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Read LB City Mgr's Letter to DDR OliverMcMillan LP & Queensway Bay Partners, LLC re QW Bay

Also Read DDR Statements, below

(Updated: December 22, 2000) Posted below is a significant public record letter dated December 20, 2000, sent by LB City Manager Henry Taboada and addressed to DDR OliverMcMillan LP and Queensway Bay Partners, LLC re the QW Bay development. The letter is posted verbatim in pdf form with :cc'd parties omitted.

We have also posted below the verbatim text of a corporate statement issued by Developers Diversified Realty Corp. (DDR) and the initial written statement of its Senior Vice President, Development, Mr. Eric Mallory, regarding the LB City Council's action (see below) on the QW Bay project.

City Manager Taboada's letter was sent following a closed session with Councilmembers on December 19. A closed session item on QW Bay was agendized for 3:30 p.m. prior to the regular 5:00 p.m. Council meeting but the Council also went into closed session at the conclusion of the regular public Council meeting.

Earlier, during the public portion of the Council meeting, Mayor Beverly O'Neill announced that an agendized public progress report by the City Manager on the agreement with DDR re the QW Bay development would not be presented.

City Attorney Robert Shannon has informed that the City Manager's letter is based on the City's agreement with the developer and thus does not require a publicly voted Council action. Mr. Shannon added that a vote was nevertheless taken which was 7-1 (Colonna dissenting) in favor of proceeding as outlined in the City Manager's letter.

The City Manager's letter is a public record and was released to by the City Attorney's office following its dispatch to the addressees. It can be viewed in .pdf form at: City Manager's Dec. 20 letter re QW Bay

We have also posted verbatim a December 22 corporate release from DDR's Ohio headquarters, adding to an initial written statement by Mr. Eric Mallory, DDR's Senior VP, Development, which we previously posted.

DDR's Dec. 22 corporate statement can be viewed at: DDR Dec. 22 corporate statement re QW Bay.

Mr. Mallory's initial statement can be viewed at: DDR VP Eric Mallory's initial statement re QW Bay. will also be posting links to these items on our Reference Library page.

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