' Our "Heat Index" Calculator At This Link Shows How Much Hotter It Feels With Humidity Above 50% And Temp Above 80 Degrees '

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Our "Heat Index" Calculator At This Link Shows How Much Hotter It Feels With Humidity Above 50% And Temp Above 80 Degrees

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(Aug. 3, 2017, 1:10 p.m.) -- We acknowledge those from back east, the deep south or the midwest will laugh at calling 55% humidity and 85 degree temps either unpleasant or "humid." Those who've gone through summers from Boston thru New York thru Washington, D.C. thru Miami thru Atlanta thru Chicago thru New Orleans would call today's LB summer day an unusually pleasant day, a welcome relief.

But yes, as a general rule, when the humidity approaches 50% or goes above and the air temp rises above 80 degrees, it begins to produce a "heat index," making it feel hotter than what the air temp shows. It's not one's imagination, and it's not a joke, when air temps rise into the 90s with humidity above 80%, and yes that happens in much of the country (and no, sometimes it doesn't cool down much at night.)

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LBREPORT.com has a heat index calculator at this link linked on our front page (right column, under our in-motion Doppler Weather Radar image.)

To use it, first get the current temperature and humidity data (many sources, we use Nat'l Weather Service conditions/hourly readings at LB Airport recorded at :53 into each hour.) Then enter the temperature and humidity in the heat index calculator at this link then click "calculate."

(If you're closer to the coast, the air temp for you will likely be a few degrees cooler than the air temp measured north of Spring St. west of Lakewood Blvd.)




At 11:53 a.m., the air temp at LB Airport was 86 degrees with 53% humidity. That produced a heat index of 89 degrees, so while the air temp was in the mid 80s, it felt like it was about 90 degrees (and yes, it really did.) At 12:53 p.m., it was 88 degrees with 48% humidity, producing a heat index of 90 degrees.

As a very general rule in the LB area, the humidity (mercifully) drops as air temp increases (it's not like that in other parts of the country).

The National Weather Service says humidity won't decrease until weather patterns change by the weekend and LB starts getting sea breezes to replace the tropical air.





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