 200 block of W. 14th St. (alongside 14th St. Park near Pacific Ave., roughly a mile north of downtown dining and entertainment district.

In the 4:00 p.m. hour, LBPD said the boy's condition was unknown. LBPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Brad Johnson says LBPD located a suspect (a boy/male juvenile) and took him into custody (details below.) LBPD is investigating what took place as possibly gang related, Sgt. Johnson said.

This afternoon's shooting comes six days after Mayor Garcia delivered non-agendized remarks to LB's Parks & Recreation Commission during which he boasted that crime is down and blamed social networks for the public's perception that it isn't. [LBREPORT.com coverage with perspective here.]

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The 1st Council district has been represented since mid-July 2014 by Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez, a former Council office aide to then-Councilman/Vice Mayor Robert Garcia who took office as Mayor in mid-July 2014; both are now seeking re-election in April 2018.

The map below shows shootings (and stabbings) from Jan. 1, 2014 to date (during the term of office of Councilwoman Gonzalez plus the last six months of then-Vice Mayor/now Mayor Garcia.)

2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.

In preliminary information [4:17 p.m.] on today's (Aug. 23) shooting, LBPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Brad Johnson tells LBREPORT.com that at about 2 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 200 block of W. 14th Street regarding a shooting that just occurred. "Upon arrival officers found a male juvenile victim with gunshot wound to upper torso. He was transported by LB Fire to a local hospital [and his conditon is] unknown at this time."



LBPD located a possible suspect in the 1500 block of Pacific, and as officers were responding to that location, the suspect was seen getting into a vehicle. The vehicle was followed by officers and stopped in the area of PCH and Locust. Officers took the suspect subsequently taken into custody without incident, and a gun was [allegedly] recovered from inside the vehicle.

The suspect is a male juvenile. The incident is being investigated as possibly gang related...and LBPD's investigation is ongoing.


Other recent shootings:

  • Aug. 17: Man is shot and killed, area 900 block Dayman St., drives to 1900 block Myrtle, crashes car, is found deceased (6th district, here.)
  • Aug. 15: Person (gender, age uncertain) is shot/wounded, 2600 block of E. 56th St. (8th district, coverage here.)
  • Aug 12: Man shot to death, 7th/Orange Ave. (border 1st/2nd Council districts, coverage here)
  • Aug. 7: 2300 block E. 14th St., man is shot (coverage here.)
  • Aug. 1: 1300 block Taper St. (SW of Wardlow Rd/710 freeway), man and woman shot/wounded (coverage here.)
  • July 22, 1700 block Daisy Ave. (1st dist.), vehicles hit by gunfire (coverage here.)
  • July 22, 400 block Maine (1st dist.) man is shot/killed in 2 a.m. hour. (coverage here)
  • July 16, Harbor Ave./PCH (1st dist.), person(s) fires shots in area of family/friends outdoor gathering, no person(s) hit (coverage here)
  • July 16, 15th/Rose (6th dist.), male juvenile shot
  • July 15, MLK/PCH (6th dist.), group of four male and female Blacks and Samoan juveniles approached by two Hispanic men or older juveniles who exit vehicle; one produces a handgun and fires at the group; one victim hit




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