' Follow the Money: Roughly 500 Total Contributors (People + Corps + Special Interests) Fueled Mayor Garcia's Re-Election Campaign In April-May-June 2017; See Who Gave $241k '


Follow the Money: About 500 Contributors (People + Corps + Special Interests) Fueled Mayor Garcia's Re-Election Campaign In April-May-June 2017; See Who Gave $241k

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(Aug. 4, 2017, 10:45 a.m.) -- 483 individuals and corporate entities gave $239,739 in monteary contributions of over $100 or more (plus three non-monetary contributions of $1,938) received between April 18-June 30 to re-elect Mayor Robert Garcia. Of the $241,877 total, about 1.3% of the total ($3,359) came in non-itemized contributions under $100 [so we estimate 34+ smaller contributors.]

Under LB's City Charter, the Mayor has no poliysetting vote (Councilmembers do) and to our knowledge Garcia hasn't committed publicly to complete a second term before (as many speculate) leaving City Hall to pursue another office.

LBREPORT.com lists below some contributors that caught our attention. To view all contributors as filed, click here. From among 483 monetary contributors:

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ContributorAmountLBREPORT.com notes
Bob and Nancy Foster$800 x 2Mayor and First Lady, 2006-2014
Beverly O'Neill$200Retired Mayor, 1994-2006
LB Police Officers Ass'n PAC$800Largest contributor to June 2016 Mayor/Council sought sales tax increase ballot measure, union recently received new Council-approved contract/raises
LB Firefighters Ass'n PAC$800Large contributor to June 2016 Mayor/Council sought sales tax increase ballot measure, union recently received new Council-approved contract/raises
Gary DeLong$800Retired 3rd dist. Councilman, 2006-2014
Mike Walter$800Retired Harbor Comm'r
Egoscue Law Group$800Tracy Egoscue is a Harbor Comm'r
Lori Ann Farrell$800Harbor Comm'r
Lou Ann Bynum$250Harbor Comm'r
Art Levine$600Water Comm'r
Stella Ursua$200Parks & Rec Comm'r
Gloria Cordero$800Water Comm'r, spouse is Port of LB Exec. Dir.
Doug Drummond$200Retired Harbor Comm'r, retired 3rd dist. Councilman
Rich Dines$250Retired Harbor Comm'r
Frank Colonna$600Harbor Comm'r, retired 3rd dist. Councilman
Park St. Limited Colonna Partnership$650
Dianne McGinnis$250LB School Board member
Doug & Freda Otto$800 x 2Doug = LBCC Trustee, 2014 Mayoral candidate, then led Garcia's "transition team"
Sunny Zia$250LBCC Trustee
Cynthia Allen$800President ETA Advertising. Ms. Allen is publisher of LBPost.com
Randall Allen$800LBPD Commander, spouse is Cynthia Allen
John Hancock$800Retired Harbor Comm'r, real estate broker BANCAP
Randall Hernandez$800Chair, Economic Development Comm'n
Becky Blair$800Comm'l Realtor, Vice Chair, Economic Development Comm'n
James C. Hankla$500PFMG Solar, retired Harbor Comm'r, retired City Mgr
Rendon for Ass'y 2016$800Ass'y Speaker's re-election committee
Fiona Ma for State Treasurer 2018$800Member State Bd. of Equalization, former Assemblymember
Kambiz Babaoff$800Managing Dir, Ensemble Developments [3d/Pacific development and various previous projects]
Michael Moskowitz$800Managing Dir., Ensemble
Yaakov Greenspan$800Westland Real Estate Group
Las Vegas Residential Properties$800
Kurt Schneiter$800Owner, Maverick Investment [holdings include Olympix Fitness]
Riverwalk 131 Group$500
Aerolease LB dba Aeroplex Aviation$800Principal is Curt Castagna
Apt. Ass'n CA Southern Cities$800Also contributed $1,000 to Garcia's "officeholder account" in second half of 2016
Pacific Merchant Shipping Ass'n PAC$400 + $388 in-kind catering for campaign eventRepresents shipping interests in Ports of LB, L.A. and along west coast
CA Teamsters PAC$800
District Council Iron Workers PAC$800
UFCW [Food Comm'l Workers] Local 324 PAC$800
LA-OC Building & Construction Trades PAC$800
Int'l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers$800
Laborers Local 300, Los Angeles$800
San Francisco Firefighters PAC$800
Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 PAC$800
Int'l Union of Operating Engineers, Pasadena$800
CA State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police PAC, Sac'to$800
Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, Transportation Workers Local Union 105 PAC$800
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters PAC$800
Southern CA Pipe Trades Dist. 16$800
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1277 PAC$800
UA Journeymen & Apprentices Local 250 PAC$800
John Molina$800Boardmember, now-former CFO Molina Healthcare
Los Angeles County Disposal Ass'n$800
Republic Services, Phoenix AZ$800
Jim Michaelian$800Grand Prix Ass'n of LB
Chris & Ellen Pook$800 total
Gerald Miller$750Retired City Manager
John Thomas$800Former RDA Boardmember, now historical consultant re Queen Mary
LB Lifeguard Ass'n$800
Oxbow Energy Solutions$800Operates Port of LB facility handling exports of coal and petroleum coke
CA Real Estate PAC, CA Ass'n of Realtors$800
Equality CA PAC$800Equality CA is an LGBT civil rts/advocacy org.
Richard Zbur$800Exec. Dir. Equality CA
Lamda Democratic Club$250
Long Beach Center$800
Kate Karp$200Writes on pet/animal issues for LBPost.com
Robert Shannon$250Retired City Attorney
Long Beach Collective Ass'n$800Marijuana outlet operators
David Pilon$250Administrator, Mental Health American of Los Angeles [operates LB facility]
Raymond Lin$800Owns Taki-Sun [Has pending re-development plan for SeaPort Marina [2nd/PCH] hotel site
Jessica Quintano$500Exec. Dir. CentroCHA
Jerry Schubel$100Administrator Aquarium of the Pacific
Tesoro Companies, Carson$800
Signal Hill Petroleum$800
AES$800Power plant along Studebaker Rd.
Long Beach Container Terminal, Port of LB Pier F Berth 6$800
Frontier Communications$500
Cats & Dogs Hospital, Inc.$250
Elizabeth Keesal$800Spouse is prominent LB attorney "Skip" Keesal. They reside outside LB
Andrew Kerr$100CFO Crew Inc. (handles comm'l/public works bldg. construction projects); spouse is LBUSD Boardmember Megan Kerr







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