' Committee Formed Seeking Resignation Or Recall Of Councilwoman Pearce, Says It Will File Paperwork And Begin Fundraising Next Week, Is Working With Experienced LB-Area Political Consulting Firm


Committee Formed Seeking Resignation Or Recall Of Councilwoman Pearce, Says It Will File Paperwork And Begin Fundraising Next Week, Is Working With Experienced LB-Area Political Consulting Firm

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(Aug. 25, 2017, 2:50 p.m.) -- An experienced Long Beach area political consulting firm issued a pres release today (Aug.25) indicating that a "Committee to Recall Councilmember Jeannine Pearce" has been formed, plans to file its organizational paperwork (FPPC Form 410) with the CA Secretary of State's office next week and begin fundraising.

In its release today (Aug. 25), Long Beach-based Adouki & Associates said it's acting as consultant to the Committee, and says the Committee's purpose "is, first and foremost, to convince Councilmember Pearce to do the right and honorable thing for the 2nd District community and the City of Long Beach and simply to resign. Given that she is clearly unable to explain her behavior, we hope that she will look within and see the futility of continuing the charade. However, we are fully prepared to pursue the recall process to its conclusion, through the gathering of signatures to put a recall election on the ballot and ultimately to win the vote to recall her from office. "

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The release says the Committee is "spearheaded by a group of longtime passionate 2nd District activists, including Chuck Barrick, Jonathan Crouch, Lauren Boland, Gary Harrison, and others."

Its release adds: "[W]e intend to make our voice heard wherever useful, including at City Council meetings, and to continue to shed light on the Pearce Scandal and thus pressure responsible parties in our shared civic life to lean on Pearce and to ask her to do the right thing for the sake of an accountable and honorable 2nd District and City of Long Beach."



As previously reported by LBREPORT.com, a June 3rd incident [LBREPORT.com coverage here, here and here] ultimately led to a July 13 LBPD release stating that on June 29 it presented the result of its criminal investigation into allegations of domestic violence between [Councilwoman] Pearce and [her former Chief of Staff Devin] Cotter for consideration by the L.A. County District Attorney's office. LBPD also stated in its release that it "was made aware of additional information regarding events not related to the June 3rd incident. Pearce and Cotter have both made statements accusing each other of participating in inappropriate activity. Based on this information the Police Department initiated an investigation into these allegations, which include inappropriate behavior and potential conflicts of interest. This investigation, along with the information related to the June 3, 2017 investigation, was presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for filing consideration. The case is currently under independent review with the LADA Public Integrity Division."

On July 26, City Prosecutor's office sent the misdemeanor matters back to the DA's office based on the possible "appearance of a conflict" since the City Council votes on the City Prosecutor's Budget.

As Aug. 25. Councilwoman Pearce has not been charged with any crime(s). On the morning of June 3, LBPD arrested Mr. Cotter for alleged public drunkeness and an outstanding DUI warrant.


The Recall Committee's Aug. 25 release states "There exists no viable, honest accounting of her conduct and relationship with former chief of staff Devin Cotter which would avoid shattering the public trust with which she has been vested. It is essential for an elected official to maintain the basic faith and confidence of her constituents in order to perform her duties as public trustee and as the district community’s leader, reputational representative, and role model to its youth. The recall process was created in 1911 by California's progressive reformers to spare the community further harm when that faith has been broken. Councilmember Pearce, while duly elected last year, has since revealed herself to be unbecoming of her office and therefore has no one to blame but herself for this recall process."



Shortly before 1 p.m., LBREPORT.com reached out to Councilwoman Pearce via email inviting comment(s) on the Recall Committee's formation and release.

Further as it develops.


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