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    Bellflower/Los Coyotes SW Corner To Get Chevron Station w/ Convenience Store & Alcohol Beverage Sales, Subject to Conditions; We Post Conditions Proposed by Councilman Carroll & OK'd by Council

    (December 18, 2001) -- The SW corner of Bellflower Blvd. and Los Coyotes Diagonal, previously home to a gas station with a separate adjacent liquor store, will be the site of a new gas station with convenience store and alcoholic beverage sales, subject to conditions OK'd by 4th district Councilman Dennis Carroll and approved by the City Council on December 17. posts the conditions verbatim, below.

    The narrow issue before the Council was whether to protest a state grant of a new application for alcohol beverage sales on the site. Councilman Carroll asked the Council to conditionally protest the application, but that protest will be withdrawn if the conditions -- to which Carroll indicated the Chevron station owner had voluntarily agreed -- were included as part of the alcohol sale license.

    Controversy previously ensued over initial plans for a "Jack in the Box" on the site, which became a neighborhood issue in the 2000 election contest that pitted then-incumbent Del Roosevelt against then-challenger Dennis Carroll.

    At the December 17 Council meeting, Councilman Carroll indicated his office had worked with community members in developing the conditions for the gas station and convenience store at 2471 Bellflower Blvd. acceptable to neighbors. Councilman Carroll spelled out the conditions in a memo to the Council which we reproduce verbatim, below:

    [begin memo text]

    Date: December 17, 2001
    To: Mayor and City Councilmembers
    From: Dennis W. Carroll, Councilmember 4th District
    Subject: Application of Chevron Stations, Incorporated, dba Chevron, for an Alcoholic Beverage Control License at 2471 Bellflower Boulevard

    Due to the close proximity of residences I am requesting the City Clerk to conditionally protest the application mentioned above. The owner of Chevron Stations has voluntarily agreed to the following conditions. Providing these conditions are included as part of the license I will withdraw the protest.

    • Sales of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted only between the hours of 6am and 12 midnight, seven days a week.

    • There shall be no amusement machines or video games devices in the premises at any time.

    • The petitioner(s) shall be responsible for maintaining free of litter the area adjacent to the premises over which they have control.

    • Trash shall not be emptied into outside trash containers between the hours of 7pm and 7am daily.

    • Beer, malt beverages, and wine coolers in containers of 16 oz. Or less cannot be sold by single containers, but must be sold in manufacturer pre-packaged multi-unit quantities.

    • Wine shall not be sold in bottles or containers smaller than 750 ml. And wine-coolers, beer coolers, or pre-mixed distilled spirit cocktails (f allowed by the license) must be sold in manufacturer per-packaged multi-unit quantities.

    • No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed on any property adjacent to the licenses premises under the control of licensee.

    • Loitering is prohibited on or around these premises or the area under the control the licensee(s).

    • The possession of alcoholic beverages in open containers and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on or around these premises.

    • The licensee shall not sell and/or offer for sale or display any magazine, video, or other printed material which contains pictures depicting:

    • Acts of simulated acts of sexual intercourse, masturbation, sodomy, bestiality, oral copulations, flagellation or any sexual acts which are prohibited by law.
    • Any person being touched, caress or fondled on the breast, buttocks, anus or genitals.
    • Scenes wherein a person displays the vulva or the anus or the genitals.
    • Scenes wherein artificial devices or inanimate objects are employed to depict, or drawings are employed to portray, any other prohibited activities described above.
    • The Petitioner(s) shall post and maintain a professional quality sign facing the premises parking lot(s) that read as follows:




      The sign shall be at least two feet square with two inch block lettering.

    • No pay phones will be maintained on the exterior of the premises.

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