LBPD Says No Further Info For Now On Suspect(s), Motive Or If Gang Ties re Midnight Hour Shooting Willow/Maine; Woman Is Shot; Minutes Later Add'l Gunfire Is Heard (No Person Hit); Neighborhood Residents Respond On Facebook; Read Their Words is reader and advertiser supported. Support independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.

(UPDATE: Dec. 28, 2015, 11:40 a.m.) -- LBPD Public Information Officer Marlene Arrona says PD has no further information at this point regarding Sunday morning's shooting and nearby gunfire in the Wrigley district that terrified residents in areas along Willow St. from Maine Ave. to Chestnut Ave. For now, no info on suspects, no determination of motives or confirmation on whether the Willow/Maine shooting was or wasn't gang related. As reported at the time, gunfire was also heard a few minutes later a few blocks east in the area of Willow/Chestnut in which no person was hit.

Further as we learn it.

(Dec. 27, 2015, 9:45 a.m.) -- The neighborhood messages began flying on Facebook within moments.

"Just called cops hear people screaming after gun shots"

"Heard it as well....lots of screaming going on and now cops."

It was a midnight hour shooting in the Wrigley district in the area of Willow St./Maine Ave. (2 blocks west of Magnolia) in the 7th Council district. LBPD overnight Watch Commander Lt. David Farris provided us with early information we flashed on our front page (

The victm is a woman (adult)...and as of the 2 a.m. hour, she was in "very critical condition."

Lt. Farris says the call came in at 12:41 a.m.; units were flagged down regarding the shooting...which detectives are investigating as possibly gang related. The crime scene is roughly three miles due north of the new Long Beach courthouse.

Just minutes after the first shooting, there was more gunfire a few blocks east (area Willow/Chestnut) but LBPD says it was unrelated to the first shooting and no person was hit; two persons were detained but weren't taken into custody.

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Red Xs=2014 and 2015 homicides to date; Blue Xs=2014 and 2015 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= 2014 and 2015 shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB

On Sept. 22, the City Council's Public Safety Committee (Price, Supernaw, Austin) heard an LBPD report on shootings but made no recommendations and didn't refer the matter to the full City Council.

On Sept 15 and 22, the Council voted (without dissent) for a FY16 budget, recommended by Mayor Robert Garcia, that failed to restore LBPD's former field anti-gang unit. It leaves LB taxpayers with a budgeted police level for citywide deployment roughly equivalent per capita to what L.A. would have if L.A.'s Mayor and Council cut roughly 30% of LAPD's officers.



As has previously noted, shootings and other violent crimes don't just affect the parties immediately involved; they impact entire neighborhoods. The messages on the Wrigley Neigborhood Group's Facebook page speak for themselves:

It's over by...Willow and Maine...Female victim...Those were slow shots, very calculated, aimed. Makes my stomach turn.

That is just horrible. Those screams sounded awful.

Yes. I head them too. This is awful frown emoticon

Does anyone know anything about the shooter? Did he flee??

I hear crazy amount of cops and now the helicopter is out and I'm by Hill and chestnut

I went outside and see the helicopter with its spotlight by willow and maine

[Several people listening to police radio]

...Request for 10 backup cars

Closures Daisy to 1 block E of Maine (Magnolia?)

6 officers...requesting at least 4 more

Requesting additional units to hospital

Can hear LOTS of chaos in background of police at site

I heard screaming too.

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Trying to block 27th & Maine, southbound. also Oregon & Maine. Not enough cars.

I called it in as soon as I heard the gun shots that was scary the screaming

I'm at Maine and 25th, started to call after first shots, then waited and heard 2nd shots, then sirens...

The dispatcher said to stay inside.

ALWAYS stay inside when a helicopter is out

...and lock doors and windows

I'm holding my friend hostage here. He is not going home tonight.

There is definitely more than 10 cops responding to this. I think all of LBPD is there.

[1 a.m. hour] I'm not sleeping for a couple hours

...I'm right by the gas station. My baby woke up right before to eat and heard it all while I was feeding him in the living room. The gunshots didn't scare me, once I heard that woman screaming I just started shaking

[On hearing gunshors from second shooting]

Omg just happened again!!!!!

