"KLBP/Long Beach Public Radio" Is UP + ON, Meets And Beats FCC Deadline, Pilot Pgms Running Now, Will Be Part Of Coming Content; 100 Watt Air Signal At 99.1 FM Hits Downtown/Nearby Areas PLUS Stereo Internet Simulcast Makes Station Accessible Worldwide is reader and advertiser supported. Support independent news in LB similar to the way people support NPR and PBS stations. We're not non-profit so it's not tax deductible but $49.95 (less than an annual dollar a week) helps keep us online.
(Dec. 19, 2018, 6:20 p.m.) -- "KLBP / Long Beach Public Radio" is up and on-air, meeting and beating an FCC deadline with an initial beta-stream of pilot programs running now on 99.1 FM and simulcast on will be part of its coming content.

In a release, KLBP's operator (501(c)(3) non-profit Long Beach Public Media) announced the FCC-licensed low-power FM station began airing a 36-hour continuous loop from a transmitter site in the Port of Long Beach. Its 100 watt signal can be heard at 99.1 FM in downtown Long Beach and in nearby areas and (VERY important) a simulcast online stereo stream makes KLBP's content accessible worldwide at

KLBP is among the FCC's final group of allowed low power FM licenses. It's limited to non-commercial operation, capped by the FCC at 100 watts effective radiated power from an antenna at 48 meters (about 157 feet) above ground level from a tower in the Port of Long Beach (a location dictated in part by FCC rules requiring specific mileage separations to protect existing stations.)

KLBP Boardmember Isaac Svensson listens to the station shortly after hitting the switch on KLBP from its leased tower at the Port of Long Beach. Photo source: KLBP

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And there is an existing station on 99.1 MHz from San Bernardino that some Long Beach residents will hear instead of KLBP if they punch into 99.1 FM. But initial reports indicate KLBP's 99.1 air signal is quite listenable in downtown Long Beach and in nearby areas. It's expected to become spotty heading inland and may be non-existent in a number of Long Beach areas. Air signal coverage beyond downtown LB will likely depend on the type of radio used (cheap or sensitive), listener's location (elevated or at ground level), whether line-of-sight to the antenna is obstructed by the physical presence of Signal Hill and whether the San Bernardino station overrides KLBP's low power signal. (We're curious to know to what extent KLBP's 99.1 air signal is listenable eastward along the shore.)

But KLBP can be heard worldwide -- in stereo, thank you -- on a simulcast internet stream also up and running at

In a release, KLBP says it chose 17 pre-recorded shows (listed below) for a pilot programming loop from 100+ public submissions. "Additional programs are currently in development and will debut early next year," the station says. (Long Beach's pioneering independent online local news outlet now in our 19th year) has agreed at our cost to provide KLBP with news headlines debuting with KLBP's more formal programming roll-out early next year. " welcomes the opportunity to be part of KLBP's emerging content," said publisher Bill Pearl. "KLBP is a gutsy communication venture by individuals who grasp that radio is no longer limited to "every watt you've got" and in significant ways is even more powerful online," said Pearl (who launched when, as he puts it, the internet "wasn't cool.")



KLBP's release says it's currently running the following loop of pilot programs:

  • Bix Mix -- Longtime LB musician and DJ, Brett Bixby, takes you on an eclectic journey through genre and groove. California Country Show — Hosts Just Dave and Casey Cannon explore the many movements and scenes influenced by California Country music.

  • Catbluz -- Turn it up real loud and celebrate the blues with host Gilbert "Catfish" Mares.

  • Cosmic Spot -- Join host Michael Walsh for the latest sounds in electronic music ranging from house to experimental.

  • Dancing on the Astral Plane -- DOTAP is a show about the intersection of ethereal spirituality and the experience of music hosted by Rose Lozon.

  • GoGo Boots Radio Hour -- Great music, from any and everywhere. Kenny Field curates a mix of local bands and talent from around the world.

  • Israel Hour -- From classic favorites to contemporary hits, Josh Shron brings you a selection of Israeli music, news, discussion, and interviews.

  • It's a GAS! -- Steve Blue relives the Great American Songbook through the standards and more.

  • The Lunar Saloon -- Ron Husges aka "Floppy Disco" brings you an aural soundtrack fusing psychedelic space rock, cosmic disco, synth-pop, jazz funk, italo disco, easy listening, electro, boogie funk, library music, and more!

  • Magus Elgar (Audio Drama) -- Discover the wonders of property damage as Magus Elgar deals with the strangest magic he’s ever witnessed: science!

  • Sounds from the Basin -- Local musician and music lover, Matt Cohn dives into the LA basins rich music history.

  • The Westerino Show -- Dean Westerfield and Jeff Guarino present an eclectic mix of music and comix reviews, highlighting experimental punk and jazz and rock and instrumental sounds, along with in-depth analyses of independent and underground comix and graphic novels.

  • The Whole Way Through -- After listening to the entirety of a local musician's album, host Talon Stradley sits down with the artist to discuss everything that went in to its creation.


On Nov. 26, LB's Harbor Commission approved a $300 a month lease letting KLBP use an existing tower in the Port of LB to mount the station's 2-bay transmitting antenna and a small microwave dish (the latter linking to a station studio being built at Shannon's On Pine.) As part of the deal, KLBP agreed to "work with the Port to produce and air public service announcements, Port interviews, and public interest segments on licensee’s station website." KLBP reps spoke briefly at the Harbor Commission meeting, thanking Port staff for moving swiftly to offer the tower site (an FCC allowed improvement over an initially identified site close to Wilmington.)



Among those involved in KLBP's launch is Long Beach resident David Alpern, who's worked professionally in Los Angeles radio operations. Mr. Alpern tells that he stepped forward to help launch the Long Beach station, viewing it as a valuable asset for the community.

Below is an October 2018 photo from KLBP's Facebook page showing its "first wave of radio producers. Among those we recognize in the photo is Steve Propes, now a Beachcomber columnist who for years hosted programs featuring vintage R&R/R&B on CSULB's former KLON (now KKJZ) 88.1.

Source: KLBP Facebook page

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