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(Dec. 9, 2018) --, partnering with our friends at, has extended VIDEO coverage below of the 65th annual Daisy Ave. Christmas Tree Lane Parade.

Our coverage of the Dec. 8 community event is embedded for on-demand access via Facebook and YouTube platforms to share with your friends and neighbors and enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Union Bank and Hugo Diaz along with WANA (Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance) made extended VIDEO coverage of this community event accessible worldwide on and

Major Christmas Tree Lane event sponsors include the Port of Long Beach, Chuck Butcher, John Deats, 7th dist. Councilman Roberto Uranga, the City of Long Beach Office of Filming & Special Events and L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn with additional prominent sponsors listed here.

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Unlike other holiday parades across the country that travel along commercial routes (encouraging crowds to spend money); the Daisy Ave. parade travels through in the heart of a residential neighborhood.



The grassroots Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance (WANA) handles Christmas decorations lining Daisy Ave., transforming the neighborhood street into "Christmas Tree Lane." WANA volunteers:

  • Load and transport all the displays and character figurines from garages and City warehouse
  • Position large displays on the Lane with rented forklifts
  • Spiff up the displays and check the electrical system
  • Place up to 125 energy-efficient flood lights to highlight the displays
  • Pound in approximately 350 fence stakes
  • Position and secure 75 wooden character figurines
  • Unroll and install about 1/2 mile of wire fencing to protect each of 31 major display bays
  • Tie more than 150 red bows to the fencing
  • Produce and pass out hundreds of flyers and newsletters to area residents
  • Serve as judges for the House Decorating Contest on Daisy Avenue


    And WANA has a "Cultural Heritage Celebration on the Green" with entertainment and special events scheduled for the coming week at Daisy Ave./20th St.

    Sunday, December 9, 7 p.m.
    186th Street Choir
    Santa’s Song Birds
    Freedom Pursuit Choir
    Community Sing-a-Long — Song Book Provided

    Friday, December 14, 7p.m. Saturday, December 15, 7 p.m.
    Xipe Totec Aztec Dancers
    Veterans Park Entertainers
    Dembrebrah West African Drum and Dance Ensemble
    Sirena Serpentina Tribal Fire Dancers

    Sunday, December 16, 7 p.m.
    Donaldo’s A Very Merry Rock ‘n Blues Christmas Show
    Bring your dancing shoes and partner! Dance contest prizes!

    The Daisy Ave. parade and its associated events reflect the commitment of WANA's Board of Directors (Pat Arndt, Gloria Bolanos, Jill Hill, Joan Greenwood, Maria Norvell, Nancy Risch, Timothy Risch, & Josie Villasenor) along with Daisy Avenue resident Gary Maynard; Mike Peterson of Peterson Electric & Lighting; WANA Members Vernon Rudd, Edie Pearl & Loren Patton.

    The Daisy Ave. Christmas Parade began in 1953 as the brainchild of area resident Gertrude Whittle, who convinced LB's then-City Council and Council of Churches to help decorate the median on Daisy Avenue between PCH and Willow Street with a Christmas Village and nativity scene. That prompted a number of area residents to begin decorating their homes and the annual event grew with the inclusion of more displays, entertainment nights,

    In 1988, Maria Norvell and the Wrigley Association undertook efforts to revitalize the parade and Daisy Lane decorations...and the parade now continues as a firmly established Long Beach tradition.



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