Another shooting !

More shooting for sure...makes me feel like I'm in Damascus.

I also heard them again

Down the street

Stay safe. Sounds like war outside.

Wtay inside sister and lock your doors.

WTF is happening out there ?

Grabbing the gun now sorry safe is off



NE corner of willow & chestnut...I am literally across the street

Heard the same, tires squealing and gunshots.

They have the second shooting suspects at gunpoint it sounds like.

This is gang warfare shit happening. It seems to be a game of chicken with guns going on.

...People in the alley way screaming/fighting and possibly setting off car alarms.

Overflow from bar... heard cussing in spanish and someone walked up to and pounded on my door. SCARED SHITTLESS. called 911. pepperspray in hand...

Omg! Be safe. Pleeease!

Thanks. all locked down and i'm sure i'm safe but i'm still completely hysterical

...and that's why you don't go outside

On my way home from DTLA should I wait?

No right now 2. They are dealing with the aftermath of the shooting.

My visiting family from San Diego are going to think I live in a dangerous area.

Just ordered a stun gun. been here 13 years but that was too much for me.

6 mos after moving in I heard semi-automatic gunfire, instantly know the diff between guns & fireworks. called 911 and they answered, "how many shots did you hear?"

Really scary! All bad right now.

Praying for the victim and our neighborhood. Lord give healing to that woman at the hospital and please Lord keep our neighborhood a neighborhood and keep it from being a "hood"

In recent shootings:

Dec. 22: 1900 block Chestnut Ave. (6th dist.): Woman is shot to death in what may have been domestic violence situation.

Dec. 21: Atlantic/South (border 8th/9th dist.): Man shows up in ER with gunshot wound, PD unable to locate shooting scene

Dec. 20: Santa Fe/21st St. (7th dist.) Man shows up in ER with gunshot wound, cites location, PD unable to locate shooting scene

Dec. 19: Shots fired, area Eucalyptus Ave./27th St. (6th dist.), evidence of shooting found but no victim located (a "no hit" shooting)

Dec. 13: Junipero/15th St.: Man and woman shot at midafternoon (4th district)

Dec. 10: Orange Ave. Just North of Market St.: Man Shot At midafternoon (8th dist.)

Dec. 8: 1200 block Loma Vista Dr., "no hit" shooting (1st dist.)

Dec. 6: 10th St./Myrtle Ave., man (adult) is shot (6th dist.)

Dec. 5: 2000 block Atlantic Ave., man driving car is shot (6th dist.)

Dec. 2: 400 block E. Market St., gunfire hits residence (8th dist.)

Nov. 25: PCH/MLK: Vehicle struck by gunfire (6th dist.)

Nov. 18: 500 block Cedar Ave. "no hit" shooting (1st district)

Nov. 12: 1900 block Chestnut Ave.: "No hit" shooting (6th district)

Nov. 10: 1400 block Gundry Ave.: Man is shot to death (6th district)

Nov. 9: 1200 block E. 52nd St.: Man is shot to death (8th district)

Nov. 8: 1600 block Pine Ave.: "no hit" shooting/shell casings found (1st dist.)

Nov. 5: Anaheim/Gardenia (just west of Cherry): Man is hit, midnight hour (4th dist. bordering 6th dist.)

Oct. 31: 1000 block Olive Ave., man is fatally shot (6th dist.)

Oct. 30: 2400 block E. 5th St. (east of Junipero): "no hit" shooting (2nd Council dist.)

Oct. 29: 1600 block E. 7th St. (near Walnut Ave.): man is struck/wounded by gunfire (2nd Council dist.)

Oct. 27: 14th St. near LB Blvd. A "no hit" shooting just east of the eastern end of 14th St. Park. (1st dist.)

Oct. 25: 1000 block Maine Ave. (near Drake Park): Man is fatally stabbed. (1st dist.)

Oct. 21: Area Anaheim/Walnut: Evidence of gunfire, no victim located (6th dist.)

Oct. 20: 2000 block MLK, man shot/wounded (6th dist.)

