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Read Actual "Purchase Order" Retaining Kristy Ardizzone and See How Council Let City Mgr. Do This

(December 28, 2000) In the public interest, has posted below City Hall's "purchase order" retaining Ms. Kristy Ardizzone, LB Airport Advisory Commission member and wife of LB Firefighters Union president Bill Ardizzone, to provide "services to enhance the public image of the city in accordance with Departmental needs and or fund availability."

City Hall retained Ms. Ardizzone without an individual Council vote (and thus without public notice) via a "purchase order" procedure, authorized by a September 21, 1999 City Council vote raising the level for which no Council approval was required on contracts from $50,000 to $100,000.

The Council's vote effectively ensured that consultant and service relationships of up to $100,000, and details of their terms, would no longer come to routine public attention. They would instead be handled basically by the City Manager without a public Council vote with its attendant public scrutiny.

The Council's vote authorizing this was 9-0. It took place after virtually no Council discussion.

City staff gave Councilmembers a written report on the item prior to the vote. We have posted it at: $100,000 City Mgr. contract authority.

The "purchase order" retaining Ms. Ardizzone is posted at Kristy Ardizzone retention purchase order. The document was released to in response to a Public Records (Freedom of Information) request.

[Note: Because the purchase order erroneously identifies Ms. Ardizzone's business address as in the 300 block of E. Spring Street, when it is in the 3300 block of E. Spring St., we have deleted this so as not to compound the error.]

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