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Vice Mayor Dan Baker Issues Statement re QW Bay Development

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(December 1) The office of Vice Mayor Dan Baker has e-mailed a released statement concerning the Queensway Bay development. We reproduce the statement's text verbatim, below:

[Begin statement text]

Vice Mayor Dan Baker to ask Long Beach Development Committee to make recommendations on how to successfully complete Queensway Bay Project

"I continue to be frustrated and disappointed with the slow pace of the Queensway Bay development. The troubled project has been delayed several times due to circumstances outside the control of the City or the developers," said Vice Mayor Dan Baker.

Vice Mayor Baker, whose 2nd District includes the project area, continued, "The market and members of the community have raised important concerns about this project as it currently stands. We need to take the next few weeks, solicit the input of Long Beach stakeholders ­ residents and business owners ­ to decide if and how this project can move forward successfully."

"Therefore, in the interest of building a quality project that will benefit all of Long Beach, I will ask the City Council to direct the Long Beach Development Advisory Committee to work with Developers Diversified Realty Corporation to make a recommendation in no more than 90 days on how best or whether to move the project forward."

The panel is led by Doug Otto, chairman of the Mayor’s strategic plan task force and former chairman of the Planning Commission. The committee includes some of the sharpest business minds in Long Beach with experience in real estate, development, retail trade and tourism issues, as well as community representatives and other stakeholders.

"I believe we need their input at this critical juncture to help us determine how best to proceed with this project or whether we should proceed at all," concluded Vice Mayor Baker.

[End statement text] will report newsworthy reaction as it is received.

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