Oct. 19: 2000 block Magnolia (eastward alley), man fatally shot (6th dist.)

Oct. 18: 2800 block E. 14th St. near Temple Ave.: Man (adult) is shot, approx. 5:25 p.m. (4th Council district)

Oct. 16: Daisy Ave./10th St., predawn no hit shooting, two suspects allegedly opened fire on two victims as the victims drove by (1st dist.)

Oct. 15: Pine Ave./16th St.: man (adult) is shot (1st dist.)

Oct. 14: 15th St./Cherry Ave: Two men (adults) hit (4th Council district) [both Oct. 14 shootings at about 5:30 a.m.]

Oct. 14: 15th St./Gaviota: Victim is hit (grazed) by gunfire (6th dist.)

Oct. 9: 2000 block Olive Ave., man (adult) is shot (6th district.).

Oct. 9: 3000 block Delta Ave., shots fired into an occupied dwelling (7th dist., no person hit.)

Oct. 6: Man is shot, 2600 block of South St. (border of 8th/9th Council districts)

Oct. 5: Man shot, 1900 block of Caspian Ave (a couple of blocks north of PCH, east of Santa Fe Ave., 1st Council district near border with 7th.)

Oct. 4: Shots fired, vehicle struck, driver not hit, 1400 block E. 68th St. (9th dist.)

Oct. 3: Two men shot, area 200 block @. 14th St. (area 14th St. Park/Pacific Ave., 1st Council district)

Oct. 3: Boy (male juvenile) is shot while riding his bicycle, PCH/Golden, border 1st/6th districts)

Oct. 2: Man shot, LB Blvd/Bort St. (Coolidge Triangle area, 9th dist.)

Sept. 29: Two men (adults) shot in the 2600 block of Delta Ave. (WLB, 7th dist.)

Sept. 27: Man shot, area 15th/Daisy Ave. (1st Council district)

Sept. 25: Woman shot, 14th St. Park/Seaside Park area (1st Council district)

Sept. 25: Man shot, area Artesia Blvd./Minnesota Ave. (9th dist., NLB)

Sept. 24: Man shot, area of Seabright Ave. near West Wardlow Rd. (7th district.)

Sept. 24: Man shot -- and killed -- in the area southeast of Atlantic Ave./South St. (8th dist.)

Sept. 23: Man struck/wounded in the area of MLK/17th St. (6th Council district)

Sept. 23: Shooting scene but no victim located, 700 block Cedar Ave. (1st dist.)

Sept. 18: Long Beach Blvd/Louise St., two people -- a girl (female juvenile) and a man (adult) -- were shot/wounded by a suspect on a skateboard in the area of Louise St./Long Beach (8th Council district)

Sept. 17: A suspect shoots at a security guard in the area of LB Blvd./20th St. following a dispute; the gunfire missed the guard. (6th dist.)

Sept. 16: A man (adult) was shot and killed in the 1200 block of Chestnut Ave. (1st Council district.)

Sept. 15, a man was shot/wounded in the 2400 block of E. 14th St. (western part of the 4th dist.)

Sept. 11, a man was shot/wounded in the area of 52nd St/Elm Ave. (8th dist.)

Sept. 10 in the midnight hour, a man was fatally shot in the 2100 block of Pasadena Ave. (6th Council district)

Sept. 7 (Labor Day), a man was shot -- and killed -- in the 400 block of W. 5th St. (area Chestnut Ave., 1st district, about four blocks north of City Hall.)

Sept. 7: a non-fatal shooting occurred in NW North Long Beach (9th dist.) in the area of Butler Ave/Artesia Blvd.

On Sept. 3, someone fired gunshots at a man (adult) who was driving along the 1400 block of Gaviota Ave. (6th Council district.) The shooter missed him but struck his vehicle.

On Sept. 1 in the area of the 16th St./Pine Ave. (1st Council district), a parked vehicle was struck by gunfire although no person was hit.

Also on Sept. 1, a man (adult) was hit by gunfire at midmorning in the area of 10th St./Olive Ave. (border of 6th/1st districts (and by midafternoon, LBPD announced the arrest of a suspect on booking charges of attempted murder.)

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